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RENTAUTOBUS is a free website that makes it easy for you to compare the prices of companies that rent buses and cars and then contact those companies.  Our goal is to make it easy for the user to choose a car/coach hire company with the confidence of having gotten the best bus with the best service at the best price without having RENTAUTOBUS get involved in the transaction between the bus rental companies and the user.  Therefore, in order to comply with the law and to provide security and confidence to all of our USERS, we hereby inform you, in compliance with that which is established in Directive 2000/31/CE of the European Parliament and Council on June 8, 2000, relating to certain aspects of the electronic information and commerce services of society in the domestic market and Law 34/2002 about the Electronic Information and Commerce Society (Spain), that this webpage is property of JOB SMULDERS ADVIES & MANAGEMENT, hereinafter, RENTAUTOBUS, based at Hindelaan , No. 26, NL 1216 CV Hilversum (Holland), Fiscal Identification No. NL 1521.62.331, registered at the Amsterdam Chamber of Commerce under number 34339884. For any consultation or proposal, contact us via email at or by telephone at 0031.6.24593128.


Access to our webpage is free for the USER and is conditioned on prior reading and complete, express acceptance, without reservations, of these GENERAL TERMS OF USE valid at the time of access, which we invite you to read carefully.  The USER, from the moment he/she utilizes our webpage, its contents and services, accepts and expressly submits to the general terms of use and access of the same.  If the user does not agree with these terms of use, he/she must refrain from utilizing this webpage and operating through the same.  Through our webpage we make available to the user a contract platform between the user and bus and car rental companies, as well as other services related to the website, content, information, and news related to our activities, without implying that this has any professional, business, or work-related relation to the USER.  RENTAUTOBUS is only a website that makes available to the USERS the means necessary for them to contact car, bus, and airport transfer companies without RENTAUTOBUS participating in the possible financial transactions that are derived either from the offering or the rendering of services contracted by the USER.  Consequently, RENTAUTOBUS does not control the interactions between the parties that participate in financial transactions, and therefore does not assume any responsibility related to the final contract between the parties.  Rentautobus does not have control over the veracity or accuracy of the services offered, the quality and prices of the services rendered, nor of the financial transactions between the parties resulting from a private agreement between the USER and the car/charter bus hire companies.  Consequently, the USERS are solely responsible for the agreements made, RENTAUTOBUS being merely a guide and aid to facilitate the contact between the parties, remaining free of any responsibility derived from the agreements between the USERS and the bus/car companies.  The closing of a contract/agreement is between the USER and the car/bus company.  For this reason it is important to confirm the final agreement with the car provider directly with them and outside the channels of contact facilitated on our webpage.  These terms of use for our webpage apply to the rules exclusively applicable in Holland (European Community), with all the USERS who utilize this webpage remaining subject to them.  We may modify the presentation and configuration of our website at any time, including removing it from the internet, as well as the services and content presented, all in a unilateral manner without previous notification.


RENTAUTOBUS owns this webpage as author thereof in accordance with that which is established in the Intellectual Property Laws.  All of the content, photographs, text, designs, or images present on our webpage are our property or that of third parties that have authorized their use, and they are protected by Intellectual Property rights.  The user only has the right to private use of the same, and needs express authorization from RENTAUTOBUS to modify them, reproduce them, exploit them, distribute them, and especially to use them for business, or make any use of any right belonging to their title holder.  RENTAUTOBUS is a registered trademark, and the reproduction, imitation, utilization, or insertion of these trademarks without our due authorization is prohibited.  The establishment of links to our webpage does not confer any right over the same, and this is authorized exclusively to permit access to our webpage, the total or partial reproduction of the images and content of our webpage on other pages remaining prohibited.  Likewise, the simple act of establishing a link to our webpage does not give the right or title of collaborator or associate of RENTAUTOBUS.  The imitation, be it total or partial, of our webpage is absolutely prohibited.


