How to use our transport comparison and booking tool

Rentautobus offers a complete booking service. You can use our site to create travel plans, request quotes, compare quotes, negotiate with local transport companies, and make reservations.

These pages offer a step by step guide on how to use Rentautobus. They follow the booking process so you can easily jump to the pages that are most relevant to you.

◦     How transport companies calculate their quotes

◦     How you can save money by being flexible

◦     What happens if you don't have all the information transport companies require to make a quote

◦     How to create a travel plan using the quote request form

◦     Selecting vehicle type and facilities

◦     Completing your contact details and why this is important

◦     Reviewing your quote request

◦     Validating your quote request

◦     How to compare prices

◦     Comparing vehicles

◦     Comparing companies

◦     How to discuss details with the transport company

◦     Declining quotes

  • Common questions and advice when discussing details and negotiating with the transport discussing details and negotiating with the transport company

◦     General questions to ask the transport company

◦     How to negotiate the price or payment terms

◦     Asking for a different vehicle

◦     Discussing and confirming the pick-up place

Remember, Rentautobus also has a dedicated customer service team that can assist you throughout the comparison and booking process.

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