Tips for Puerto del Rosario mini-bus and coach tourism

Useful tips for Puerto del Rosario bus groups with ‘what to see’ and ‘what to do’ items and  ‘bus- friendly’ or must see tourist sites in Puerto del Rosario. Check our list of attractions before planning your bus tour with a stop or departure in Puerto del Rosario. Let us know if your favourite attraction or ‘bus-stop’ is not there and you think we should add it to our list of Puerto del Rosario highlights.

Tourism in the ports of Fuerteventura by bus or minibus hire with chauffer

Fuerteventura Island also has its main port, Puerto Cabras, currently also known as Puerto del Rosario, which is a very active commercial port that has the proper infrastructure to accommodate cruise ships as well. Fuerteventura Island also has five yachting harbors, among which are Gran Tarajal, Puerto Deportivo del Castillo and Puerto Corralejo.

Puerto de Corralejo

Puerto de Corralejo credit: XafCC BY-SA 2.0

Golf Travel and Tourism

For those who want to enjoy the sunshine while playing golf, the island has various golf courses, such as the Fuerteventura Golf Club, on Jandia Ave., with an 18-hole course, the Golf Club Salinas de Antigua, in Antigua, which also has an 18-hole course, or Sheraton Fuerteventura Golf, situated on Highway FV-2, with an 18-hole course. You can organize the transfer by booking a bus or minibus with driver for your group.

Travel to Nature Parks in Fuerteventura in coach rented

To enjoy the scenery that this island offers, we suggest starting with your group in a coach or minibus rented with driver around Fuerteventura at Parque Natural Corralejo (Corralejo Nature Park), which is situated on the north side of the island and consists of dunes, an area of lava flows called Malpaís (literally, “The Badlands”), and a volcano, la Montaña Roja (The Red Mountain). Its flora and fauna are fascinating. The National Monument of Malpaís de la Arena (Monumento Natural del Malpaís de la Arena) is a natural monument formed by volcanoes over 10,000 years. Visiting this park, you’ll think you’re on another planet.

Some things that no visitor should miss besides the famous Carnaval, are surfing and submarining to admire the ocean floor that was formed by volcanoes and a visit to Ajuy Fuerteventura Natural Monument (Fuerteventura Monumento Natural de Ajuy). This natural monument has ocean sediment from the time of the dinosaurs. You can still find places that date back to the time period when Africa and America started to separate, at which time the Canary Islands hadn’t even started to be formed yet.

Walk to Beaches in Fuerteventura

Being surrounded as it is by the ocean, this island offers a variety of beaches to enjoy the sun, the ocean, and the sand and has 265 km (165 mi) of coastline, mostly low-lying, and its beaches are among the most beautiful in the world. Its temperature is also very stable throughout most of the year. We suggest enjoying beaches, such as Corralejo Beach (Playas El Corralejo), which is situated in the middle of El Corralejo, and has white sand that was formed by broken shells and the remains of marine mammals and has tranquil waters, which tends to be full of tourists in the summertime; Cotillo Beach (Playas El Cotillo), which is very popular among surfers; or Jandia Beach (Playas de Jandia), where the best beaches on the island can be found and the beaches have white sand and shallow turquoise waters, making this a dream come true for beach lovers.

Playa de Corralejo

Playa de Corralejo credit: Guillén Pérez  CC BY-ND 2.0

Travel and Business Tourism in minibus with driver

If you’re thinking about organizing a conference, business convention, product expo, or show, we recommend going to the Fuerteventura Conference Center or Conference Palace and Auditorium. Your group can approach there, with a rental minibus with driver.


To enjoy an exquisite meal before traveling home, we recommend visiting the Restaurant Don Antonio, in Vega del Río Palma, which was built on a remodeled seventeenth century farm and which offers a varied, exclusive cuisine; Casa Santa María in Betancuria, which has an exotic, special ambiance and whose house special is “cordero al horno” (baked lamb); or the Coronado Restaurant, located in Jandia, which has a terrace and an a la cart menu.

Espalda de Cordero al horno

Espalda de Cordero al horno  credit: Haydn BlackeyCC BY-SA 2.0

City Tourism of group with coach rented in Puerto del Rosario

Don’t miss

Ecomuseo de La Alcogida (La Alcogida Eco-Museum), this is a great place to take kids; in fact, this place is really designed with children in mind. It consists of seven traditional dwellings that recreate rural life where you can participate in grinding grain, cheese- and bread-making, taking care of animals, enjoying traditional games, and much, much more.

Ecomuseo de la Alcogida

Ecomuseo de la Alcogida credit: Tony HisgettCC BY 2.0

Bicycle Tours and Rentals in Puerto del Rosario

Puerto del Rosario has bike routes and offers the possibility of renting bicycles that you can ride around the city or on mountain bike routes (Rutas BTT). There are currently several companies that rent bikes, such as Ciclo Manía, Bikers, and Volcano Bike; these companies not only rent bikes, but they also offer guided bike tours of the city; or there’s Fanatic Motos, which rents motorcycles that you can take around the city and its environs.

San Pedro Alcántara Hermitage

Was constructed in the 17th century by Franciscan Friars. They have a choir as well as a collection of paintings from the 17th century and a recreation of scenes from the life of San Pedro de Alcántara. On the exterior of the façade, there’s a small stone cross and a baroque bell tower.

Beaches in Puerto del Rosario

Without getting too far from the city, you can enjoy the beaches, such as Puertito Beach, which has greenish waters and a very dark cliff that contrasts sharply with the color of the water, Janubio Beach, where you can go on nature walks, or Chica Beach, a semicircular beach with golden sand and tranquil waters.

Puerto del Rosario

Puerto del Rosario credit: Andy MitchellCC BY-SA 2.0

Take a walk in the city, enjoying the fresh air, and visit The Gateway (el Puerto), which is a stop for many cruise ships and is also the launching point of many ferries that connect this island with the rest of the islands, and on your way back take advantage of the stores where you can go shopping.

Via mini-bus rented you can go with your group on a tour of the bigger towns and cities a bit further away from Puerto del Rosario, such as Puerto Lajas, El Matorral, or Corralejo.

What to see during your group walk in Puerto del Rosario with a rented minibus 

If you want to rent a bus for an excursion or trip that originates or terminates in Puerto del Rosario, we suggest including these stops in your itinerary:

La Carpintería

Tthis bar also serves as a concert hall. It’s located on Guize Street. At this bar you can enjoy some drinks at a good price while listening to live music.

The Three Wise Men’s Procession (Cabalgata de Reyes):

Those who travel here during the beginning of January can enjoy The Three Wise Men’s Procession, which is a parade held every Januar 5th. The parade starts at the port and proceeds to Giant Bethlehem in the capital.

Bar La Florida

One of the hotspots of the city, come here to enjoy a delicious coffee with a yummy toasted ham sandwich or buttered tenderloin. This little bar is decorated in the Andalusian style and is located on Virgen de la Peña Street.

Restaurant A Rosa

Located on Beethoven Street, this restaurant has a nice décor and atmosphere to it. We highly recommend this restaurant due to its beautiful terrace and varied menu of traditional Galician cuisine and tapas (traditional Spanish snacks/appetizers).

Downtown Rotundas Shopping Center Centro Comercial Las Rotondas del Centro

This exclusive shopping center is located between Francisco Pi Street and Arsuaga Street in the city’s historic district. This is a great place to go shopping, walk through the shops, or listen to a choral performance. This shopping center is a symbol of Fuerteventura’s development; the construction is avant-garde and features natural lighting.


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