Access to our webpage is free and does not require prior subscription or registration.  Nevertheless, prior subscription is necessary in order to utilize certain services offered, both for the USERS and for the bus/car companies that want to offer their services through the same.  These cases shall be duly identified, indicating at all times the steps to follow in order to complete the corresponding registration.  Likewise, the utilization of our service of contacting the bus/car companies is free for the USER.  However, in return for our services, the USER is obliged to respond to some questions about their choice and also about the quality of service rendered by the car/transport/bus hire company.  Our webpage shows how our services work and a list of frequently asked questions on explanatory links so that the USERS can know how our webpage works.  The user must access our webpage in good faith, according to the laws of public order, these General Terms of Use and, if appropriate, whatever specific terms of use that may be applicable.  The user is exclusively responsible for accessing our website, and will be held accountable in all cases of damage or harm that he/she might cause to third parties or to us.  RENTAUTOBUS is only a platform for contact between the USERS and the bus/car rental companies and does not participate in any manner in the transactions that are established between the parties.  In case of conflict between the USERS and the bus/car rental companies, RENTAUTOBUS shall be exonerated of any responsibility derived from the conflict by any claims, demands of any kind, or any other action derived from the dispute between the parties.  Nevertheless, with the goal of carrying out all suits with greater transparency, RENTAUTOBUS makes its email accounts available to the USERS so that they can inform us of any incident related to the contracted service.  The USER is expressly prohibited from using and obtaining the services and content offered on this webpage for purposes other than those stipulated in these terms of use and, when relevant, the particular terms that regulate the acquisition of specific services.  Keeping in mind the impossibility of controlling the information, content, opinions, and services of other websites which can be accessed through the links (links, banners, buttons, search engines, etc.) that are available on our webpage, we inform you that RENTAUTOBUS reserves exemption from all responsibility for any kind of damage or harm that might be derived from the use of these webpages outside of our company by the user, in which case we recommend reading the legal notices that regulate all websites.  The existence of hyperlinks on other webpages that permit access to our webpage does not imply in any case the existence of commercial or business relations with the owner of the webpage where the hyperlink is placed nor the acceptance on the part of RENTAUTOBUS of its content or services.  RENTAUTOBUS reserves the right to seek appropriate legal actions against those USERS who violate these general terms of use, and the USER shall understand that the lack of initiation of such actions does not constitute a formal renunciation of the same until the statute of limitations for the infractions expires.


As an integral part of our terms of use and access of our webpage, RENTAUTOBUS has established a “Privacy Policy” as a guarantee to the USER in relation to the treatment of their personal information, keeping in mind that the utilization of some of our services requires the USER to register on our webpage and that we need certain personal information.  We therefore inform you, with the goal of guaranteeing the privacy and security of your personal information, that it will be processed and entered in our databases.  Likewise, we inform you that your information will be treated with strict confidentiality, and we support all the guarantees demanded by Directive 95/46/CE of the European parliament and from the council of October 24, 1995 relating to the protection of individuals with respect to the treatment of personal information and the free circulation of this personal information.


Consent and Authorization for the Use of Personal Information

RENTAUTOBUS being responsible for your data, assumes that when you agree to send your personal information through the various forms that this webpage contains or through email, you are giving us your express authorization and consent for the processing and incorporation of your information in our databases, but with a revocable character and without retroactive effects, and you accept the terms of use expressed below.

What Information We Ask for and for What Purpose

The information that we ask for is that which is adequate, pertinent, and strictly necessary for the purposes for which it is collected, and in no case are you obligated to give it to us; however, all requested information is necessary in order to be able to fulfill the object of its solicitation.  Likewise, you certify to us that all the information that you give us is accurate, true, and pertinent to the end for which we solicited it from you.  Our webpage collects your personal information through the receipt of various forms and through email: · In the link “Contact Information” we ask you for your personal information needed to put you in contact with the car/bus companies and to let them communicate their offers to you, as well as to send you our surveys about the company you chose as well as the quality, valuation, and satisfaction of the contracted service, and as long as you do not indicate otherwise to us, to send you commercial information about our services, and with prior consent, about other activities that our business group may engage in.  The user expressly authorizes RENTAUTOBUS to send him/her our surveys that the USER has promised to fill out as many times as necessary until they are correctly completed and sent to RENTAUTOBUS.  · In the link “Register a business” we ask for your personal information which is necessary in order to be able to register your company as a collaborator with RENTAUTOBUS, if and when you fulfill our terms and demands described in our terms of collaboration contract.         · In the “Contact” link we ask you for your personal information so that any kind of consultation, request for information, or complaint relative to our website or advertised services contracted with the car/bus companies may be sent to us. · Likewise, we have made an email address available in case you need to ask us for any type of information, clarification, or question.  If you include personal information in your email, or if your address contains personal information, you thereby authorize us to include such information in our relevant files, if RENTAUTOBUS considers it convenient, and this shall be regulated by these privacy policies.  RENTAUTOBUS reserves the right to decide whether or not to include your personal information in our files.

