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Useful tips for León bus groups with ‘what to see’ and ‘what to do’ items and  ‘bus- friendly’ or must see tourist sites in León. Check our list of attractions before planning your bus tour with a stop or departure in León. Let us know if your favourite attraction or ‘bus-stop’ is not there and you think we should add it to our list of León highlights.

Group tourism in coach rental by León

We suggest you begin your tour with bus or minibus rented with driver around León at river Esla that will give you a chance to visit towns and monuments on its shore. Some of these sites are Monasterio San Miguel de Escalada that is in a Mozarabic style and part of  Parque Nacional de Picos de Europa. Also during this trip you can admire the hamlets of the mountain such as Caín and Posada de Valdeón which are in valleys, mountains and woods. Garganta del Cares and Desfiladero de Los Beyos which have some of the most beautiful landscapes that you can see in the Cantabrian range.

San Miguel de Escalada

San Miguel de Escalada credit: Fulgacian CC BY-SA 3.0

On the central mountain of León is Estación Invernal de San Isidro that is a landscape of caves among which Cueva de Valporquero stands out with its waterfalls, lakes, stalactites and stalagmites. 

The other place that is ideal for a trip in bus or coach is Astorga. From the Roman times, it is the entrance into the district of Maragatería. Within its towns there is Castrillo de los Polvazares which a national monument. The Camino de Santiago also passes through Leon by way of the region El Bierzo where  Monasterio de Santa María is a National Monument. Near here you can find the mountains that make up the Medulas which were declared part of Spain’s national heritage. Continuing on the way, you will come to  Ponferrada and Valle del Silencio, one of the valley’s towns, Peñalba de Santiago,  which is a national historic and artistic landmark and Iglesia de Santiago, a temple that was built during the tenth century. 

Golf Travel and Tourism

Golf lovers can practice this sport in one of the three clubs in the province. They are Club de Golf de El Bierzo in Congosto with a 9 hole course, Club de Golf Hierro 3 in La Magdalena and Campo de Golf El Cueto in San Miguel del Camino both with 18 holes.

Travel and business tourism in minibus with driver

Facilities for organizing events, trade shows, or congresses in this province can be found in Congreso Provincial de León.

Wine Tours in León Province

You should take your guests on a wine tour where they can sample wines in cellars such as Bodegas y Viñedos Meóriga in Mayorga where they can visit the production and walk in the vineyards or Bodegas Bierzo which is accessible by A-6 and is known for its wine Palacio D’Canedo.

Vino del Bierzo

Vino del Bierzo credit: Xemenendura CC BY-SA 3.0


When you are ready to simple the traditional dishes from this area, we advise you to take your group to restaurants such as Restaurant El Serrano in Astorga which is located in the monument area; Restaurant El Mayorazgo de León located in Santa Colomba de Cureño with its traditional dishes potatoes esborregadas and gochín asado and Restaurant Adonias in Leon which is a classic where you can enjoy traditional and authentic cuisine from León.

Cochinillo asado

Cochinillo asado   credit: Tamorlan  CC BY 3.0

City tourism in group with bus rental by León

You can rent a bus in León for trips in the city or in León Province. Since the city of León offers such a wide variety of tourism options, we’ve made a list of some of the best ones, such as La Basílica de San Isidro, the temple of which is a mix of Romanesque and gothic architecture with a renaissance cornice. It was built in 1055 by Fernando I El Magno. La Catedral Gótica (The Gothic Cathedral) is considered the most exquisite and beautiful cathedral in Spain and is the main attraction of El Camino de Santiago (The Path of Saint James). The western façade consists of two towers, The Bell Tower and The Clock Tower. It has five unequal arches before the three doorways; the central one has a copy of the image of The White Virgin and the original can be found within the interior of the temple.

Vista del Panteón de los Reyes de la Basílica de San Isidoro

Vista del Panteón de los Reyes de la Basílica de San Isidoro credit: Amandajm CC0 1.0

Bicycle routes and rentals in León

The city council of León has also proposed the creation of new shared bike/pedestrian zones (zone 10) and bike/car zones (zone 30) as well as the implementation of new bike lanes, incorporating “a green transportation system” into the project. Those tourists who want to rent a bike should head to bike rental stores, such as Bicicletas Blanco, Leonbike-Roma, and Bicicletas Cicloleón, where they can also find planned tours through the city.

