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Are you travelling to Germany and visiting Berlin? Are you looking at different ground transportation options like coach hire, minibus hire, or taxi services in Berlin. Perhaps you need information about airport transfers from Berlin"s two airports. Our website is the favourite of travel professionals and lists travel and tour services in the state of Berlin. With our easy to use tool you can compare offers from transportation companies and travel agents, and start booking services like mini bus and coach hire, car with driver, and airport transfers. What"s more you don"t need to send any emails or make any phone calls.

Our website will help you visit and tour places all over the greater Berlin area, like the Berlin Wall, Kreuzberg, Mitte, Potsdam, the Jewish Quarter, and all other districts and destinations in Berlin.

As this Freistaat has lots economical and touristic activity ground transportation service companies in Berlin are widely available. Quite a few of them can answer your group transport requests in English.

Transport and Travel Connections in Berlin Freistaat

The state of Berlin has good connections by road, rail, and the air. After all, this was the region that all roads led to, whether that was from the Western world or from the communist Eastern world. As a capital city for centuries the city of Berlin is a built up urban area. However, around the city yet within Berlin Frestaat there are stunning sections of forest. As you arrive by road you"ll wonder whether you"ve taken a wrong turn, until out of nowhere the forest ends and the city of Berlin begins. The state of Berlin has got two airports and is at the centre of the European rail network, giving plenty of options for people looking to visit the region. What"s more if you get lost the locals are very friendly in giving directions, even if they sometimes speak with a slow deliberate English that makes them sound like Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Travel by Road

If you arrive by bus or car to Berlin you’ll see that it’s easily accessible by main highways from destinations in all directions. The A10 motorway ring road goes through the state and is heavily congested during rush hour. On this road signs immediately point to far away cities like Prague, Munich, and Warsaw.

Locals have some very large Mercedes and Audi vehicles, and some special techniques to squeeze in the narrow parking spots. If the space is too small, drivers will happily put half the car on the pavement and block the path for pedestrians. Fortunately coach drivers decide against this tactic and use the many designated coach parking bays.

Travel by Plane / flight

Berlin unsurprisingly has two airports, in the eastern and western parts of the state. Berlin Tegel Airport (TXL) is the busiest and is located just 8km from Berlin city centre. It"s situated on an old hunting ground that the Prussian nobles used to use, and throughout the 20th century was also an important military airport. Fortunately the air force bombers have been replaced by Ryanair. The building is old and run down and with the airport due to close in the next few years there are no plans to update it. In the east Berlin Schonefeld Airport (SXF) was the main airport of East Germany and is 18km from the city centre. In 2015 there are plans for this airport to merge with the new Berlin Brandenburg Airport (BER) which will become the sole airport for the city. Unfortunately, construction hasn"t followed typical German efficiency and this new airport has suffered numerous delays. 

Airport Transfers

Taxis are relatively cheap in Berlin and from both airports you can get a private transfer to the centre of Berlin for less than 30. They"re also both accessible via the excellent public transport system. However, don"t get on a train to Tegel Railway Station thinking it"s near the airport. You"ll end up in a random village called Tegel and miss your flight. For other destinations in Berlin state like Potsdam, taxis are also a convenient and cheap way of travelling.

Taking a private airport transfer is the quickest airport transfer and means you"ll be able to immediately experience the two food obsessions all over Berlin Frestaat; kebabs and waffles. On most streets you"ll find these two unhealthy meals that seem to energise the whole state of Berlin. You can reserve or request transportation in Berlin, where you can choose from multiple specialized companies, and you can request a size or specific type of bus.

Midibus von VIP BUS Berlin

Midibus from VIP BUS Berlin

Travel by Train

The state of Berlin is well connected by rail. The main entry point is Berlin city"s central railway station, and the trains arriving here come from destinations far and wide. While most people utilise the services from major European capitals like Amsterdam or Budapest, there are also direct trains to eastern cities like Moscow, Yekaterinburg and Astana? That"s the capital of Kazakhstan. Perhaps the nomadic Kazakhs have heard about the famous Berlin squatters and thought they would come check it out.

Central station Berlin

Central station Berlin
Original publication: Berlin Hauptbahnhof Credit: tuo tengganai CC BY 2.0

About Berlin Freistaat

Berlin is one of the 16 states of Germany and is at the heart of the Berlin Brandenburg Metropolitan Region. It incorporates the city of Berlin, which is the capital of Germany. It"s a state with a fascinating chequered history. From its ancient palaces and theatre houses, Berlin is also full of scars from when it was the capital of Hitler"s Nazi Germany. Then there"s the remains of the wall from a time when the Berlin area was at the centre of the Cold War between East and West. But most impressive about a visit to Berlin isn"t the memories of the past, it"s the cultural expression and positivity of the locals who have put the past behind them. Wander around streets covered in colourful graffiti, share jokes with strangers over a Bratwurst sausage, and explore the city"s vibrant artists" scene. Then do the real tourist stuff like jump over the remains of the wall, drive a battered 1950"s car, and go searching for Hitler"s bunker.