Rights to Access, Correct, and Cancel Your Personal Information

You have the right to access our databases for free at any time in order to look at your information, correct it if there are errors or if it has changed, or to cancel it if you do not wish to us to keep it on file.  You may inform us of the right that you wish to exercise by addressing it to:, residing at Hindelaan 26, NL 1216 CV Hilversum (Holland), or via email at, with a copy of your national ID or passport.

Transfer or Sharing of Your Information

_RENTAUTOBUS informs you that your information is treated confidentially and is only utilized internally for the purposes indicated.  Therefore, we neither transfer nor share your information with any third party except in the cases already covered legally and with the car/bus hire companies in order to facilitate contact for the purpose of stating the terms of service in which the USER is interested and so that they may send their offers of services.

Updating and Canceling Your Information

In order for us to be able to keep your information up-to-date, it is important for you to always inform us if any changes need to be made to it; otherwise we cannot guarantee its accuracy.  We assume that if you do not expressly cancel your personal information from our databases, then you are still interested in being part of said databases in order to facilitate our services on future occasions as well as to send you commercial information as long as RENTAUTOBUS considers it expedient and as long as it is appropriate to the ends for which it was obtained. Cookies­In order to facilitate navigation on our webpage, our webpage may use cookies, and consequently, if they are used, the user accepts their use and IP tracking which allows the collection of statistical data: date of first visit, number of times visited, date of last visit, URL and domain of origin, browser utilized, and screen resolution.  Nevertheless, the user may, if he/she desires, disable and/or delete these cookies as per the instructions of their web browser.  In no case do these cookies provide the user’s personal information.   Guarantee of Confidentiality and Security of Automated Files  In response to the confidence placed in us, and keeping in mind the importance that your personal information requires in matters of protection and confidentiality, RENTAUTOBUS informs you that we have adopted all of the necessary technical and organizational means to safeguard said information.  Nonetheless, the user should be aware that internet security programs are not invulnerable.  Communications with USERS  Keeping in mind that the only means of communication between RENTAUTOBUS and the USER is via the email address provided, we inform you that we will utilize this means for all communications with USERS, including commercial information or informational notices related to the purpose of our website, and consequently, we inform you that the acceptance of these terms of use implies your express authorization to send you our commercial newsletters, advertisements, and promotions.  Nevertheless, if you do not wish to receive our commercial communications via email, you may make such a request for free via email: informing us of your decision to not receive commercial information from RENTAUTOBUS via email.  In no case will we share your information with third parties, the dispatches being exclusively from our website.  RENTAUTOBUS may modify these privacy policies to adapt them to current legislation or jurisprudence about personal information; therefore you must read this every time you give us your information through this website.  RENTAUTOBUS accepts no responsibility for the treatment of your personal information by the webpages to which you may navigate through the links that our page contains.


