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Useful tips for Perugia bus groups with ‘what to see’ and ‘what to do’ items and  ‘bus- friendly’ or must see tourist sites in Perugia . Check our list of attractions before planning your bus tour with a stop or departure in Perugia . Let us know if your favourite attraction or ‘bus-stop’ is not there and you think we should add it to our list of Perugia highlights.

What to see when touring Perugia in a rented bus or minibus with driver

If your group has ended up at the beautiful Perugia, as a stop on the tour in a minibus or coach with driver, you are aware that this is a little gem like so many others in the country of the boot. Best is thats it is not far from the city of Rome. Among the many tourist possibilities offered, here you will find some that you should not forget:


Mercedes-Sprinter-20-seater from Autonoleggi Bevilacqua in Perugia

With transportation by minibus or coach needed:

A delicious visit, the chocolate factory:

Located just 5 kilometres away from the central station of Perugia, you can visit the factory of the famous chocolates "Bacci" (kisses) every day except Sunday. It can also be the moment to buy a present for your bus driver, who has been baring with you during this entire tour.

Terni di cioccolato

Terni di cioccolato credit: Mauro CC BY-SA 2.0
Terni, Umbria, Italia

The Città della Domenica:

According to Tripadvisor readers it is an amusement park for children. It is only 6 kilometres away from Perugia, so the bus driver can take you there in 15 minutes. It is not very modern but it has local charm and its most important attractions are the medieval area, the farm, the lake with boats and the labyrinth. The Park is open during the months of March through November.

Città della Domenica - Perugia

Città della Domenica - Perugia credit: marcod69 CC BY-ND 2.0

Wine tour

Since we are in Italy we must visit a winery: the estate or Winery Castelbuono, in the town of Bevagna, 30 kilometres away from Perugia, offers you the possibility to taste the wines of the region and to visit, moreover, an architectural wonder. The guided tour through the property is worth doing and also is hearing the tips of the host regarding the wines.

Mini bus and coach visits of cities near Perugia

The cities:

Beautiful Italian cities are only 2 or 3 hours away from Perugia. In a day trip your bus driver can bring you and return with ample time to see cities such as Rome, Florence, Bologna and Pisa.

Augusto Etruscan Arch

This arch was the gateway to the ancient Etruscan acropolis and it dates nothing less than to the 3rd century BC! That is the reason why it is worth contemplating this monument, which is quite impressive from the historical point of view. The arch is located in the Piazza Fortebraccio Montone municipality, 40 kilometres away from Perugia, but it is worth the detour.

Medieval aqueduct, Perugia

Amusement without the use of coach and chauffeur

In the old centre of Perugia, there are many attractions that can be seen perfectly walking or cycling. A day of rest for your mini bus driver is required by law and obliges you to move your legs.

Tour by electric bike

It is comfortable to travel in a bus with a driver that guides you, but perhaps the body gets too loose. Changing the bus seat for a bike and climbing hills (with or without the help of the electric motor) makes not only the muscles of your body wake up. Riding the bike through the landscapes of Perugia changes your ‘code’ and makes you come into contact with the environment, all this without the fatigue that walking can give you. 

Vespe pastello

Vespe pastello credit: Mikuzz CC BY 2.0

Fontana Maggiore

Fountains are important in the Italian cities, just think of the Trevi Fountain in Rome as an example. This Fountain of Perugia was built in 1280, and it is an example of very important medieval architecture. Besides that, it is very beautiful and around it you can do the mandatory photo, or eat an ice cream, or just relax. The fountain is in the midst of the beautiful square IV of November. Go there walking no bus is needed.

Fontana Maggiore, Perugia

Fontana Maggiore, Perugia credit: Monica Arellano-OngpinCC BY 2.0

Palace of the Priors

The share of palaces to see in almost any Italian city cannot fail here in Perugia. It is located in Corso Vannucci, in the historic centre of the city, and it is a truly majestic medieval construction. The Palace houses the Town Hall of the city, the National Gallery of Umbria and two professional associations, and it is right in front of the Fontana Maggiore.

