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Passenger and tourist transport in Strasbourg

There are several tours offered throughout Alsace, where the three main cities in Alsace are included and can be combined. However these cities can also be visited separately. A must see whenever visiting Strasbourg for a long weekend are the Cathedral Notre-Dame, Grande lle, which part of UNESCO and a world heritage site. If the weather conditions are good, the city can either be discovered via a different way, by using a boat for instance. Interested in more composed tours, than you can always take a look at the website: Not to forget to mention,  Batorama also offers tours where different sites will be visited.

Cathedral of Notre Dame

Cathedral of Notre Dame credit: Nicholas Doumani CC BY-ND 2.0


Strasbourg is the capital of Alsace and the seventh city of France, but also a young city attractive for students and tourists. It is a city that offers the perfect balance between historical heritage and economic strength. Because this city has a lot to offer it is advisable to consider what you would want to visit beforehand. Are you a true lover of monuments, dining, museums, opera, concerts, festivals and culture, than there is a great chance that you will be overwhelmed by it in this city. 

Furthermore Strasbourg is divided into several districts., like many large cities have. Ever district in Strasbourg have their own characteristics, and are close related to their residents and history. In the 19th century only the old part of the city existed, whereof it is now a very picturesque part of the city. The old part of the city maintains very important monuments and places of which the city is familiar about. Like the Cathedral, Petite France and Maison Kammerzell. On the opposite side of the oldest part of the city centre is the German district where a lot of stately buildings and a boulevard can be found. The district Krutenau is also seen as the most vibrant of this city, because it is a public and a student area and for their shops and restaurants.

Strasbourg  France

Strasbourg  France credit: Giorgio Galeotti CC BY 2.0

Business tourism

Alsace has in his region three-business centres. These cities are Strasbourg, Mulhouse and Colar, which are connected with each other via a wine route. Alsace is an excellent place to organize events and seminars due to the good locations, size and amenities. In addition, the variation in tradition, culture, nature and gastronomy, makes the region very enjoyable. For business tourism has Alsace lots to offer, there is an excellent accessibility since the good road network, TGV station and airport. Not foget to mention that Strasbourg is one of the first congress destinations in France with a convention of more than 50,000 m2.

One rainy day in Petite-France,Alsace

One rainy day in Petite-France,Alsace credit: alex hanoko CC BY-ND 2.0

Museums and castle tours

Like all regions in France is Alsace having a rich history. In the region are 250 museums, which all show a heritage collection from the prehistory till the modern art. Next to that is the Alsace region known because of their numerous amounts of castles, which makes the region the largest concentration of whole Europe.  In addition the area is having the most visited monument “the castle Haut Koeningsbourg” of France. For the lovers is the region an ultimate destination due to arts, culture and traditions.  Even castle lovers are at the right place whenever on a group tour and making a trip with the minibus or coach through the region.


Haut-Koeningsbourg credit: Geert Orye CC BY 2.0


Are you with a group on a tour and do you want to engage yourself in some sport activities like hiking and mountain biking than you are on the right place in the Alsace. This region is known for two nature parks namely; Parc Naturel Régional des Ballons de Vosges en Parc Naturel Régional des Vosges de Nord. The landcape of the nature parcs exist of  wooded hills, windin rivers, waterfalls and mountains.

Have you already made gastronomic tours before? And do you want to train of all the food and drinks you consumed? Or just in for some action? Than there is in the Alsace lots of possibilities. For example fishing, cycling, mountain climbing, skiing and watersports.


L"Orangerie, le parc. credit: alain villa CC BY-ND 2.0

Culinary tourism

Next to all the art, culture, traditions, castles and nature in the Alsace regions is also very interesting for thos with a bourgondic lifestyle. Besides, Alsace is brewing more than the half of all the French beers, it is having vineyards and is known of its typical local products like liqueurs and brandy.  Other local products that can be joined with a glass of alcohol are Sauerkraut Bäckeoffe, fish dish from the Ried and Flammeküche. Are you getting interested? Wine tours, beer tour and combinations thereof are all possible. Without driving yourself but under the guidance of a non-alcoholism guide in a rental coach is it an ideal destination for culinary tours.

Strasbourg Flammeküche

StrasbourgFlammeküche credit: ClearFrost CC BY-SA 2.0


For those who wants to visit Alsace, this region is accessible by car, train and airplane. In the region are two airports, which are Srasbourg (SXB) and Basel/Mulhouse (BSL). On daily basis airplanes fly to-and from Amsterdam to the two airports in Alsace.  Strasbourg airport is with the minibus 15 minutes away from the city centre, whereof one hour and 40 minutes is needed to reach the city centre of Strasbourg, which is around a distance of 140 km. 

