Tips for Lincoln mini-bus and coach tourism

Useful tips for Lincoln bus groups with ‘what to see’ and ‘what to do’ items and  ‘bus- friendly’ or must see tourist sites in Lincoln. Check our list of attractions before planning your bus tour with a stop or departure in Lincoln. Let us know if your favourite attraction or ‘bus-stop’ is not there and you think we should add it to our list of Lincoln highlights.

What to see during your tour in Lincoln with a hired minibus

Are you planning to rent a bus for a tour with friends or family in Lincoln? Then the following places and buildings for an opportunity to visit:

Lincoln Cathedral

This beautiful and ancient cathedral is located in the middle of the center of the city of Lincoln. In 1072 the firs bishop, called Remigius de Fécamp, gave the contract to build the cathedral. Twenty years later the building was finished. The cathedral was the tallest building in the world at 160 meters from 1311 to 1548 but unfortunately collapsed in 1548 the spire of the tower during a storm. This cathedral was no longer the tallest structure in the world. This cathedral is definitely worth a visit.

The altar at Lincoln Cathedral UK

The altar at Lincoln Cathedral UK credit: Jack Torcello CC BY-SA 2.0

Lincoln Castle

For a bus with kids who love knights! In 1068, this wooden castle was built by William the Conqueror who are here, after the castle was built, went live. The castle is built on a mound. The office in this castle was used by Robert de la Haye. In 1136 the castle was rebuilt with stone. Nowadays nobody lives here anymore, but you can be in the castle to see how it used to be decorated.

Usher Gallery

On 25 May 1927 the gallery was officially opened by the Prince of Wales. After hard work a new building was opened in 2005. The Usher Gallery is the only art gallery in all of Lincolnshire and has a diverse collection of different artists. Include Benjamin West, Joshua Reynolds and Terry Frost have their work exhibited here. It is also art that is made with acrylic and oil from the sixteenth century exhibited until now. Workshops are also held and there is a shop. Great for when you go out one day with a group!


Farmers Market

In Lincoln you can find every month different markets. If tourists are especially fun to visit farmers markets. You can get acquainted with local farmers who produce and sell. So you get an idea of hat is eaten in the region and is grown. Every 1st Friday of the month, the Farmers Market is located at the City Square, every 2nd Wednesday of the month is the market located in High Street and every 3rd Saturday of the month, and the Farmers Market stands on Castle Hill. The opening hours are from 9 am to 4 pm.

Artists Market

This market is a fun market to take a look. On this market, various works exhibited and offered for sale. This market is every first and last Saturday of the month at Steep Hill in Lincoln from March to December.

Craft Market

This market is held every first and every last Saturday of the months March to December, just as the Artists Market. On this market you can find a wide range of handmade products such as ceramics, pots, toys, glassware, jewelry, metalwork, mosaic, soap, candles and so on. You will also find handmade clothing and wood.

Christmas Market

Are you planning to visit Lincoln during the Christmas period? Then this market is definitely worth a visit. The Christmas market is opened from 5 to 8 December. At this market you can find 250 stall where various Christmas items sold. There are also various cultural activities held for young and old.

Food & Drink Stall

Food & Drink Stall credit: Emma Tinson CC BY 2.0

Besides visiting markets and attractions, there is much more to do, like shopping and fine dining in the city of Lincoln.

Shopping in Lincoln

The city has great shopping areas where you can find many different shops, especially for women. This is a ‘must do’ when you visiting Lincoln. The street where the shops are located is called High Street and from the south to the north 2.4 kilometer long. The shopping street begins at St. Catherines and ends at The Strait.

In the shopping street are also a number of bars, restaurants, private homes, a school, a church and several monuments. The street itself is one of the busiest routes from the center of Lincoln.

New Boultham, Lincoln

New Boultham, Lincoln credit: Karen Roe CC BY 2.0

Places to eat

Are you planning for a nice evening to go out for a dinner? Then Lincoln has a number of restaurants where you can enjoy a nice dinner.

