Can Traveling in a Hired Coach in Spain be cool?

Dimarts, gener 07, 2014

A part from the economical situation in Spain bus rental companies in cities like Barcelona and Madrid are facing a gradually down turn in the transport of workers and school children. A steady flow of tourist arrivals is only compensating partly as for most operators it can fill gaps but is not feeding the company on a daily basis. Touristic bus transport is also  facing competition of high speed trains, low cost airlines and over the last years increasing car ownership.

While the size of most airline and rail companies permits a serious marketing budget and therefore are able to secure attention and traffic of clients the size and budgets of most over the road passenger transport companies are more restricted.

Transport by bus might have a challenge image of not being very sexy and maybe even dull. The television ad made by the Danish production company M2film for a local transport company called Midland Traffic received the assignment ‘How do we make the Bus look cooler?’. We had a very good laugh watching it so we love to share it with you.

Watch it on you tube by clicking on the image below.

Is there something that coach hire companies in Spain can learn from this add? Let us know your thoughts!