Grafitti in Berlin

Grafitti in Berlin Credit: Berit WatkinCC BY 2.0

What to see and what to do in Berlin Freistaat

Berlin is a diverse region and much of its appeal lies in exploring the many different stages of its history. But don"t forget the present. You"ll find a vibrant cultural scene and the never ending use of graffiti makes many street colourful and different from the last. Locals have a peculiar way of dressing and will happily wear a combination of purple legging, army boots, fur coat, and sunglasses at night. They"re also adept at living cheaply so rather than go to bars, many will sit around on the streets swigging from vodka bottles. To see the best of Berlin you need a plan, as it"s easy to get sidetracked by all the random sights you stumble across.

Tour with a private driver

Your tour with private transport in a rented vehicle with driver around Berlin starts probably with the most convenient way to see it,  with private transport. With a coach or taxi you can explore the different districts and stages of the city"s history. Here is some of what the city has to offer.

Car with driver from VIP Lines Berlin

Car with driver from VIP Lines Berlin

Berlin Wall and Checkpoint Charlie

The monument that symbolised the Cold War once separated Eastern and Western parts of Berlin and Germany. While most of it was torn down pieces of it remain and the stretch near Checkpoint Charlie shows just how brutal this barrier was. Colourful graffiti usually covers the Western side of the wall. Along the road the position of the original wall is marked so you can follow the line about Berlin, keeping half of your body on either side of the barrier. Sometimes it goes through buildings where residents cook in the west and use the toilet in the east.

During the 1960s Soviet and US tanks stared each other down across Checkpoint Charlie. The US evidently won the long term battle as this checkpoint has been converted into a city beach with deckchairs advertising American tobacco brands. Along with cocktails and shacks with names like Checkpoint Curry, there is also an informative exhibition about the time of the Cold War and the wall.

Checkpoint Charlie

Checkpoint Charlie Credit: verlindeke

World War II History

Berlin was the home of Hitler"s Nazi Germany and across the state you"ll find relics of this past. In the centre of the Mitte District the interactive Jewish monument is both poignant and perfect for a game of hide and seek. Nearby is Hitler"s bunker, the underground lair where he shot himself in 1945. It"s not on the tourist maps and is now buried beneath a children"s playground, but an information board will confirm if you are in the right place. During Hitler"s rise to power the German parliament building The Reichstag was burnt down. It"s been recently renovated and is now a spectacular glass dome with a spiral walkway inside.

The Dome inside

The Dome Credit: Susanne Nilsson  CC BY-SA 2.0

Old Berlin

With all these conflicts taking place it"s easy to forget that Berlin was the peaceful capital of Prussia and Germany for many years. Check out old theatre buildings, or the Nikolaikirche, a church dating back to the 13th century. Wander the central streets of Mitte and admire the grandeur of apartment buildings. Remember to always look up as elegant sculptures and artwork adorn most windows. Along the river the Bodo Museum has a regal marvel, and the most famous of the old buildings is the Brandenburg Gate. Surrounded by horses and chariots, and actors posing as soldiers, this gate looks like something straight out of the Roman empire.

Probably the most impressive are the palaces in Potsdam. This town is one of Germany"s oldest and the opulent buildings were stolen by the Soviets during the Cold War. A visit here is an ideal opportunity to see that the state of Berlin is not just about the one city. Potsdam is an attraction in its own right and deserves a full day in your itinerary.

Potsdam - Sanssouci Palast

Potsdam - Sanssouci Palast Credit:André Zehetbauer CC BY-SA 2.0

New Berlin

It"s not all about the past, there are some mightily impressive reminders of the present. Taking you from ground level to 100 metres high the Kollhoff tower elevator is the fastest in the world. Or sit in a revolving restaurant 200 metres above Berlin in the Berliner Fernsehrurm. But Berliners wouldn"t be going to these upmarket places. To see a very real side of the city hang out in the streets of the Kreuzberg district. Locals walk around clutching bottles of beer, tattoos seem an essential fashion accessory, and pounding bass escapes from most apartment buildings. Graffiti is everywhere and you can immediately spot who"s hot and who"s not with the pen. Some murals are colourful and artistic, adding life to the drab concrete walls. Others buildings are covered in bland black marker pen. Still, at least nobody does what graffiti artists seem to do elsewhere in Europe: draw a giant penis on the wall.


Kollhoff-Tower Credit: Ting ChenCC BY-SA 2.0

Cultural Berlin

Berlin has emerged as having one of Europe"s most thriving cultural scenes. The nightclubs here open on Saturday night and stay open until Tuesday. Which is frankly quite ridiculous, but it means you"re never far away from a party. Throughout the city, squatter buildings have been transformed into art galleries and hidden doorways lead to colourful dungeon bars. Finally, for a piece of culinary Germany make sure you have a bite of a real Bratwurst sausage. Outside most attractions locals walk around with trays of sausages and bottles of mustard.

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Minibus and bus coach hire with driver services in Berlin Freistaat

It’s easy to plan group travel in a minibus with driver or full size motor coach in Berlin Freistaat. Use our bus rental ‘get quotes and compare’ tool and organize your trip or tour. For example, you can plot the entire route of the tour we describe above. Bus and coach rentals in Berlin Freistaat region has never been easier: start today!

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