Palazzo dei Priori, Sala dei Notari 2, Perugia

Palazzo dei Priori, Sala dei Notari 2, Perugia credit: Allan Parsons CC BY 2.0

Rocca Paolina

This impressive 16th-century fortress was commissioned by Pope Paolo III Farnese, and hence its name. The monument can be visited and is accessed by the Porta Marzia, in via Bagliona. In fact, this door is itself a monument to contemplate, with its travertine marble sculpted and embedded in the 3rd century BC, which was dismantled and moved to the fortress many centuries later.

Galleria espositiva della Rocca Paolina

Galleria espositiva della Rocca Paolina credit: CC BY-SA 2.0

Church of Sant"Angelo:

In Perugia there are at least five churches that are worth seeing, but here we introduce one of them because of its date, which gives it a unique value. This temple dates from the 5th century, making it one of the oldest early Christian churches in Italy and Europe. The circular shape also gives it a pretty unique character, as well as the 12 light entries. It is located in Via del Tempio, not far from the University.

Apart from this unique Church, you should not miss the visit to the Cathedral of San Lorenzo. It is impressive inside and out, as often happens in Italian cities.

The Etruscan Well

This hydraulic engineering work attests to the advanced state of the population from Perugia in the 3rd century before Christ. Thanks to some stairs you can access the deepest point, covered by travertine marble. The well is located in Piazza Dante 18, in the heart of the city.

Eating in Perugia

The gastronomy section is mandatory in any Italian city. In Perugia, as in the rest of Umbria, the cooking is simple and is based on products of high quality and intense flavour. A very simple dish but which works great for a quick meal is the "torta al testo", a kind of piadina stuffed with cheese, ham and other ingredients to taste..

Dalla Bianca Restaurant - a traditional place for People of Perugia

Dalla Bianca Restaurant - a traditional place for People of Perugia credit: Umbria Lovers CC BY-SA 2.0

Nightlife in Perugia

It is well known, a University or college city means a high ambiance. In Perugia, you can enjoy a variety of possibilities to have a drink, listen to music, or go dancing. A classic place in town is the Elf Pub, in via Sant"Agata, where you can take all kinds of beers in a very lively atmosphere.

Rum e pera

Rum e pera credit: Michela Simoncini CC BY 2.0

Walking or by minibus in Perugia?      

The visit to Perugia is possible only on foot, and although it is recommended to walk through the historical centre to enjoy the charming atmosphere of its streets. From there, however, to all the city attractions and even some that are on the outskirts, it will be very useful to have a rental bus or minibus with your local Perugian driver He will know how to get close to and park near places of interest through the best routes The bus and its driver will provide you comfort that you will be thankful for, no doubt!

Tours in Perugia

You can rent a bus in Perugia for tours in the city or in Umbria region. As already mentioned Italy offers unexpected treasures in a small towns which often are little known outside the country. So in a small quantity space Perugia offers a bit of everything: natural environment, architecture, charm, history, leisure and night live with bars and good restaurants.

City tours in Perugia

Despite the relatively reduced size of Perugia, do not believe that you can spare your rental bus with chauffeur to visit it, since there is so much to do and if you arrive in summer you will be thankful for the comfort to move around. In Perugia, you have to see, without a doubt, the main palaces of the city, the Fontana Maggiore, the Etruscan art and the Rocca Paolina. At night, you may be students or older; you will no doubt enjoy the young and lively atmosphere of the city.

Tours in Umbria

As the rest of the country, the region boasts a wide geographical range and is full of charming cities and villages. It is crossed by the Tiber River and it has the fourth largest lake in Italy, Lake Trasimeno. Mainly unknown to tourists who usually decide to visit much more famous cities and regions, Umbria and its capital, Perugia can offer all kinds of attractions for travellers and best of all: without any crowds!

Cascia - Umbria

Cascia - Umbria credit: La Valnerina ~ Umbria CC BY 2.0

Visiting San Francesco de Assisi

Your tour with private transport in a rented bus with driver around Umbria can sart where the famous St. Francis of Assisi sanctuary is located, and in fact many organized tours of Italy only make that stop before continuing on their way to the South or the North. However, if you take time to know Umbria, you will see that the region has much more to offer, with the advantage that the tourists do not form crowds, as usual in the capital or as well-known as Venice attractions, for example.

