Tips for Stockton on Tees mini-bus and coach tourism

Useful tips for Stockton on Tees bus groups with ‘what to see’ and ‘what to do’ items and  ‘bus- friendly’ or must see tourist sites in Stockton on Tees. Check our list of attractions before planning your bus tour with a stop or departure in Stockton on Tees. Let us know if your favourite attraction or ‘bus-stop’ is not there and you think we should add it to our list of Stockton on Tees highlights.

City tours in Stockton-on-Tees

With the company"s M & D Travel you can make different kinds of tours through the city. If you  have never been in the city you can do this tours and get more knowledge about Stockton. In each and every tour there will be an aspect of Stockton coming forward. You will see during the tours, the great highlights of this aspect. Each month there are at least 11 tours organized, so there will always be a tour sitting by that you can attend. You can rent a bus in Stockton on Tees for tours in the city or in Stockton on Tees County.

Town Hall and Shambles Market Hall, Stockton on Tees

Town Hall and Shambles Market Hall, Stockton on Tees credit: Petegal-half CC BY-SA 3.0

Transportation to and from the airport

Travel by plane and you want to continue this trip as a group with the bus, then the bus companies are all waiting for you and you can reserve or request bus with driver in Stockton-on-Tees, where you can choose from multiple specialized companies, and you can request a size or specific type of bus. Airport Stockton-on-Tees (MME) is located in Darlington. It is located about 10 kilometers from Stockton-on-Tees.

Treble clef overlaid with a bluish ellipse bearing the tragedy and comedy masks of the theater

Treble clef overlaid with a bluish ellipse bearing the tragedy and comedy masks of the theater credit: Petegal-half CC BY-SA 3.0

Walking tour through the city

On the site of Stockton-on-Tees, you can see various cycling and walking routes. They provide maps on the site where the different routes are marked. This is useful because you can print out these cards and take them with you while you are travelling. During the routes you pass all the monuments of the city so this is quite a fun activity and you can learn a lot from the city and at the same time it is very intensively.

Preston Park Museum

A museum that you must have seen. It lies on the River Tees and the Preston Hall. This museum houses a large collection of Teesside"s treasures. Enter this museum to learn about the people who used to live there, the large and varied collection of the museum, the role of the mighty River Tees and the activities that the residents formerly exercised in their spare time. You can taste local products, that were previously eaten, or you can stroll through the Quarry Wood Nature Reserve. There is something to see for every age

The Dice Players

The Dice Players credit: Georges de La Tour Public Domain
Preston Park Museum


After you"ve enjoyed the culture in Stockton on day you surely want nothing better than a relaxing evening in one of the cafes in Stockton. You can also choose to go to one of the clubs in Stockton. A few clubs that you should definitely watch are: Biancos Nightclub, Peter Fox, Formerly Intime and the Mall.

Red Lion - London Road, Stockton Heath, Warrington

Red Lion - London Road, Stockton Heath, Warrington credit: Elliott Brown CC BY-SA 2.0

Travel by plane

Stockton-on-Tees can be reached through one of the smaller airports in England. This airport is Durham Tees Valley Airport (MME).
The airport is also a regular scheduled service, as a large service like KLM as a smaller charter company like Small Planet Airlines. There are also airlines which fly to Stockton-on-Tees only in a particular season. These are: BH Air, Flybe, Eastern Airways and Thomson Airways.
The airport is about 10 kilometers from Stockton-on-Tees off. At the airport you can use private transportation with a driver such as a taxi, bus or coach. A relaxed transfer on arrival of your flight may not be a problem.

Was on a course at Durham Tees Valley Airport

Was on a course at Durham Tees Valley Airport credit: vikwaters CC BY-ND 2.0

Travel by road

Would you prefer a car with driver or coach travel, then will the roads in Stockton-on-Tees be a good solution. From the parking lot of the airport you can go anywhere, you just have to take one of the major highways. These are the A67, the A1, A19 and A66. So you can easily go to different places during your stay or group tour.

