Interview with Chantal Krol from coach hire company Krol Reizen

This interview with Chantal Krol, employee at Krol Reizen is taken by Martijn van Poppel student at the NHTV in Breda. This interview took place at the 8th of June at their establishment in Tiel, The Netherlands.

MP: Can you tell me, how you started in the Touringcar sector?

CK: Krol Reizen is a family company. My grandfather and grandmother started with a taxi company, it started about 50 years ago. After my grandparents, my parents started working for this company, and that is also how I started working in this sector, because I started working for my parents.

MP: How many years ago did you start working for this company?

CK: Let me think, I started studying at the NHTV after that I started working at an another company to get some work experience. I started working at an another company, because I thought it was important before starting working by my parents. I am working about 15 years now for this company.

MP: You started working for Krol Reizen on behalf of your parents?

CK: Yes, indeed, Krol Reizen was located at another site, but my parents wanted to invest in this new estate. They hesitated a lot because they hadn’t sequence yet, but I wanted to try because I studied Tourism. I started working for this company because I thought when it isn’t my kind of work, I can always quit. Krol Reizen is fantastic and that’s why I am still working at this firm.

MP: As you already told, you have worked for other companies. Was this job in the same sector where you are working at the moment?

CK: I have worked for Talisman Reizen located in Dordrecht. This company is a tour operator specialised in Southeast Asia. This is something really different.

MP: Can you tell me something about the history of Krol Reizen?

CK: Krol Reizen started about 50 years ago as a taxi company. At the moment my parents were taking over this firm they bought a touring car on good luck. The touring car was quite fast in use for Krol Reizen, the first shuttles trips to Spain were driven and of course we were busy with the school transport. We developed a lot and since 5,5 years we also have our own travel organization. ADW is a real tour operator and is focused on city trips by bus or plane. As you hear we are a very wide ranged company.

MP: Who’s currently the owner of Krol Reizen?

CK: My parents are still the current owners of Krol Reizen. I am a part of the direction of ADW tour operator. ADW is a subsidiary company of Krol Reizen. In our company we aren’t thinking in titles, we are one!

MP: Are there working more family members for Krol Reizen?

CK: Yes, my parents are still working for Krol Reizen. My husband is working for this company, and one of my sisters is also working for Krol Reizen she is busy with the accounting. Oh by the way, her husband is also working for this company, he is a bus driver.

MP: How many bus drivers are working for Krol Reizen and how many part-timers do you have?

CK: We are working with a lot of part-timers because we are having a combination of taxi and touringcar. I can’t tell you how many drivers we have for our company, but out touringcar department has 38 drivers available, 13 full-timers and 25 part-timers and MUP’ers. We have 18 touring cars.

View of a dubbeldecker SETRA bus Krol normally has Van Hool busses 

Foto: most doubledeckers owned by Krol are Van Hool this one is a SETRA
MP: What was the first vehicle bought, for this company?

CK: I can’t remember our first vehicle. I can remember our first double deck bus; it was a huge party when our first double deck bus drove into Tiel. Our first double deck bus was a Van Hool. The most of our busses are from Van Hool, but we also have some vehicles from Mercedes and Setra.