The Tower Restaurant

This restaurant has won an award for the menu offerings. The menus are adapted to the season. This means that all grown products processed from the environment in the food. The menus are created by very good cooks, so the quality is high. You need to book well in advance. It is also possible to dine in the restaurant with more than 10 people. You can already see the menus on the internet. The restaurant is located in the center of Lincoln. The address is: 38 Westgate, Lincoln, LN1 3BD.

Greta’s Gourmet

Do you feel like a good group to go gourmet? Then you have to come to the right place here. The couple that owns the restaurant and who built the restaurant have a great love for food themselves. The products they serve come from the region. The address is: SE corner of 48th Highway 2 5560 S.

The castle is home to the Lincoln Magna Carta

The castle is home to the Lincoln Magna Carta credit: Karen Roe CC BY 2.0

Texas Roadhouse

Do you want a cheap way for a nice dinner? Then you are good here. This is a great steak restaurant that serves hand-cut meat. There is much unwise choice. The atmosphere is cozy and there is plenty of room for groups. The decoration is very American, combined with the food. On Twitter and Facebook they post news and you can ask them questions or compliment. The address is: 6301 Apple’s Way Lincoln, NE 68516.

What to see and visit in Lincoln

You can rent a bus in Lincoln for tours in the city or in Lincolnshire County. When you want to make a tour in Lincoln and environment and when you want to see all the highlights of the city, then a good option is to make a tour with a guide. You get a perfect introduction of the city. When you make the tour, you can see the beautiful and popular monuments and squares

In the city of Lincoln drive busses with an open top called ‘Lincoln Open Top Bus Tour’. With this bus tour you will pass different highlights, like the cathedral, Northgate, Museum of Lincolnshire Life, The Lawn etcetera. De bus make 12 stops and the price of the tour is 10 dollar for one person. The busses are black and have drawing of the city’s highlights. 

East Gate, Lincoln Castle

East Gate, Lincoln Castle credit: Brian CC BY-SA 2.0

Walking tour in Lincoln’s city

In the center of Lincoln you can see beautiful 18th century buildings, definitely worth a visit. If you like walking then this is a good option. The city is not very big so everything is easy to walk. The town has several museums and art collection.


Lincoln credit: Martin Pettitt  CC BY 2.0

Rumway Executive Travel

Also the company Rumway Executive Travel has a taxi service. Also this company is located in Lincoln. This company is a little bit luxury than the first company. The cars of this company are from Ford Tourneo and there are 8 seats in this taxi. The cars are grey. When persons have a lot of baggage, the organisation can take a trailer. City tours in Lincoln

Bike tours

You can also rent a bike to discover the city and surroundings. The organisation Bike 4 Life offers bicycles for rent. They gave bikes for adults but also for children. Renting a bike for adults is about 8 pounds and a bicycle for a child is about 5 pounds. The company is located on Riseholme Road in Lincoln.

The company Visit Lincoln organizes hiking with a guide in the city. You will learn about the architecture, history and industry of the city. The guides know a lot about the famous monuments, buildings and squares. So when you want to know a lot about this city, this is a good option.

Lincoln Dance Day afternoon

Lincoln Dance Day afternoon credit: Donald Judge CC BY 2.0


When you suffer from culture, you can experience the nightlife of Lincoln. There is a lot to do in the city. You can go to Theatre Royal that has every day a new program. There are performances by famous artists but you can also see musicals and movies. Very nice for a night out!

After the theatre or after the movie, you can have a drink in one of the many bars in the center of Lincoln. Any various bars are: Bar ’67, Dogma and Apple Tree. There are also several pubs where live music is played every day. Some pubs are: The Horse & Groom, Royal William IV and The Magna Carta.  These pubs are located on the edge of the town.

Inside Widow Cullen

Inside Widow Cullen"s Well credit: Matt Brown CC BY 2.0

There is also a large nightclub in Lincoln, which is very nice for young people. The name is Lincoln Tokyo and is located on Silver Street in the center. Especially on Thursday, Friday and Saturday there are many young people who are here to party.

Travel by plane to Lincolnshire

In Lincolnshire there is one airport, called Humberside Airport (HUY). The airport is located in the north of Lincolnshire in the town Kirmington. The airport has two runways. There are several airlines flying to and from Humberside Airport, namely KLM, Airways Holidays, Balkan Holidays, Eastern Airways and In the county itself are no other airports. Well there are two airports where Humberside Airport has competition from, namely Sheffield Doncaster Robin Hood Airport (DSA) and East Midlands Airport (EMA). This is because of the thing these airports have more scheduled flights.

