How to compare quotes and discuss details

Rentautobus uses a comparison matrix that allows you to easily compare the different quotes that you have received.

This page will talk you through comparing quotes and how to use all the parts of the matrix. If you have already compared quotes you can jump straight to confirming a reservation.You may also want to look at our information on how to negotiate with the transport company. If you haven"t requested a quote then you can go back to how to request quotes.

This is what the Rentautobus comparison matrix looks like.

What the comparison matrix looks like

The comparison matrix

Two days after posting your quote request you should have received quotes from transport companies. You will have received an email from informing you that a quote has been received. When you log into Rentautobus you"ll automatically be taken to the price comparison matrix for your trip. If you have multiple trips you can easily switch between them using the tabs on the top menu bar.

At the bottom of the comparison matrix you will find the details of your quote request. Note that you are not able to edit these details. Altering your travel plan would affect the quote and cause it to be invalid. However, if your travel plans have changed it"s easy to contact the transport company to discuss this further.

Price Comparison

The first thing you might want to compare is the price.

Large Differences in transport and rental prices

There could be large differences between the prices that different companies quote. This could be for a variety of reasons and it"s important to not automatically select the transport company with the lowest price. You can get an overview of the different prices in the top of the price comparison matrix. Then you can click on “See more offer details” to analyse the quote in more detail.

Comparing the price of different quotes

Comparing the price

The details and fine print of your transport quote

In the details of the quote you will find a break down of all the costs and the payment terms. You should also see remarks from the transport company, detailed information about the vehicle, and the company"s cancellation policy. Transport companies should include all costs in the quote, but some may have missed additional items like parking fees or highway tolls.

Checking the details of the quote

Viewing the detailed costs

Double check if all costs are included

If there are costs missing then it"s good to clarify with the transport company that the quote includes everything. You don"t want to arrive and be hit by additional parking fees or highway tolls. Check the driver costs. These cover things like meals and accommodation for the driver. If they are substantial then you can probably negotiate with the transport company and offer to arrange the driver"s meals and lodgings. Many hotels and restaurants offer free meals and rooms for coach drivers. It"s also important to check the VAT. Rulings on VAT are unified in European countries but the percentage can vary between the different European countries outside Europe and make up a large chunk of your costs. If no VAT has been added then it"s good to clarify the situation with the transport company. Under “other costs” the transport company may have added charges for driving at night, driving on sundays, or simply pocket money for the driver.

You can negotiate the transport and vehicle hire payment terms

Payment terms vary between companies but it"s common for a 50% deposit to be paid in order to confirm the reservation. Most companies require the full amount to be paid by bank transfer in advance. However, you can negotiate the payment terms with transport company.

If you scroll to the bottom of the detailed quote you should find information about the cancellation policy and exceptions. For example, what if your group wants to do a side trip and alter the itinerary at the last minute? The exceptions should clarify what you might have to pay. In this example, it"s €1 for every km. If the exceptions or cancellation policy is not clear then you should discuss this with the transport company.

Check what happens if you make changes to your itinerary

Checking the exceptions

Vehicle Comparison

The comparison matrix makes it easy to compare the vehicles being offered on each quote. You can quickly compare the type of vehicle, the number of seats, and how much room there is for luggage. The vehicles being offered may be different to the type of vehicle you requested. Transport companies will offer the best fit they have for your group. If you are a group of 20 and get offered a 54 seater coach it is probably because this is the only vehicle the transport company has available.

By clicking on “show facilities” you can then compare which vehicles suit your group"s needs.

How to quickly compare the facilities of each vehicle

See all the facilities

You can easily see what each vehicle has to offer

Compare the facilities

By clicking on “see more offer details” you can view more information about the vehicle. The transport company should have detailed the year and model on offer. The age of the vehicle is a major contributing factor to the price of your quote. Perhaps you are happy with something older and cheaper? Or maybe your group wants the best facilities and a coach that is less than two years old?

It"s important to check with the transport company whether the vehicle in the photo is the one they will use. Most companies will have uploaded photos of their own vehicles, but some transport companies may have posted generic photos.

View detailed information about the vehicle

Detailed vehicle information

Comparing Companies

Rentautobus is a free service and we request that customers leave reviews of the transport companies they have used. Reading real customer reviews can give an excellent impression about the transport company. Rentautobus is available in five different languages and some of the reviews might be in a language you don"t understand. However, all reviewers must leave a ‘5 star rating’ about the service. In the comparison matrix you can compare star ratings. Click on the stars to open the reviews about the transport companythat is offering you a quote.

How to open the customer reviews

Viewing customer reviews

In the company information you will also see where the company is based and whether they speak English. Note that even if a company claims they can speak English there is no guarantee that your driver will speak English. It might just mean that they have some English speaking staff in customer services. You can clarify these details with the transport company.

How to discuss details with the transport company

The Rentautobus platform enables you to communicate directly with local transport companies. In most cases there will be parts of the quote that you would like to discuss or negotiate with the transport company. Rentautobus uses an automated translation system that allows you to communicate in the languageview your quotes and reservations in the language you are most comfortable with. Perhaps there is something you want to clarify? Would you like a cheaper price? Are there important facilities that are not available?

To contact a transport company simply click on “Talk to Transport Company” in the comparison matrix. You can also request that the company calls you back or ask the Rentautobus customer service a question.

How to start a dialogue with the transport company

Contact the transport company

If you are planning a trip in a country where the language is not one you speak then ask our customer service to help you with your communications. Don’t expect the transport company to speak your language as most of our associates are good in driving and service but very few are gifted with multiple language skills.

When you are on the page that gives the details of the quotation it"s also possible to contact the transport company directly.

Another method of contacting the transport company

Alternative way to contact company

When you have clicked on “talk to transport company” a dialogue box will pop up. The most common questions to ask are about individual details of the quote or to negotiate the price. We have produced some guidance on discussing details of the quote and negotiating with the transport company.

What the dialogue box looks like

A dialogue box

Declining a quote

As you are comparing transport companies you will find that some aren"t suitable for your needs. We ask that you decline these quotes. Just click on decline quote on the comparison matrix. Once you have declined a quote it will be greyed out.When you decline a quote a message will be sent to the transport company.This message will thank them for the effort of sending the quote to you

How to decline a quote

Declining a quote

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