Discussing Details and negotiating

This page provides an overview of the commonly discussed items with transport companies.

To start a conversation with a transport company click on “Talk to Ttransport Ccompany” in either the comparison matrix or in the details of the quote. A dialogue box will pop up.

How to start a dialogue with the transport company

Contact the transport company

General questions to ask the transport company

Before making a reservation it is essential that you and the transport company are clear about every aspect of your trip. The quote should provide detailed information but some details may be missing. If the following is not clear then ask the transport company:

1. What is included in the transport quote and what is not?

To make it easier to compare prices we ask that all companies include all costs in their quotes. Costs such as VAT, highway tolls, parking fees, meals, and lodgings, should be clearly detailed in the quote. If they are not it should be clearly stated in the quote. If you are unsure then ask the transport company.

2. How much of a deposit is required?

Most transport companies request a 50% deposit to confirm the booking with the remaining amount paid some days before arrival. However, there is some room for negotiation and if you would like to discuss the payment terms just ask.

3. What is the normal cancellation policy?

This should be explained in the details of the quote but if it is not clear then ask the transport company.

4. What happens in case of breakdown?

All transport companies should be able to provide replacement vehicles in the event that your vehicle breaks down. Larger companies will have their own vehicles which can be sent out. Smaller companies will hire a replacement from another company.

5. Does the transport company carry insurance?

All transport companies inside the EU must have, and be able to produce, their liability insurance and passenger insurance. The laws differ in other countries and if you are unsure then you should ask the transport company to send you proof of their insurance.

6. Does your company own the vehicle or do they rent the vehicle?

The aim of Rentautobus is to connect you with local transport companies that own the vehicles they are renting to you. However, transport companies often work together with each other during busy times to ensure that there are enough vehicles to accommodate all their clients. It might be that the vehicle is provided by another company but this should not affect the service you receive.

7. Can we inspect the vehicle before hiring?

If it is feasible you can ask to see the vehicle before committing to the booking. However, in many cases this is not practical.

8. Do you possess any quality certifications?

There are no standard quality certifications across the transport industry. If a company has a quality certification it"s normally a good sign. However, a quality certificate doesn"t give you a 100% guarantee and not having a quality certificate doesn"t mean that the service offered will be poor.

Asking for a discount on the price / negotiating the price

You are dealing directly with local transport companies so it is easy to make a request for a cheaper price. You might prefer the services offered by one company but the price of another company. The advantage of using Rentautobus is that you can easily compare services and start negotiations over the price.

To improve your chances of receiving a discounted price we recommend offering something in return. This could be:

  • Offering to organise meals and lodgings for the driver. This can save substantial amounts of money, particularly as many hotels offer free accommodation for drivers.
  • Offer to make adaptions to the route or itinerary so that the driver can have longer breaks or drive for less hours. If a transport company can use only one driver for your trip then you should receive a cheaper quote. Having to use a 2nd driver on your trip or tour will seriously affect the price.
  • Offer an early confirmation and an early down payment.
  • Request a smaller vehicle with less facilities.

Asking for different payment terms

The advantage of Rentautobus is that you deal directly with transport company. However Rentautobus does not manage or organise secure payments with guarantees between clients and transport companies. Note that Rentautobus does not interfere with payment issues and payments should be settled between you and the client.

Only a small percentage of transport companies will accept cash payments to the driver. The majority will only accept bank transfers and insist in having the full amount before sending out a vehicle. However there is normally some room for negotiation. If you are not comfortable with the payment terms you can:

  • Propose to pay all by cash before boarding the vehicle. This can work with shorter journeys in small vehicles like airport transfers.
  • Propose to pay a small downpayment by bank transfer and pay the rest in cash before boarding the vehicle.
  • Propose to pay in part before your trip and pay the rest by bank transfer once your group has been picked up.

Asking for a larger / newer / or different vehicle

One of the most common requests is for a different vehicle from the one that has been quoted. Perhaps you are concerned that the vehicle isn"t big enough for your group and all its excess luggage? Maybe you would like something more spacious? Or perhaps you would prefer a smaller and cheaper vehicle?

Transport companies will normally offer an available vehicle that they think most suits your needs. Sometimes they just offer what they have available for the requested dates. There is normally some flexibility in this part of the quote. Remember, that changing the vehicle will may change the price of the quote.

Discuss the pick-up place or ask for a meet and greet

It"s essential that you and the transport company are clear about the pick uppick-up place. If you are getting picked up from an airport then the transport company should provide instructions about where the driver will be waiting. When contacting the transport company it is often helpful to ask for the phone number of the driver. It"s also important that the transport company has a working phone number for your group.

For an airport pick-up please provide all information about the flight including the name of the airline, flight number, and arrival time. Your transport company will use this information and check online as to when your flight is landing.

Ask a question or place a comment

We welcome your questions and comments about these info texts. Please feel invited to ask us any question about your private chauffeured transport search and arrangements in any of our listed countries. We’ll do our best to reply within 1 working day.

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