EuroAirport Basel, Mulhouse 

EuroAirport Basel, Mulhouse credit: Cornelius Kibelka CC BY-SA 2.0

Touristic cities in Alsace

The three main cities in the Alsace region are Strasbourg, Colmar and Mulhouse. In the department Haut-Rhin the cities Colmar and Strasbourg can be found, whereas Mulhouse is situated in Bas-Rhin.


Mulhouse is an old city and less attractive than the surrounded cities, however the city has a rich history and therefore very interesting to visit. When walking through the city and in particular the oldest part of it, different historical monuments will be discovered, which create a cosmopolitan atmosphere. Moreover in the new part of the city, square de la Bourse, de Roman baths and the Tour de l’Europe can be found.  And whenever you are on you way to the zoo and botanical garden in the leafy suburb Rebberg, don’t forget to look at the plenty homes with their magnificent architecture.


This city counts around 65.000 residents and is the capital of Haut-Rhin. Colmar has ideal situated in terms of climate and its location on the southern part of the Vogesen. De city Colmar is also known for its picturesque houses of the 16th and 17th century with and their famous artworks. These houses make the city one of the most attractive places of the Alsace region. What should not be missed when visiting is "little Venice" in the centre of Colmar. Are you in for more culture than are museums like Unterlinden and Bartholdi very interesting. Especially the Bartholdi can’t be missed in Colmar, because he is the designer of the Statue of Liberty in New York city.


Colmar credit: André P. Meyer-Vitali CC BY 2.0

If your group prefer to make a tour during their holiday in bus with driver hire through Strasbourg, the following sights will be recommended.

Voyages Mugler

Bus de luxe more leg room from Voyages Mugler in Strasbourg

Cathedral Notre-Dame 

  • This cathedral was built between the 11th and the 15th century and has been appointed to a world heritage side by UNESCO World Heritage. This immense cathedral is mostly visited for its Astronomical Clock. This clock was built between 1838 and 1842, makes every day at 12:30 a play, what is worth to experience. The tower can be climbed and displays when you reach the top at 66 meters, a breath-taking view of the city. This cathedral is located at Place de la Cathédrale "in the centre of the city.

The nave of the cathedral Notre Dame du Puy.

The nave of the cathedral Notre Dame du Puy. credit: Dennis Jarvis CC BY-SA 2.0

Musee de l"Oeuvre Notre-Dame

  • For art lovers and in particular art from the Middle Ages is this museum a paradise.  In the houses adjacent to the Cathedral are magnificent art collections from the 14th to the 17th century presented. Some of them are the original sculpture of the church’s exterior, the stained-glass windows and precious metals. Moreover, not everything in this museum can be visited from the Cathedral. Also Medieval and Renaissance art from the area is open to visitors. Just around the corner of the Cathedral Notre-Dame on the Place du Château is  "Musee de l"Oeuvre Notre Dame situated.

Au musée de l

Au musée de l"Oeuvre Notre-Dame ... credit: anne arnould CC BY-SA 2.0

 District "La Petite France" 

  • In the old part of the city, is both the Cathedral Notre Dame and Le Petite France situated, it is both in the old part on the other side of town but certainly the best preserved section and worth to visit. Whenever walking from the Cathedral to La Petite France, you will imagine yourself between half-timbered houses of more than 300 years old. Though most of these houses are not houses anymore but are transformed into restaurants and shops. The old part is additionally surrounded by rivers, which are navigable and were in the early years important for trading. 33 Rue du Bain aux Plantes is one of these streets where visitors are able to enjoy the old part of the city.

La Petite France, Strasbourg

La Petite France, Strasbourg credit: Robert Cutts CC BY 2.0

 Ponts Couverts - Covered Bridge

  • Let the driver park the minibus at the parking lot and take your group for a walk along the most beautiful places of this city. Although this bridge roofs lost in the 18th century has still retained its name. Unless the Covered bridge lost his rooftop in the 18th century it managed to retain its name. The bridge has 4 towers that are all descended from the 14th century. These towers are remnants of the former ramparts who guaranteed the independence of the republic Strasbourg in France before they were established. Do you want to walk over this bridge? That’s possible at the Ponts Couverts is this bridge situated.

Ponts Couverts à Strasbourg en décembre

Ponts Couverts à Strasbourg en décembre credit: Mathieu Nivelles  CC BY 2.0

Vauban dam

  • Vauban dam, is built around 1690 to prevent flooding of the city and therefore also called "Great Lock". Vauban dam is near the "covered bridge" located. This dam was built according to the plans of Vauban and does justice to this military engineer. The dam has an attractive terrace and panoramic restaurant on the top of the building. From the rooftop, the city and the entire channel network of the city can be admired. Just like the Covered bridge is the Vauban dam located at the Ponts Couverts.

By Passage Vauban

By Passage Vauban credit: Christina CC BY 2.0


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