About us

What we do

Our service connects customers with local ground transport companies around the world. We offer a tool that enables customers to easily request, compare quotes and manage bookings for all their group and over the road transport needs.  Minibus and coach with driver hires for day trips tours or bus transfers to and from airports and hotels. As some of our bus hire companies also manage taxi service can car with driver services we also include those in our offerings as a side product.

By using our tool you can manage all your communication with different transport providers in one place. Our simple to use dashboard contains all your message exchanges, quotation requests, transport reservation requests, and bookings.

Rentautobus fills a large gap in the travel industry. There are dozens of websites where you can compare and book flights and hotels. Rentautobus provides this service for bus with driver rentals.

Chauffeur driven transport comparisons and bookings

Rentautobus has a large and rapidly expanding database of local coach hire and mini bus with driver rental companies. By completing one simple form your travel details are shared with bus rental companies who can provide services that meet your needs. Think of us as a souped up bus rental directory, but one that's a lot cleverer than your average yellow pages. Each coach hire company in our directory specifies the services that it can offer. So when you fill in the form you're only connected with companies that can actually assist you. Furthermore you are under no obligation to book a bus.

Rentautobus provides a platform that manages the whole booking process. That includes requesting quotes, comparing quotes, negotiating details, confirming reservations, and reviewing the coach hire company after the trip. After you've completed the form you'll start receiving quotes from mini bus or motor coach companies. Our comparison matrix then allows you to quickly compare bus rental quotes and start negotiating with the companies. In addition, our dedicated customer service team works hard to provide you with updates such as price checks.

Connecting customers to local bus rental and coach hire companies

In today's global world, the local travel companies are getting squeezed out of the market; small local hotels are bought out by global players, and family run high-street travel agents are being overpowered by international chains. Yet local travel companies offer better value, more personalised services, and incredible local knowledge. Rentautobus brings new business to local bus rental with driver companies around the world and provides them access to new clients.

At the same time, Rentautobus benefits customers by connecting them to local bus and coach hire companies with very little effort. Your request can be submitted in five different languages as it is then translated for the bus company. We currently work in English, German, Dutch, Spanish, Italian and Catalan. Best of all, our site promotes healthy competition between transport companies, meaning that prices always stay low.

We are a comparison and booking tool, not a minibus or coach hire company

Rentautobus does not own any vehicles. We do not have a parking lot filled with coaches and minibuses. Nor do we employ drivers or offer any transport for hire. Rentautobus provides a tool and a service that makes transport planning easier for travel planners and local bus rental companies around the world.

Rentautobus helps you to find the best deal. The confirmation of a service is between you and the transport company. The contract for tarnsfers or bus rental services is between you and the transport company. We don’t handle any payments for transport services and you’ll pay directly to the bus company of your choice. We do provide assistance when required with communication and translations between you and the coach /minibus company.

Rentautobus does have a dedicated customer service team that can assist customers with booking buses, coaches and mini-buses. Feel free to contact us and ask any question related to our service.

Countries that we work in

Rentautobus currently works in a number of countries across four different continents. Rentautobus has a worldwide ambition and we are continually expanding our service so that we cover more and more of the world. Every day we are adding more bus and coach hire companies to our database and planning the next country for our services. When we start working in a country we offer services in the most popular destinations for international visitors. As demand grows we then expand to cover the whole of the country.

How it started

Rentautobus was started by Job Smulders in 2008. The travel industry has undergone massive development and improvement over the last twenty years. Booking hotels, flights, and holidays has never been easier. However, Smulders saw that bus and coach hire hadn't developed in the same way.  For example, there are dozens of flight comparison websites that allow people to quickly compare flights after filling in one simple form. So why wasn't the same service available for bus and coach hire? Smulders believed there was an opportunity to develop improved services by bridging the gap between the customer's needs and what the market had to offer. Rentautobus was born, initially offering coach and bus hire in Spain.

How it developed

For Smulders, Rentautobus started as a hobby in Spain. But demand for the service was growing faster than his one man team could handle. In 2011 Smulders decided to expand and start offering services in other countries. Since then we've quickly expanded and are on our way to become the global player in finding great value mini-bus and coach hire services for travel agents, individuals, and travel professionals. We now offer services in 16 countries and this is growing on an almost monthly basis. Covering four different continents we help customers looking for ground transport anywhere from Lisbon to Barcelona and Amsterdam to Cape Town.

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