Business Travel and Tourism

On the site you can find lots of information about the organization of conferences, meetings and conferences. On this site you can fill in the date of the event, the duration of the event, the country and city where you want to keep the event and how many members you want to join with the event. This search engine ensures that you get to see available hotels and centers on that date. You can send an email to these hotels and centers and you will get their proposals as comment. A few examples of hotels or centers where you can hold your meeting, conference or convention are:

1. Best Western Parkmore Hotel
2. Best Western Hardwick Hotel

Golf Travel and Tourism

For tourists who love golf a lot, Stockton-on-Tees is there solution. One of the most popular golf courses in the North East of England is the Norton Golf Course.This course gets people visiting the whole year from all over the region of Stockton. The golf course offers 18 holes consisting of a challenging and varied landscape with beautiful scenic surroundings. During a round of golf you can, if you are quiet and pay enough attention you can spot one of the many animals that are walking around: foxes, geese, squirrels and kingfishers.
The Norton Golf course is located in the town of Norton in the county of Stockton-on-Tees. You can find more information about the course on their website and you can call or send an email.

The Doctor, a testing golf hole named after Dr McCuaig

The Doctor, a testing golf hole named after Dr McCuaig credit: Gairderek CC BY-SA 3.0

Tours in the County of Stockton-on-Tees

As I said is Stockton-on-Tees is divided into two ceremonial counties. Your tour with a minibus rented with driver around Stockton on Tees can start at Durham and North Yorkshire. Stockton-on-Tees contains a few large cities and many different small villages. The historical part of the province can be found in the area of Billingham, also known as Old Billingham, in Yarm you can participate in the annual marathon in Stockton and you will find many attractions for a great holiday.


The center offers a number of famous stores such as Asda, Greggs, Iceland and Argos. It also offers various charity shops. In the center of Billingham there is every Monday and Friday a lively market with local products. In Old Billingham you can find many history.


Billingham. credit: Crippet CC BY-SA 3.0


Many events take place in Preston Park which is located in the north of the city on the River Tees. Many of the events are organized by the Council of Stockton.
Many local groups come togheter in community centers and town homes in Eaglescliffe. The Egglescliffe Community Centre is the largest community centre and includes furthermore an amateur theater group each summer.


There is a lot to do in downtown Stockton. For the active ones, there is a tourist attraction called "Splash". With a 25-meter pool, wave pool, water slides, a teaching pool and a spa tub. The presence of the River Tees is very important. It offers also the possibility to exercise. You can do many watersports, such as kayak, boating, surfing and much more fun on the water.
There are also many theaters in Stockton such as the ARC Dovecot Street theater, the Globe theater at the end of the High Street and the Georgian theater in the Green Dragon Yard.
Every year we organize one of Europe"s largest free outdoor festival in downtown Stockton. This festival attracts more than 25,000 visitors and features a variety of acts including circus, dance, comedy and much more. A few other events held annually are, the Stockton Riverside Fireworks Show and the Stockton Sparkles Christmas festival.

Green Dragon Yard, Stockton on Tees

Green Dragon Yard, Stockton on Tees credit: Petegal-half CC BY-SA 3.0


Many events are held in this city. For the sporty tourist you can participate in the 5km Fun Run. Also a Gala and a Fair are organized every year. There is also an exhibition organized every year organized which starts on Thursday and ends on Saturday. It was once a commercial fair which acted in cattle and cheese but now it is a carnival. Many tourists come to this fair.



In Thornaby you find an area where mostly the women will feel very much at home. In the part that is called Teesside Park, tourists can now enjoy the many shops that have been built there.The Shopping park is located near the A66. Shops like Next, H & M, Republick, New look and more can be found in this shopping center. Take a break from shopping and stop for a coffee at Costa Coffee. In the Teesside Shopping Park you can enjoy a day of shopping fun.

