Tips for Potenza mini-bus and coach tourism

Useful tips for Potenza bus groups with ‘what to see’ and ‘what to do’ items and  ‘bus- friendly’ or must see tourist sites in Potenza. Check our list of attractions before planning your bus tour with a stop or departure in Potenza. Let us know if your favourite attraction or ‘bus-stop’ is not there and you think we should add it to our list of Potenza highlights.

What to see in Potenza with your rental coach or minibus with driver

We will mention now some visits and activities that you can include in your group tour around Potenza and surroundings in rental coach or minibus with driver.

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Routes by bus or minibus from Potenza

A beach day in La Secca

At approximately 1 hour and half drive by bus with a local driver local from Potenza you can enjoy of a day at the beach in a place of great beauty, as long as you have chosen the summer to visit Basilicata, of course. Besides swimming in crystal-like waters, contemplating a hill covered with pinetrees, you can enjoy as well the visit to the medieval Castle of Castrocuocco, a little known cultural pearl that deserves the detour.

Natural Park of El Pollino

If you are lovers of nature and the mountainside, ask your driver to take you with the rental bus 120 kilometers away from the capital of the region, to the National Park of El Pollino. It is the largest of Italy"s recent institution protected natural areas, and it offers activities for all tastes. From riding a bike or trekking to the summits of the mountain chain, to sports such as rafting or horse riding. Renting a coach with driver is ideal to visit some of the ten or more little villages that are located within the area of the Park. Between these, it is recommended to stop the bus in Rotonda, the main village main and if there is time to park the bus also in San Paolo Albanese, or Castelluccio (Inferiore and Superiore) where you can, of course, enjoy the local gastronomy. The driver of your coach beginning will know the dishes of the local kitchen  to choose and, as you invite him to eat, he will be able to advise you.

Basilicata- Lago Piccolo

Lago Piccolo credit: Angcarcartrttjfj CC BY-SA 4.0

 Visit to the town of Venosa

This charming village is an hour travel by bus from Potenza, and worth the visit because it has several places of interest. Vesuvia’s origins date back to Roman times, when it had an important strategic role. Between the multiple testimonies of its long history, you can visit the Abbey of the Holy Trinity, of the year 1059, the Castle Aragonese, of 1470, or the Jewish catacombs.

Bird sighting in the Lake of the Marsh

Bird lovers can spend a very pleasant day outdoors at the Lake of the Marsh, just 10 kilometers from Potenza. Don"t forget your binoculars or cameras, of course! Leave the bus at the car park or set an appointment with your chauffeur so that he will pick you  after a couple of hours.

Visits to do without coach

As your driver of the bus needs at least, 1 day of rest, you can take advantage of that day to make visits on foot around the city of Potenza. 

Cathedral of San Gerardo: there is no choice but to mention first of all the Cathedral or duomo of Potenza, since it is a beautiful building inside and outside as well, and it dates back to the year 1100, although from this time only the rose window and the apse are preserved. The temple is located, logically, on Largo Duomo, i.e., in the heart of the city.

Church of Santa Maria del Sepulcro: another temple that is worth a visit when you are walking around Potenza is this church built in 1266, since its interior is of great beauty.

Bridge on the Basento: if you are lovers of architecture you will like to see this structure, work of Sergio Muscemi, completed in 1976. The bridge is located on the Viadotto dell" Industria, a little far from the city centre but you can also arrive taking a walk.

Archaelogocial Museum of Venosa: although you may not be willing to get into a museum in your holiday, this small jewel is worth the visit, certainly. You can see the foundations of Roman houses and an unfinished Church, as well as enjoy the environment itself, which is also worthy of a visit. It is in the Palazzio Lofredo, in Via Andrea Serrano, in the historic centre of the city.

Eating in Potenza

if there is a cuisine of flavours and aromas, this is without a doubt the cuisine of Basilicata, also known as Lucania, especially by the aromatic herbs of great quality used in the dishes. Therefore, in the small Potenza you must reserve some time to delight you with the kitchen, something required in any part of Italy, but that is especially true here.

The most commonly used meat is pork, in all its versions, which means that the sausage lovers will enjoy this area very much. The homemade pasta is also the main protagonist in all its forms, and you must not fail to try it.

