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What to see and visit in the province Groningen with coach hired?


The province of Groningen is a historic province, and a lot of culture and nature can be seen in this province. The East of the province is very rich in nature, and is one of the most surprising areas of the province. In the East lies the Oldambt, this is often referred to as the ‘graanschuur’ of the Netherlands and is called the best kept secret of the Groninger nature. The Groninger nature is discovered by National Geographic, and twelve yellow windows adorn the countryside in the east of Groningen to promote the area. The windows highlight the natural, scenic, cultural and historical points in the East Groninger landscape. Examples of where these windows can be seen are; in the Monastery in Ter Apel, the nature in Ter Borg at Sellingen and in Bourtange. Organizing a bus trip from/in Groningen.Compare bus with driver quotes online and book the best option.


Molen credit: Ciao Anita! CC BY-SA 2.0


In the field of culture, there is plenty to do and see in the province of Groningen. The province is rich in museums, theaters, galleries, and there is always something to do. Those interested in museums in the province of Groningen are definitely in the right place. The province has many different museums and there is something for every taste. Examples of museums that are in the city of Groningen are the Northern Maritime Museum, the Dutch comic museum, the Tea Factory in the city Houwerzijl, the National Carriage Museum in the town of Leek and many more.

Stripmuseum Groningen

Stripmuseum Groningen  credit: Fruggo  CC BY 1.0 nl

An afternoon in Groningen

Shopping in Groningen is also very nice and pleasant to do. There are many different shops in the province and there are also a number of shopping Sundays per year. The city of Groningen is the largest city in the province and this is where most stores are. Who is interested in a bite to eat after shopping will have a difficult choice to make, as the province of Groningen has many different restaurants with different cuisines. The Peak Kidney in Oudeschans was named the best restaurant in Groningen in 2011. Another nice restaurant is under the Linden Inn in Aduard.

Fortified Village

In Southeast Groningen near the German border, is the fortified village Bourtange. This is a historic and unique fortification. The village has a very rich history. It was created during the Dutch Revolt when the city was still being supplied from Germany. William of Orange gave a command to create this city. Today it is primarily a tourist attraction.

Fort Bourtange In Groningen

Fort Bourtange In Groningen credit:  Kashif Pathan CC BY-SA 2.0

Excursions and day trips

There are only a limited number of day trips in Groningen, since it is not a very touristic city. The Tourist Office in the City of Groningen offers day tours through the city under the leadership of an experienced tourguide. With this trip you pass all the major sights of the city, and you will have time to sight see individually. You will walk past the beautiful canals of the city and will pass famous sights such as the Martini Church, the Market Square and the Groninger Museum. 


Martinikerkhof  credit: Bert KaufmannCC BY 2.0

What to see during your tour in Groningen with a rented coach with driver?

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The Martini Church

This is byfar the most famous landmark of the city Groningen. Thischurch,locatedon the market square in the city center has a veryrichhistorydating back to the year 1220. There are alsoguided tours held in the church, foradults and childrenwhich are certainlyworthwhile. For the childrenthere is a huntorganizedwherethey have to search for the treasure of St. Maarten. Youcanalsoclimb the Martinitower, which is the 97 meter high tower of the church, that offers a beautiful view over the city. In the churchthere are also heldmany conferences, dinners, anniversaries, lectures, concerts and exhibitions.

In de Martinikerk

In de Martinikerkcredit: Johan Wieland CC BY-ND 2.0

Groninger Museum

This is the most famous museum in the city of Groningen. The museum is locatedon‘Museumeiland’ in the center of the city. In this museum there are variousexhibitions, and it is alwaysinteresting and innovative. There are alsoguided tours in the museum whichwill offer more knowledgeon the exhibitions. There are alsoseveral workshops held herewhich is also a verycreative and funway to spendyourafternoon. Anexample is the workshop Nordic Art. This workshop is basedon the exhibitionNordic Art, and at the workshop youwilllearn to "paint" with paper.

Vue extérieure du musée de Groningen

Vue extérieure du musée de Groningen credit: Truk14 CC BY-SA 3.0

Euroborg Stadium

This stadium is the home stadium of football club FC Groningen. It was designedby the architect Wiel Arets, and is alsocalled "The Green Hell"or "The Green Cathedral". The stadium is locatedon the southeastside of the city Groningen. The stadium was built in the year 2004-2005, because the Oosterparkstadionnolonger met the modern requirements. It is a fairlynew stadium with a capacity of 22,550 fans. In the complex there is also a school, cinema, gym, casino and several restaurants.

Prinsenhof Groningen

This is a hotel / restaurant that is located close to the MartiniChurch. It is a historic building, and hereyoucanenjoy the peace and leavethe citybuzzbehindyou. The property has 34 rooms. Youcanalso have a nice lunch ordinnerfor a smallorlargecompany. It is a uniquelocation and wellworth a visit.

Dichters in de Prinsentuin

Dichters in de Prinsentuin credit: Rafot CC BY-SA 3.0

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