Tips for Genoa mini-bus and coach tourism

Useful tips for Genoa bus groups with ‘what to see’ and ‘what to do’ items and  ‘bus- friendly’ or must see tourist sites in Genoa. Check our list of attractions before planning your bus tour with a stop or departure in Genoa. Let us know if your favourite attraction or ‘bus-stop’ is not there and you think we should add it to our list of Genoa highlights.

What to see during your group tour around Genoa in a rented minibus or coach with driver

If your group is getting down the plane or cruise in Genoa and wants to rent a bus to make an excursion or trip we insist on you taking note of the following points of interest for the route:

Tourist bus from GENOVARENT

Tourist bus from GENOVARENT in Genoa

Historical centre:

This Centre is one of the largest in Europe, and also one of the most labyrinthine: it consists of multiple lanes feeding into charming squares, and its buildings are so close from one another that from balcony to balcony people can shake hands! In the middle of this simplicity, the splendid palaces and churches surprise visitors, but the most interesting characteristic is that it is a place full of life. Here the bus will have to be parked and the driver can have a coffee or lunch break while you get lost in the narrow streets.


Genova-Liguria-Italy credit: gnuckx CC BY 2.0

The old port:

Another iconic image of this city is undoubtedly its port. In summer, thousands of tourists land in it, making a stop on their cruises in the Mediterranean, especially on weekends. During the low season low or in the weekdays you can enjoy the walk through the port without so many people, and savour a snack, a typical seafood meal or even go shopping. If there are members of your group who wanted to travel by cruise ship but for budgetary reasons have been decided for a rented bus, now is the moment to pretend and take pictures at the port with very tall cruise ships can be find at the dock.

Galeon Neptune by me

Galeon Neptune by me credit: Angelo Amboldi  CC BY-ND 2.0

Cathedral of San Lorenzo:

What would a touristic visit to an Italian city be without going to a church? Genoa never stopped competing with other important cities in Italy and so it also has an important cathedral to visit. The Cathedral of San Lorenzo dates from 1098, but some remains of an ancient temple were found and they dated back to the 5th century. The church houses the remains of the patron of the city, Saint John the Baptist, and a treasure that is worth visiting. Both the exterior and the interior are of such richness and beauty that they justify the stop and time spent here.

Royal Palace:

Located in Via Balbi, 10. Another indispensable classic in any Italian city are palaces, because there is always some really interesting to visit. In the case of Genoa, the Royal Palace is no exception. It was built in the seventeenth century by the Balbi family, and it was a royal residence. It is currently a very interesting museum where you can see different ambiances of the century eighteen and works of art that are worth seeing such as "The crucifix" and "Portrait of a Lady" of the Flemish artist Van Dyck.

Palazzo Reale

Palazzo Reale credit: fabrizio.binello CC BY-SA 2.0

Montaldo viewpoint:

Also known as Esplanade of Castelleto, this viewpoint is located in the Belvedere Montaldo Luigi Street and it will allow you to enjoy breath-taking views of the slate roofs of the city and its magnificent harbour. No doubt from here you will get the best souvenir photos of Genoa.

Walls of Barbarossa:

The ancient walls take their name from the Emperor with the same nickname. They were built precisely to defend the city from his desire to conquer it in the 12th century.

House-Museum of Cristopher Columbus:

Within walking distance from the main entrance of the walls, on Vico Dritto di Ponticello Street there is a reconstruction of the house where it is assumed that the legendary navigator lived. Take a picture from the outside and move on! Nothing interesting to see on the inside.

House of Christopher Columbus in Genoa, Italy

House of Christopher Columbus in Genoa, Italy credit: Rinina25Twice25 CC BY-SA 2.5

Piazza di Ferrari:

This impressive place is the main square of the city, and as often happens in Italy, it is a must-see for its architectural beauty. In the centre stands a 1936 fountain completely built in bronze, with various palaces surrounding it. Being the main meeting point for the ‘Genoese’ the piazza tends to be very lively.

Piazza di Ferrari in rain

Piazza di Ferrari in rain credit: pelican CC BY-SA 2.0

Eating a snack:

Genoa has the honour of being known as the ‘city of the snacks’(and we are not talking about piazza here), a really appealing and tempting nickname. To carry out this tradition, you have many places to choose from, from the port, to some of the small streets of the centre, or one of its squares. What is certain is that it is advisable to drink some white wine from the region and to choose any of the gastronomic delights that the city can offer. What else can you ask for? If your coach driver has intended to sign up for the aperitif as well then just ask him to park in a parking and everybody can return to the hotel by taxi. Although the carabinieri are flexible in general, penalties for driving with a high alcohol percentage in the blood are serious in Italy.

‘To park or not to park’ your rented bus outside Genoa?

By minibus or by foot around Genoa? Even if you are not in a city as large as Rome or Milan, you may find that Genoa is not so small to walk around it, except for the historic centre, which certainly deserves the stroll in small alleys. For this reason, the best will be for your chauffeur to take you on the coach or minibus from one place of interest to the next one. This is one of the good thing of having a bus on ‘stand by’ and facilitating you in the hard working touristic task of seeing everything there is to see. The advantage is also that after a good meal with ice cream, dessert and expresso coffee, you will be able to take a nap while comfortably sitting in the bus and recharge your batteries for the next stop!

Tours in the city of Genoa

You can rent a bus in Genoa for tours around the city, or in the region of Liguria. You can choose between different possible tourist routes in the city, but what you cannot miss is undoubtedly the historical centre with its many narrow streets and balconies which are so close to one another that the people living there can reach out, the old port and the Ducal Palace, to name a few places.