What to see during your tour in Stockton-on-Tees with a hired midibus

Are you in Stockton, and you are travelling by a rented minibus or coach? Then these are the places that you definitely should not miss:

Transportation Bridge Visitor Centre

This remarkable bridge is one of only six built transport bridges throughout the world. The bridge was opened in 1906 and has since then dominated the Newport skyline. A transporter bridge is a floating ferry which is hanging between two towers. Within the bridge itself there is a visitor center where you can get to know some of the history of the bridge and see some pictures. You can also enjoy the amazing view from the bridge. 


Infinity_Bridge_in_Stockton credit: Victoria Johnson CC BY 2.0

Butterfly World

At Butterfly World you can enjoy a tropical rainforest where you can walk quietly and can see all the beautiful flowers and trees. Sit down at one of the soothing waterfalls and pools and enjoy the sounds of the world"s most exotic butterflies in the sky. There is also a section where you can watch a small group of meerkats. The reptile department is for real dare-devils. Butterfly World is also availeble for birthday parties, please contact Butterfly World. It is open from March to November, and every day from 10:00 to 16:30.

Dorman Museum

The Dorman Museum is part of the Museum Service Middlesbrough with his "sister" the Captain Cook Birthplace Museum in Stewart Park. The Dorman Museum has a large collection of heritage to the history and geology of the Victorian art and the museum will tell you something about the craft in the city. The museum also offers a wide range of eight themed display galleries, full disabled access and additional facilities such as a café, a shop and an education suite.

Dorman Memorial Museum

Dorman Memorial Museum credit: Reading Tom CC BY 2.0

International White Water Centre

If you love water sports or adrenaline then you are at the right place at TBIWWC! They offer different types of exciting activities such as rafting, whitewater kayaking, and fast boats. For those who want to stay in a quiet activity they offer sailing, canoeing and surfing on. The new 300 meter Anniversary edition is equipped with whirlpools, a slalom system and is twice as deep as the previous one. All the old features remain but the center is now greater than ever. Another great addition to the location, the decline of 3.7 meters in the track.

Tees Barrage International White Water Course

Tees Barrage International White Water Course credit: JohnYeadon Public Domain
Top end of Tees White Water Course at Stockton-on-Tees on the border with Middlesbrough

Teesside Shopping Centre

This mall is located along the highway and is easily accessible for everyone. They have different grades of shops so there is something for everyone to find. Stores like H & M, Next and Clarks are included in this mall. Then there is the tour operator Thomas Cook to find and the staff of the shopping mall organize all different types of events. There is also a dining to find at the mall. The mall is open 7 days a week from 9:00 to 20:00.


Exquisite food, a very cozy atmosphere and friendly staff are just a few of the many qualities of the Borges restaurant. In this Italian restaurants they are proud of where they come from. It seems to be the best Italian restaurant across Stockton, and it is definitely worth a try. They serve pizzas and pastas in different flavors. Also, they are willing to open up the restaurant for a private party. This restaurant is located in Cleveland on Yarm Lane.

Upper left. A Meat Feast Parmo from Stockton-on-Tees, UK

Upper left. A Meat Feast Parmo from Stockton-on-Tees, UK credit: Ohms law CC BY-SA 3.0

The Waiting Room

This restaurant has been named "Best vegetarian restaurant’’ and is highly recommended for the vegetarians among us.

The Hamilton Russell Arms

This is a restaurant that mixes traditional with modern. The owners John and Kara Cavanagh will ensure you a warm welcome. The restaurant offers local cuisine and high quality beer. With the burning fireplace in the middle of the restaurant you can enjoy a relaxing dinner. The restaurant can be found on the Bank Terrace in Stockton.

The Shambles Market Hall

Do you have an exciting hobby and always dreamed to make a lot of money with that hobby? Have your own business or are you interested in setting up a business? If the answer to at least one question is yes, then the Shambles Market Hall is definitely recommended. In these markets, there are many companies that offer products, so if you do not have a business then it"s still fun to take a walk through these halls.


More about Stockton on Tees

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