The mission of a coach hire compare and booking tool

Viernes, Diciembre 27, 2013

As a tourism portal in the coach hire industry in Spain we bring together those in search for over the road passenger transport with those who offer transport. We help bus companies to get new clients and help clients to compare offers and to book a bus transfer or a complete tour. That is what we do.

Now looking with a more existential view we ask ourselves: why are we here with our company? Is simply liking what we do enough? How do we assure ourselves for an enduring and profitable place in the market? And when that question is answered: how do we make sure that is a lasting fact?

Our mission in the private and chauffeurred transportation and coach hire market

For now we have defined our mission as:

‘To facilitate and realize 'good deals', extra profit and extra time to coach hire companies and travel buyers’.

What do those words mean to us?


helping and servicing transport companies and travel buyers by providing a good and friendly working website.


making sure the transaction is completed from A to Z

Good Deal

is about the deal made between the buyer and the seller, in this case the bus rental company and the travel planner, should be one that both parties are happy and satisfied with. For the travel planner this may mean that he has found a provider that offers save transport, a quality service for a reasonable price.  For the bus companies it may mean that he has a type of client that suits his business, which pays the bill on time and behaves well when travelling with him. Assuring a good deal is the hardest part as ‘good’ has many different aspects for different kinds of parties involved. In short it could mean ‘a happy transport buyer and a happy transport provider’.

Extra profit

for the buyer having the knowledge to achieve a better price then when making a deal outside of our system.  For the coach hire company it’s about extra sales, improving his occupancy ratio and earning more cash at a fair price.

Extra time

by using our automated system the buyer saves time in the whole process of requesting a coach or mini bus hire quotation. Time is also saved in the process of comparing the quotes and the booking of the trip. The coach hire company saves time in cost calculations, creating and sending the quote. The integrated automated translation saves both parties involved valuable time and energy.

Transport companies and clients should both benefit

So that defines our mission as we have it for now. As a platform that brings together 2 groups of users can only be successful if both groups equally benefit from participating we need to really be aware of those factors that our users  qualify as a ‘benefit’. Our mission can help us keeping that focus. Our desired outcome would be to have a growing group of travel professionals such as tour operators, destination management companies, event organizers and travel agents using our tools.

From mission thinking to down to earth transport information providor

OK we can spent time thinking and fine tuning our mission and long term strategy but we can also think about more down to earth need our clients and associated transport companies might have. Our transport companies want new clients and ur clients want answer to sometimes basic questions. How do I get there? How much does it cost to get there? What is the best way? What is the most economical way? Should I hire a car with driver or chose self drive for my transport needs? Maybe a simple  ‘Questions and Answers’ functionality like you can find on the website called Tourist Board Transport section of United Kingdom.  After all tourist and travelers go online to search for practical answers for their travel related questions.

What do you think we should improve add/delete/change about our mission it? Let us know your thoughts, send us your suggestions and help us to improve!