A must-see tourist route by Leon

A multitude of extremely beautiful buildings adorn the streets of the city of León. A few examples include the old City Hall (el viejo Ayuntamiento), also known as Casa de la Prioridad, Guzman Palace, Count Luna Palace (el Palacio de los Condes de Luna), The Butcher House (Casa de las Carnicerías), The House of the Marquises of Villasinda (Case de los Marqueses de Villasinda), Manrique House, the emblazoned house on Serranos Street, the house with a tower on Ferández Cadórniga Street, the house with a tower in la Plaza de San Marcelo, and the building complex consisting of Regla Hospital and Queen"s Gate (Puerta de la Reina). Many ancient ruins have been well preserved, such as the Roman and Medieval Wall that crosses into the city"s historic district.

Plaza de San Marcelo por la noche, León

Plaza de San Marcelo por la noche, León credit: Emilio del Prado  CC BY-SA 2.0

Take a walk through the city"s historic district and the old Jewish quarter, a place full of enchantment that received the European Remodeled Historic District Prize in 2002. Throughout this area there are three plazas that stand out: Main Square (Plaza Mayor), which has a portico and the old City Hall building, Dove Square (Plaza de las Palomas), which has some unique buildings, and Plaza del Grano, which has the most authentically medieval atmosphere to it and has the Pilgrim Hostel (el Albergue de Peregrinos).


MUSAC credit: Ion Jaureguialzo Sarasola CC BY 2.0

The Museum of Contemporary Art (Museo de Arte Contemporáneo, or MUSAC), which is a mixture of the city"s modern and historic art, has the best views of the city. The Húmedo District is the city"s entertainment center and a great place to get tapas; it"s located in the middle of the historic district. The fountains in this area are mostly from the time period of Carlos III and IV. Some of the ones that stand out are Badillo Fountain (el caño Badillo), Principal Arch (el Arca principal), the fountain on Plegaria Street, the fountain in Plaza de San Marcelo, the fountain in Plaza de San Isidoro, the fountain in the market, and lastly, Neptune"s Fountain (la fuente de Neptuno). The old areas, such as Plaza del Grano and the old Market District (el barrio del Mercado) that flows into that plaza, are very traditional and attractive.

You can take a coach rented with chaffeur downtown to Count Moon Palace (el Palacio del Conde Luna), which has recently been remodeled to be the seat of the University of Washington. Guzman Palace is the seat of the County Council and Jabalquinto Palace is occupied by various workshops and artisans. Also, don"t miss the Countess" Gardens (los Jardines de la Condesa) and Papalaguinda Path.

Interior Palacio Conde Luna - León

Interior Palacio Conde Luna - León credit: Rosa Algorri CC BY-SA 3.0

What to see during your tour in León with a rented minibus with driver

If you want to rent a bus for an excursion or trip that originates or terminates in León, we suggest including these stops in your itinerary:

Ancha Street

One of the main roads in León, it follows the ancient route of the Roman Seventh Legion, who were the first settlers of the city. This is a pedestrian street. On the right-hand side of Ancha Street you can find the famous Húmedo District, which is famous for its excellent tapas (Spanish snacks/appetizers) as well as Plaza Mayor. This is a must-see for processions, horse-and-buggy rides, and parades.

Saint Isidore Mountain (Monte San Isidro)

This 130-hectare park has tables, benches, and playgrounds, making it an ideal place to spend the day; it also has barbeque grills and lots of space for enjoying the fresh air and sunshine. There are hiking trails, as well.

The Rooster of Saint Isidore (El Gallo de San Isidro)

This is a symbol of the city. It’s a weathervane shaped like a rooster that sits atop the Royal College Tower. It was installed on the tower during the eleventh century, having been made at the end of the sixth century at the behest of Persian King Khosrau II.

Café Copas Ebanno

Llocated on Cubos Avenue. This coffeehouse/bar is a great place to try a special coffee such as brandy-coffee (carajillo) or Irish coffee or to have one of the cocktails that they offer. This peaceful spot has huge windows and an intimate atmosphere.

Quevedo Park

This is the lungs of the city. This park has it all: relaxation areas, flowerbeds, an ornamental fountain, basketball courts, playgrounds, a skating rink, ping-pong tables, and fields for traditional games. The highlight of the par is a huge pond with swans and ducks where you can relax and breathe in the fresh air.


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