Take City Tour Buses in Spain from the Local Level to the National Level?

Lunes, Diciembre 30, 2013

Why not create a network of tour buses that unites the principal cities and tourist sites?

The world of bus and coach rental that serves the tourist sector in Barcelona, and  other destinations is feeling the crunch of the world- wide economic crisis.  Because of this, innovation that is geared towards increasing sales and lowering costs is more important than ever. Like usual we are not lacking ideas.  We like to share ours with the hope that perhaps they would help someone who has a coach hire or tour transportation company.

For some years, in the cities of Barcelona, Madrid, Seville, and Malaga, we have had “City Tour Buses.”  Each year this type of service has been extended to more cities.  If you buy a ticket you can get on the bus, off the bus and do this as many times as you want during a predetermined time.  Create your own route, “how you want it,” without having to think about the needs of other passengers.  You can take a low keyed three hour tour and admire “la Sagrada Familia” without a guide telling you that you have to stick to a predetermined plan.  If afterwards, you do not like “Parque Güell” as you had thought you would, you can take the next bus that comes by in 20 minutes.  The concept is great for today’s tourist who does not like to “follow the group” and would rather sight see on their own.

In Europe there exists the concept called “busabout” which is directed at backpackers who are young people that travel in Europe and change their plans many times.  For the following reasons, this service competes with the trains:

a)      It facilitates all its trips (within a route/or pre-established zone) for a set price.

b)      It unites young like minded tourists who are doing the same routes.

c)       It picks up and drops off travelers ‘door to door’ at the place where they are staying

d)      There is enormous flexibility:  You can change you plans as many times as you want without having extra costs.

e)       It takes passengers on fixed routes, but they have the impression that they are free to go where they want.

f)       There are discounts on local restaurants and hotels that participate in ‘the club’.

How would it be if in Spain there is a tour bus company that is for tourists over the age of 30 who have cultural interests and value the advantages of a bus over a train or rented car?  Tourists would need to buy only one ticket to travel through (one part of) Spain and make a route that speaks to their own rhythm.  There could be choices of “The North of Spain,” “The Catalan Coast,” “The cities of Andalucía,” and “The Central Route,” etc. .

With more services than a normal bus and accessible to people who only speak English, it is geared for tourists who only speak English.   As well it would be an alternative to the AVE (High Speed Train), regular train, or other types of transportation such as rented coaches or airplanes.  Its price is more competitive and it would lend itself to a “complete touristic experience” that offers many stops at points of interest. It would connect individual tourist who have common interests and are travelling the same roads.

What do you think? Do you think this could function in Spain?  Would you take a service like this if you could discover another country such as Italy or France?  Leave your comments below!