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Useful tips for Pamplona bus groups with ‘what to see’ and ‘what to do’ items and  ‘bus- friendly’ or must see tourist sites in Pamplona. Check our list of attractions before planning your bus tour with a stop or departure in Pamplona. Let us know if your favourite attraction or ‘bus-stop’ is not there and you think we should add it to our list of Pamplona highlights.

Discover Navarre with you group trip on a bus rented with a driver

The province has beautiful sites to see on a bus tour. Your trip with bus or minibus with chauffeur  around Navarra can start at Parque Natural de Urbasa y Andía which is a mountain mass that has a boundary with Alava and is ideal for walking. Near Lecumberri you can visit Santuario Románico de San Miguel that dates back to the ninth to twelfth century. Also in Pirineo Atlántico you can enjoy walks in Parque Natural de Bertiz a large oaktree forest where there is no sun. You can also visit the caves Urdax and Zugarramurdi known as meeting places of witches.


Navarra credit: CC BY-ND 2.0

Wine Travel and Tourism in Navarra

In April 2011, the province of Navarra was Territorio Ecoturístico Socialmente Responsable, so we suggest not missing a chance to go to cellars to taste wine and walk in the vineyards. Some of the wineries are Bodegas Máximo Abete in San Martín de Unx whose principal Brand of wines is Guerinda; Bodegas Pagos de Araiz in Olite with their wines Pagos de Araiz. Where also you can see the family house and admire their collection of of private art from the Masaveu Family or Bodegas Beramendi in San Martin de Unx that is in the entrance of a medieval villa and where the Beramendi wines are made.

Travel to nature parks in Navarra with autocar rented

When continuing your travel in Navarra, we suggest a group tour to Selva de Irati a natural space that has the highest concentration of beech trees in the south of Europe and as well has extensive paths for walking. You should not forget to visit  Valle de Salazar that has small hamlets with a special type of architecture and are considered the heart of the Pyrenees.

Selva de Irati.Navarra

Selva de Irati.Navarra credit: Miguel Ángel García CC BY 2.0

Business travel and tourism in minibus with chauffeur

When it is time to have trade shows, fairs, or professional meetings in Navarra, we suggest coming to  Palacio de Congresos y Auditorio de Navarra, in the city of Pamplona


You can not leave the province of Navarra without tasting the exquisite dishes that are served in restaurants such as Restaurant Europa in Pamplona with cuisine from Navarra and recognized by the Michelin Guide; Restaurant El Peregrino located in Puente de la Reina which offers a beautiful view of nature and art with traditional dishes and a large bodega or Restaurant Santxotena located in Etxaide with its cuisine and market in a family atmosphere.

Trucha Navarra

Trucha Navarra credit: yannah CC BY-SA 2.0

What to see in the city of Pamplona with coach rented with driver

You can rent a bus in Pamplona for tours in the city or in Navarra Province. Must-see: Las Murallas (The Walls) which were built in 1512, split the whole city in half during the reign of Castile and Aragon in order to defend from the French. Only a portion of it remains standing as the rest of it was demolished in 1905 to allow growth in the southern part of the city. That which remains was declared a National Monument in 1937. Currently there are gardens next to the wall where you can take a walk. Inside the walls you can find La Ciudadela (The Citadel), El Portal de Francia (The Gateway to France), El Baluarte de Redín (The Stronghold of Redín), El Fuerte de San Bartolomé (Saint Bartholomew’s Fort), La Plaza de Toros (The Plaza of the Bulls), and Los Jardines de Taconera (The Gardens of Taconera) and Jardines de Antoniutti (Antoniutti Gardens), which makes it a very interesting route.

Jardines de la Taconera, la Mariblanca

Jardines de la Taconera, la Mariblanca credit: Jrpvaldi CC BY-SA 3.0

The Church of San Lorenzo

Built in 1901 over the remains of a baroque-style church by Florencio Ansoleaga. The "new" church is in the neoclassical style, and the Chapel of San Fermín, which is central to The Festivals of San Fermín, can be found within.

Magdalena Bridge

This gothic bridge is part of Saint James" Way (a famous pilgrimage path) and Santa Engracia Bridge, which links the Rochapea District to the Curtidores District.

Take a walk through the city, enjoying the fresh air, and visit Castle Square (Plaza del Castillo), which is the nerve center of the city. This plaza has a beautiful gate surrounded by buildings from the 17th and 18th century and is located between the historic district and the modern district.

Plaza del Castillo

Plaza del Castillo credit: Raúl Hernández González CC BY 2.0

A mini bus rental can take you on a tour of the city"s historic district, where you can see Fluvial del Agra Park and visit the historic bridges and Caparroso Mill. Breathe in the fresh air from all the trees, admire the city from the outside, and take advantage of the open-air cafés to take a brief respite.

Bicycle tours and rentals

Like many cities, Pamplona has joined the green movement in the last few years; it has initiated a project called Nbici, which has involved the creation of bike routes and bike rentals for residents. Currently, Mundoriatxe is the company that is geared towards renting bicycles to tourists, and they also offer a tour guide through the city and on the Rutas BTT (mountain bike routes) on the outskirts of town.

What to see during your tour in Pamplona with a rented minibus with driver

If you want to rent a bus for an excursion or trip that originates or terminates in Pamplona, we suggest including these stops in your itinerary:

San Nicolás and Saint Gregorio Streets

There are several great drinking establishments here; try some great wines or beers with a side of succulent “pintxos” (traditional Spanish appetizers/snacks). Along these streets you will find numerous bars, taverns, pubs, and restaurants. Enjoy a great atmosphere here at practically any hour but especially during midday, enjoying the traditional aperitif or “vermouth” of the area.

Sala Tótem

One of the best-known and most multifaceted atmospheres in the city. They organize every type of show here, from Indie music concerts to heavy metal festivals and everything in between. There are two main areas, one for electronic music and the other for raves. They also have a futuristic bar and an additional room called Box, in which different events are organized. Sala Tótem is located on C Street.

Café Roch

This antique of a café was founded in 1898 with fabric curtains in the windows and tables made of marble with iron. We recommend ordering the fried peppers, which is their house special. This café is located on Comedias Kalea Street in the city of Pamplona.

Pizzería Level 10

Located on Padre Adoaín Street, this is considered the best pizzeria in Pamplona. It has a patio where you can enjoy your food in the summertime along with a good beer; we recommend the “For System” pizza. This place is highly recommended due to its excellent quality-price ratio.

Yamaguchi Park

Designed by an oriental landscape artist in 1997. This part of the city is definitely worth visiting. This majestic park has a waterfall, a geyser, a playground, and a lot of green space where you can have a good time. This park is located downtown on Barañáin Avenue.

Pamplona Municipal Pilgrim Hostel (Albergue de Peregrinos Municipal Pamplona)

Great for groups taking The Way who don’t mind sleeping in bays with more than 20 bunks. Offers great views of the cranes that go around at night  or the Cathedral when it’s lit up.


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