Facciata di Palazzo San Giorgio visto dal Bigo - Genova

Facciata di Palazzo San Giorgio visto dal Bigo - Genova credit: Sidvics CC BY-SA 3.0

What to see and what to do in the city of Genoa

Although it is not a big city like Rome or Milan, Genoa can offer to the tourists that stop on their tour around Italy on a rental bus the charm of a city that lives facing the sea and which has several points of artistic and architectural interest. After touring the streets of the historical centre, and visiting the interior of the sumptuous palaces and the Cathedral of San Lorenzo, nothing better than enjoying a typical aperitif, because Genoa is known as "the city of snacks". A good glass of Liguria wine accompanied by a piece of focaccia is a must that you cannot miss!

tempesta su san lorenzo

tempesta su san lorenzo credit: giulio nepi CC BY 2.0

Genoa also surprises you at night, since despite being a small city small it is full of animation. The historic centre and its maze of streets offer you the possibility of enjoying the nightlife in young city by the sea.

 acquario,( bolla di Renzo Piano)

acquario,( bolla di Renzo Piano) credit: fabrizio.binello CC BY-SA 2.0

Tours in Liguria and its surroundings

The region has many attractions for tourists who are touring Italy, especially natural beauties, your tour with private transport in a rented bus with driver around Ligura can start for example at the Riviera dei Fiori (Rivera of flowers), Portofino and Cinque Terre (five lands). As anywhere in Italy, gastronomy is another important attraction to enjoy in the Liguria region. Wine, focaccia, pasta, assorted baked goods, very tempting desserts and many other delicacies will make the tourist visit to this region much more enjoyable.


Portofino credit: Jukka CC BY 2.0

The Province of Genoa

This is the most important since the city of Genoa is the capital of the region, and it is a very suitable destination for tourists who want to visit architecturally relevant places, but who also wish to get to know coastal villages with charm and natural beauty and landscapes of all kinds.

Savona, Imperia and Spezia

The other three provinces, Savona, Imperia and Spezia, are geographically rich, since they contain a huge variety of landscapes, and also some locations that offer hospitality, charm and cuisine in equal parts. The port of the capital of the province of Spezia (which is called "La Spezia") is one of the largest in Italy and an obligatory stop for every cruise ship that makes tours of the Mediterranean Sea.

Grotta di Byron, Portovenere, Liguria, Italy

Grotta di Byron, Portovenere, Liguria, Italy credit: Andrea CC BY 2.0

If you and your group of tourists are arriving by plane or cruise to the region of Liguria, we recommend you to arrange at least one or two routes in advance. On your tour with transportation in a rental “Pullman” with chauffeur around Liguria you can choose a trip to national parks such as Antola, in the province of Genoa, or a visit to places that are World’s Heritage according to Unesco, such as Cinque Terre and Porto Venere. Naturally, coastal towns with their sailor charm and their gastronomic delights are an attraction that you should not miss.

Bordighera or enjoying the coast

This coastal village famous for its large number of palm trees was a favourite for English tourists in the 19th century and today it is still a destination very appreciated by visitors from anywhere. The beauty of its coastline, as well as the interest of its historic centre, make Bordighera a highly recommended stop. Apart from walking along the promenade and enjoying the beautiful beach, in the village you can visit the Pallanca garden, a botanical garden with views over the city. The Villa Regina Magherita is also worth visiting. It is a magnificent mansion, summer residence of the Queen Margarita de Saboya and it houses an important collection of paintings as well.

Bordighera, GRAF1110

Bordighera, GRAF1110 credit: youflavio CC BY-SA 2.0

Visit to the Regional Natural Park of Antola

If you are nature lover or if you travel with children, you can certainly enjoy a visit to the Natural Park of Antola, about 50 kilometres from Genoa. The Park, more than 4,000 hectares large, is situated between the Apennines and the Genoese inside, and it possesses a great diversity of flora and fauna, including wolves, deer and a multitude of birds. Among the activities that you can do in this natural space trekking is, of course, the main one, since there are multiple routes that will allow you to enjoy unbeatable views, but you can also travel in canoe on the lakes and, at the appropriate time, you can enjoy skiing.

Cinque Terre

Italy - Cinque Terre - Manarola

Italy - Cinque Terre - Manarola credit: Harshil Shah CC BY-ND 2.0

The name of "Cinque terre" (literally five lands) refers to the set of five towns in the province of La Spezia. The villages are Monterosso, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola and Riomaggiore, and they are located on a piece of mountain so steep that it provides a spectacular view next to the sea, to such an extent that this piece of land has been declared World’s Heritage by Unesco. Since not all villages are accessible by bus, once the driver leaves you where he has to park, you will have no choice but to walk along the beautiful mountain paths from one town to another, and discover them on foot. There is also the option of reaching Cinque Terre on the local train, or by ferry.


Corniglia credit: Pank Seelen CC BY-SA 2.0

The oldest villages are Monterosso and Vernazza, dating from the 11th century. The beaches are all different from each other, but all beautiful. Monterosso is one of which is more worthwhile visiting and enjoying, because it toggles a fine and very white sand with pitfalls of suggestive shapes and crystal clear water whose background gives it a beautiful Turquoise colour. It is clear that a visit to Cinque Terre should include the leisurely stroll through the villages, a swim in the wonderful beaches if it is the proper season, and a tasting of gastronomy in any of the villages.

Port of Portofino

You cannot leave the Liguria region without knowing one of its jewels, or one of the most beautiful ports of its coast, Portofino. The charm of this village is divided between the colour of the sea, the beauty of its coloured houses on the slopes of the mountain and the whole of the fishing port. Taking a leisurely promenade of Portofino, enjoying the views on both sides, choosing where to have a drink and taste a seafood dish are pleasures that you cannot avoid in your tour around the Ligurian region.

  Portofino, Italia

Portofino, Italia credit: justinknabb CC BY-SA 2.0

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