Tips for Teruel mini-bus and coach tourism

Useful tips for Teruel bus groups with ‘what to see’ and ‘what to do’ items and  ‘bus- friendly’ or must see tourist sites in Teruel. Check our list of attractions before planning your bus tour with a stop or departure in Teruel. Let us know if your favourite attraction or ‘bus-stop’ is not there and you think we should add it to our list of Teruel highlights.

Visit the province of Teruel by bus with chauffeur for groups

We recommend also planning a guided bus tour to Maestrazgo a mountainous area which was the hiding place for the Carlista rebels in the last century. You should also go to Valderrobres and admire the fortified church of Calaceite and the museum Juan Cabre and/or spend some time in Mirambel a small city that was declared  as Heritage of Humanity site by UNESCO.

El Portal de las Monjas,Mirambel

El Portal de las Monjas,Mirambel credit: Alvaro DafonteCC BY-SA 3.0

Golf Travel and Tourism

There is only one golf course in Teruel, it has 9 holes and is called Campo Municipal de Golf El Castillejo and is in Alcala de la Selva.

Travel and business tourism in rented minibus

The province has facilities for fairs and events in Alcañiz, Calamocha, Cuencas Mineras and the city of Teruel. Meetings, congresses, fairs, and/or trade shows can be organized in Teruel. To do this you should contact the TCB (Teruel Convention Bureau) which may be found on Ctra. Sagunto-Burgos s/n Teruel.

 Wine Tours in Teruel

You can organize a bus tour to experience different wineries and taste their wines. Some of them are Bodegas Fanbar in Samper de Calanda with their wines Garnacha Negra and Merlot Barrica, Bodega Venta  D’Aubert on highway A231 in Valderrobres where the wines Venta D’Aubert and Dionus are made and Bodegas Celler D’Algars in Arens de Lledo with their wines Valls D’Algars and Plans D’Algars.

Ski trips in the province of Teruel by minibus with driver

Snow lovers will have the opportunity to organize a tour to the Iberian Sierras in the south of the province near Teruel and Castellón.There you can find the ski areas Ski Javalambre and Esqui en Valdenlinares. Near the sierras you will find Albarracin an area with stone streets and mud houses that appear  to make up a Medieval city. You may visit and admire it during a walk. To continue your tour, go to Mora de Rubielos where you can visit Castillo-Colegiata a medieval castle.


Valdelinares credit: Maria José Bellés Salvador CC BY-ND 2.0

Gastronomic Tourism

With a guide your trip with the coach or minibus with driver around Teruel can make a gastronomic tour and investigate the origin of the products most typical and famous in the region such as Olive Oil of Bajo Aragon, Melocotón de Calanda and the well know Ham of Teruel (Jamon de Teruel).

If you have interest in super tasting and very healthy oils we recommend that you participate in the Olive Tour in Teruel. This is a guided tour to experience the growing and cultivating of olives, another interesting activity that can be done in Mas de Simonet, a traditional site, 2 miles (4km) from Rafales in the heart of Matarraña. Here they do not use modern machinery in the growing and cultivating of olives. The work is all done by hand. You should plan a guided tour in rented bus, so that you will be able to know and participate in a traditional harvest of Empeltre olives. You can enjoy a wonderful meal that is offered there by Academias Bodegando.


In order to taste the dishes of the región ‘as God intended’ you should take a group to restaurants such as Restaurant La Menta with its classic and traditional cuisine of Teruel, the Restaurant Los Juncos also in Teruel, a modest bar that serves tapas in the Basque style. We like the Restaurant El Batan in Tramacastilla with its traditional and creative cuisine and is considered one of the best restaurants in the province.

Tapa de chistorra

Tapa de chistorra credit: Tamorlan CC BY 3.0

Traveling in the city of Teruel with group, in coach of rent with driver

You can rent a bus with drver for group in the city or in Teruel Province. Teruel offers diverse guided tours through the city, some routes are: Modernismo (Modernism), visiting La Casa de la Madrileña (The House of Madrileña), continuing on to La Casa del Torico (The House of the Little Bull), and then La Casa Ferrán and Casa Bayo (House Ferrán and House Bayo). Dinopolis Teruel, a fun adventure for grown-ups and children in which you can immerse yourself in the age of paleontology and discover the world of dinosaurs.