RENTAUTOBUS does not have the means necessary to guarantee the accuracy of the information provided by the bus/car companies and users, nor the truthfulness of their services offered, nor that once an agreement is made that the bus/car rental company will honor such, nor for any party’s failure to honor an agreement, nor for expectations of the quality of the service rendered, nor for the financial transactions that are derived from agreements between the parties, RENTAUTOBUS being expressly exonerated from any responsibility whatsoever for such things.  RENTAUTOBUS recommends that financial transactions be carried out through secure means of payment which permit the identification of the parties in cases of breach of contract or conflict.  We remind you that RENTAUTOBUS does not participate in intermediation of the contracted service, and consequently, does not possess the means to control it, this being the exclusive responsibility of the parties who agree on the service.  By making this webpage available to the user, we wish to offer you a whole array of quality services and content utilizing maximum diligence in the rendering of said services as well as in the technological means utilized.  Nevertheless, we are not responsible for the presence of a virus or other elements that might in some way damage the user’s information systems, documents, and files.  RENTAUTOBUS does not guarantee the accuracy, truthfulness, or validity of the content, information, articles, opinions, offers, etc., of this webpage, whether they be our own, those of third parties, or linkable to other websites, RENTAUTOBUS being totally exonerated from any responsibility derived from the use of such.  All the images appearing on this webpage referring to the cars/buses to be rented are merely illustrative and are subject to possible changes, and consequently may not represent the car/bus actually made available to you.  RENTAUTOBUS does not guarantee correct functionality with respect to the availability and continuity of our webpage.  As far as it is possible, we will try to let users know about any interruption of service and resolve it as quickly as possible.  Nonetheless, RENTAUTOBUS is exempt from any responsibility whatsoever derived from the incorrect functionality or interruptions of our webpage.  The USER is prohibited from engaging in any type of action on our webpage that creates an excessive overloading of functionality of our information systems, as well as the introduction of a virus, or installation of bots, or software that alters the normal functionality of our website.  The USER assumes all responsibility derived from the use of our webpage and work contracted with other USERS, being solely responsible for any direct or indirect consequence derived from the webpage or agreements made, including, but not limited to, all financial results, technical results, or adverse legal results, as well as the breaking of any deals generated by our website or breach of contract, obligating the user to hold RENTAUTOBUS innocent of any claims derived directly or indirectly from such acts.  RENTAUTOBUS is exonerated from any responsibility derived from any claim, including the payment of lawyer fees, for the lawsuits and claims originated by third parties for the violation on the part of the USER of our terms of use, access, and privacy policy, or any other claim for violating valid legislation.  The USER recognizes that he/she has understood all the information concerning the terms of access and use of our webpage and recognizes that they are sufficient for the exclusion of error about said terms, and therefore, accepts them completely and expressly with the understanding that this page has been translated from the original Spanish.  The USER is completely aware that the mere navigation to this webpage, as well as the utilization of our services, implies acceptance of these terms of use.   All aspects of our webpage are governed exclusively by Dutch law.  In the event that any disagreement or difference between the parties arises with respect to the interpretation and content of this webpage, all parties shall submit, with express renunciation of all other jurisdictions, to the Courts and Tribunals of Amsterdam (Holland).  In cases of conflict, the Spanish text shall prevail over any translation of the same which may be published on the present webpage.  BE ADVISED: These General Terms of Use were updated on March 19, 2010.  We may modify them at any time.  Please check the issue date every time you connect to our webpage and in this manner you will know with certainty that no modification that affects you has been made.  For any questions regarding the Terms of Use of our webpage, you may contact us at the mailing address indicated above, or contact Lant Abogados, S.L.P. at


 As part of our terms of use and access to our website, RENTAUTOBUS has established a "Privacy Policy" as a guarantee to the USER related to the processing of personal data, taking into account that the use of some of our services requires the USER registration on our website and provides us with certain personal information. Therefore we inform you, in order to ensure the privacy and security of your personal data, that they will be object of treatment and incorporated into our databases. Also we inform you that your data will be treated in strict confidence, and adopting all the guarantees required by Directive 95/46/EC of the European Parliament and the Council of 24th October 1995 related to the protection of individuals regarding to the processing and free circulation of personal data. Consent and authorization for the treatment of personal data RENTAUTOBUS as responsible for your files, and considers that when you accept to send your personal data through various forms contained in this website or by email, you are expressly giving us your permission and consent for treatment and inclusion of your data in our databases, though this is revocable, without retroactive effect, and accept the processing conditions expressed below. Which data do we request and for what purpose The data we request to you is appropriate, pertinent and strictly necessary for the purpose for which it is collected, and in no case there´s obligation to provide them to us, however, all of them are obliged to be answered in order to fulfill your request. We also certify that all the information provided to us is true, accurate and relevant to the purpose for which they are requested. Our website, collects your personal data by receiving various forms and through e-mail: • In the link "Contact Information" we require your personal information necessary to put you in touch with the coach/bus companies so they could communicate their offerings, or to send our surveys of information on the chosen company, as well as quality, value and satisfaction of the service, and if you  do not tell us otherwise, to send commercial information about our services, and with prior consent of other activities that can make our business group. The user expressly consents RENTAUTOBUS to send as many times as necessary, our surveys that the USER has committed to complete, until it´s been properly completed and sent back to RENTAUTOBUS. • In the link "Register Company" we request your personal information needed to register your company as a contributor of RENTAUTOBUS, provided it complies with our conditions and requirements described in our collaborative procurement conditions. • In the "Contact" link we request your personal information in order that you could make any kind of inquiries, requests for information or complaints regarding our website or services contracted with the coach/bus company publicized. • We also provide an email address, in order that you can request any information, clarification or explanation. If you include personal information in your email, or address containing personal data, you authorize us to incorporate it into our corresponding files, if RENTAUTOBUS considers it appropriate, and if they shall be governed by these present privacy policies. RENTAUTOBUS reserves the right to decide whether or not to incorporate your personal data to their files.