Assisi - Italia

Assisi - Italia credit: Eduardo M. CC BY 2.0

Route by the Cascata delle Marmore, Orvieto and Lake Piediluco

Despite this, in order to get to know well Umbria it will be better for you to prepare your trip with time, to be able as well to make the most of it. In your tour with rental bus or minibus with chauffeur, private transportation with chauffeur, you must not forget to include such attractions as the famous basilica of the Holy lover of animals, that is to say, San Francisco, as well as impressive natural beauties such as the Cascata delle Marmore or the Piediluco Lake, and as charming as the village of Orvieto.

What to see and what t do in Umbria

A day between the waterfalls delle Marmore

If you are in the capital of Umbria, Perugia, you can tell your driver to take you by coach to the famous waterfall "delle Marmore", in the town of Terni, at an hour drive approximately along the road SS75.

When you arrive you are not going to believe that in the heart of Italy there is this impressive waterfall, more typical of an African or South American country than of Europe. Not in vain, poets like Lord Byron or Dante Alighieri speak of this cascade. The natural area is located in a park that must pay to access, but in exchange you can spend a day in it, enjoying the multiple routes and guided tours that they offer: there are tours for kids, night visits, visits around the caves, visits dedicated to the history of the waterfall or an abbreviated path in 100 steps.

If you like to take advantage of movements, 20 kilometres away from the waterfall you can take a tour of Terni, a small town which, however, has a beautiful Cathedral and more than ten palaces.

Palazzo Bazzani e fontana di Piazza Tacito, Terni

Palazzo Bazzani e fontana di Piazza Tacito, Terni credit: MauroCC BY-SA 2.0

Visit to the Lake of Piediluco

Before continuing the path of mandatory visits to monuments and cathedrals, you will certainly take profit from spending a pleasant day at the foot of the Lake of Piediluco, where you better get a sandwich and a tablecloth for a picnic, then get close to the village of the same name, which is a little more than 100 kilometres from Perugia.

Photography lovers will be delighted with the views that they will enjoy from this place, both in the banks of the Lake as in the charming town which gives it’s the name.

Lago di Piediluco. Umbria

Lago di Piediluco. Umbria credit: Andrea Passoni CC BY 2.0

San Francesco of Assisi

This is the almost obligatory stop for travellers who are making a "Grand Tour" of Italy, therefore, here you can find perhaps the tourist crowds that you will not see in the rest of the region. Thirty minutes by road from the capital of the region is Assisi, birthplace of the Holy animal lover. The basilica that holds his relics has been a pilgrimage centre since its construction in the 13th century, and since the year 2000 it has been included in the list of the Unesco. The monument is worth visiting even though you are not devotees of the Saint, since it possesses a beautiful atrium, as well as a valuable interior decoration.

Basilica di San Francesco

Basilica di San Francesco credit: Rodrigo SoldonCC BY-ND 2.0

Visiting the Cathedral of Orvieto

Also at an hour"s drive of Perugia (as the region is small distances are not very long), is a town of just 20,000, but with so many attractions to visit that it seems incredible. Starting with the "duomo" or Cathedral, a building of the 13th century, which is considered one of the most beautiful in Italy, and let’s take into account that in Italy there is an enormous amount of churches and temples of great beauty. It is a building between Romanesque and Gothic, but with a very personal style, where the main portico should be highlighted, without a doubt.

Chapel of the Madonna di San Brizio in the Duomo, Orvieto

Chapel of the Madonna di San Brizio in the Duomo, Orvieto credit: Andy Hay CC BY 2.0

But this is not everything that this privileged town contains, on the contrary. You can visit an impressive palace of the 14th Century, the Palacio del Popolo, an Etruscan necropolis, a fortress of Arabic origin (Albornoz fortress, the name does not deceive) and you can even make a tour of the underground city. To round off the visit, there is an ice cream parlour called "L "officina del Gelato" (ice cream office), where you can give a well-deserved tribute to your palate.


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