In the restaurant C" era  una volta, located in the street  Da Valle Paradiso, is a quiet and cosy place, but it is not located in the heart of the city. Even so, it will be worth the walk to enjoy the exquisite dishes of meat and pasta, and even cod, which is also a specialty of the house.

As for a drink, if you are a lover of wine tasting from the region that you visit, in the wine bar Sottapera, Via del Poppolo 115, you can do so in a cosy room very much appreciated by the inhabitants of the city.

Walking or by ibus with driver around Potenza?

It is clear that you won"t need the coach at all to explore the interior of the small town of Potenza, and at that time your driver will certainly profit to rest, as it is written by law. However, as we have already described, there are many of the attractions of this area which are some distance out of the city, as we have seen, and there it will be imprescindible to have a bus rented with a driver-guide. In addition, the mountain roads are more calmly crossed with a driver from the area, who knows them as the palm of his hand and in any season of the year knows how to drive along them.


Castelmezzano credit: Jon Shave CC BY 2.0
Castelmezzano in Potenza.

Tours in the city of Potenza

The city of Potenza rises impressive, with the dolomite mountains as a background. It is a small town, but that does not mean that it does not offer interesting tourist possibilities to visitors. Road transport has more difficulty than elsewhere precisely because the landscape characteristics of the region, i.e., you take more in going from one point to another than in less mountainous regions of Italy. You can rent a bus in Potenza for tours in the city or in Basilicata region.

What to see and what to do in Potenza

To visit the different churches that are worth the detour in Potenza, such as San Genaro or Santa Maria del Sepulcro, as well as to go to the magnificent archaeological park of the Serra del Baglio, it will be very useful to have a rental coach with driver. It is not possible that you leave this as Alpine city without going to the Dolomites, a mountain chain that all lovers of hiking in the world know.

What to see and what to do around Basilicata

Perhaps you will be surprised to know that the city of Matera is one of the oldest in the world, and its architectural and historical heritage is very extensive. If you are more brave and rather addicted to strong emotions you will be able to enjoy the experience known as the "flight of the angel"; for backpackers and mountain lovers, they only have to put on the trekking boots and begin to walk on the beautiful Dolomite mountains of Basilicata.

Matera: pure history

If you find yourself in the capital of the region, Potenza, your driver can carry you in the rental bus in little more than one hour to the beautiful Matera, at around 100 kilometres of distance. You must know that this little gem was declared world heritage by Unesco, as so many other places in the boot-shaped country.

The origins of Matera is back as far as the Palaeolithic, and of that last are vestiges known as them "stones of Matera", a visit that can to perform in the village of Sassi, to scarce 8 kilometres of Matera. As you are going with your private driver and rental bus problem will not have to carry out this visit. If you go in summer beware of the heat inside the caves, do not forget a range.

On the other hand, the presence of the cristinianismo on this site was also crucial in, and the cave Church of Santa Maria de Idris is a good testimony to this.                   

On the other hand, the historical centre of this beautiful city has both medieval and Renaissance palaces and churches, and some date back to the 13th century. You must not forget the gastronomic visit in the moments of rest on the promenade, because the cuisine of Basilicata is as tasty and rich as it is in the whole country.

Matera, Basilicata

Matera, Basilicata credit: Tango7174 CC BY-SA 4.0

For lovers of emotions: the flight of the angel

Travels are no doubt experiences, and if you want to liven up your visit to Basilicata with an unforgettable one, you will love the activity of the flight of the angel. What is that about? It is simply a zip-line in which one feels literally that one can fly. Obviously, this activity is not for people who suffer from a heart condition or who need to avoid strong emotions. Nor is it for those who are not addicted to adrenaline, no doubt. In addition, to reach the top from which the brave throw themselves out, you must do a good dose of hiking that requires some fit condition.

The activity is set in Castelmezzano, just 40 minutes by bus. Remember to go without eating a lot, lest the height will play a dirty trick.

Hiking in the Parco of the Vulture

Trekking and mountain lovers will find in Basilicata many possibilities of practising their favourite activity. An example of very interesting mountain ride is located in the Natural Park of the Vulture, some 50 kilometres away from Potenza, i.e., at an hour  approximately in the rental coach. There you will be able to complete the activity of hiking with the view of the beautiful waterfalls of San Fele, an ideal place to sit, take some rest and eat something.


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