Dinópolis. Dinosaurio

Dinópolis. Dinosaurio credit: Fernando CC BY-SA 2.0

Bicycle rentals and tours

The city government has yet to launch any projects to promote ecologically-friendly transportation in the city. However, there are various bike rental companies geared towards tourism that also offer guided bike tours, such as Solo Bici Teruel and Ciclo Mudéjar.

Teruel tourism highlights in minibus with chauffeur

The trip you don’t want to miss

El Viaducto de Teruel (The Teruel Viaduct), which has been declared a Point of Cultural Interest, was built with reinforced concrete in 1926 and 1927. It was built in the street called Viaducto Viejo to promote the expansion of the city and thus save La Rambla de San Julián (Saint Julian Boulevard). The bridge is built on a giant slab with five illuminated arches with several pedestals and steps where you can sit down and admire this masterpiece of architecture.

Acueducto de los Arcos, Teruel

Acueducto de los Arcos, Teruel credit: Turol Jones CC BY 2.0

Catedral de Santa María de Mediavilla (Cathedral of Saint Mary of Mediavilla)

Was first built in the Romanesque style in the year 1171 and is the most important monument in Spain in the Mudéjar style.

Take a walk through the historic district, see the urban heritage of the capital, such as La Escalinata, El Paseo del Óvalo, continuing through the historic district until you get to the DGA building, going by La Glorieta, and stopping at El Archivo Provincial and Los Arcos.

Paseo del Óvalo,Teruel

Paseo del Óvalo,Teruel credit: Manuel Alende Maceira CC BY 2.0

La Torre de El Salvador (The Tower of the Saviour), which dwarfs the area surrounding La Puerta de Guadalaviar de Teruel (The Gates of Guadalaviar of Teruel) and is connected to a smaller church with the same name, is considered the best site in Teruel. Another interesting site is La Casa Ferrán (House Ferrán) situated in La Plaza del Torico. This is the most famous house of this style, but also don’t miss La Casa de la Madrileña (House of Madrileña) or La Casa de Tejidos El Torico (The Little Bull Textile House).

 Plaza del Torico (Teruel)

Plaza del Torico (Teruel) credit: José Luis Mieza CC BY 2.0

A microbus rented with driver can take you downtown to la Plaza de Fray Anselmo Polanco, which is one of the most popular plazas in the city and is right next to the Cathedral and the Provincial Museum. This plaza was dedicated to the memory of Anselmo Polanco Fontecha, one of the thirteen Spanish bishops assassinated during the Spanish Civil War.

What to see during your tour in Teruel with a rented minibus with driver

If you want to rent a bus for an excursion or trip that starts or ends in Teruel, we suggest that you include these stops in your itinerary:


This adventure with dinosaurs can be enjoyed by both young and old; this park is located on Polígono Los Planos in downtown.

Bar Taps y Copas

On Paseo del Óvalo Street. This old-fashioned bar has a very peculiar interior décor: there appear to be stalactites hanging from the ceiling. This bar is a very lively place and enjoying the sunshine on its terrace is very pleasant.

Torre de San Martín

This tower, from which you can admire the city, is located in the city’s historic district on San Martín Street.

Restaurant El Callejón

Located on Guzmán El Bueno Street, they serve authentic La Manchan food, such as shrimp cakes, goose liver on cheese and an onion confit, garlic scrambled eggs, La Mancha gazpacho (a tomato soup), marinated cod, and braised oxtail. Very refreshing after a long walk in the city. The décor here is based on bullfighting and traditional La Mancha culture; the vast quantity of bullfighting relics on display almost make it seem like a museum.

Plaza Mayor de Teruel

A small plaza with a lot of beautiful architecture; several streets leading to the city’s historic district originate here. This plaza is famous for its statue of a little bull with a fountain and is located on Bezas Street and Iglesia Street.


More about Teruel

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