Approximately 47 minutes’ drive from the airport lays the capital of Lincoln. Here you can easily hire a bus, taxi and minibus. Of course these transport options are also to hire to other places that are located in the county of Lincolnshire.

At Humberside Airport is also a train station where trains stop several times full of tourists. The station named Barnetby Station and is about 3 miles from the airport. There are taxis available that can bring you to the airport. Also the taxis can pick you up for a drive to the station.

Travel by road to Lincolnshire

If you want to see more of the country during your holiday, you can use a car, limousine, minibus or coach with driver. Lincolnshire has an excellent road network where every day thousands of drivers come over.

Lincolnshire had several major highways that connect many places together. These include: A18 a connection between Doncaster and Ludborough and A16 from Peterborough to Grimbsy and A46 that connects between Lincoln and Grimsby. So if you are planning to travel by car, then do so.

Belton House and Gardens

Belton House and Gardens credit: Martin Pettitt CC BY 2.0
Grantham, Lincolnshire , UK

Business Travel and Tourism

When you are looking for a meeting room or a place to hold a conference in this county, you are at the right place. The council of Lincolnshire is working together with the organisation Balfour Beatty Workplace to offer meeting rooms and conference facilities. Mostly that are hotels that have special rooms for these occasions. They are located at the capital Lincoln in Lincolnshire.

The names of the hotels are: Ibis Hotel Lincoln, Hilton Dallas Lincoln Center and Le Meridien Galleria. These three locations are equipped with free parking for business people, free Wi-Fi and modern waiting areas. You can also book catering and there are LCD screens and a projector is available. And if it is necessary, you can also spend a night in the hotel for a special price.

Golf Travel and Tourism

Lincolnshire has 10 golf clubs in total. They are extensively used by business tourism. The two largest and most popular golf clubs are Twin Lakes Horncastle Golf Club, located in the town of Horncastle and Lincolnshire Golf Club, situated in the place Scunthorpe.

The facilities at Twin Lakes Horncastle are showers, bars, locker rooms, a training area and a rental location. The facilities of Lincolnshire Golf Club are the same, but a plus is that this golf club can be rented for special occasions. It is very nice to play golf with your colleagues or business partners.

Thorpe Park Outdoor Fun Zone

Thorpe Park Outdoor Fun Zone credit: havenholidays CC BY-ND 2.0
Thorpe Park Golf, Holidays, Lincolnshire

Tours in Lincolnshire

Every year there are many people on vacation in England and especially Lincolnshire. This is because Lincolnshire is the second largest county of England. So there is a lot of tourism. Because Lincolnshire is on the coast, the county also has several beach resorts where many tourists celebrate their holiday. Your tour with private transport in a rented vehicle with driver around Lincolnshire can start at one of the several boulevards along the beaches of the county where you can find shops and cafés.

The Five Bells, Bassingham, Lincolnshire

The Five Bells, Bassingham, Lincolnshire credit: Brian CC BY-SA 2.0


This is the capital of the county of Lincolnshire. Lincolnshire has 93.000 inhabitants. In Lincoln city is a lot to see and to do for tourists. First the Lincoln Cathedral of St. Mary’s is a worth to visit. The cathedral is century’s old and very nice inside. When you are in Lincoln, you should also take a look at the hiking Steep Hill. During the walk you will discover the nature and culture of the city.

Lincoln Cathedral, The Nave

Lincoln Cathedral, The Nave credit: Martin Pettitt CC BY 2.0


This is a beautiful village that is very popular by tourists. There is plenty of choice of accommodation types to stay. Also there is a campsite in the seaside village. There is an amusement park for young and old. Also there is every September a festival, called World Famous Beauties Festival. The whole year you can take a visit to Hardy’s Animal Farm. 

Mablethorpe, Lincolnshire

Mablethorpe, Lincolnshire credit: Dave Catchpole CC BY 2.0
Gardens on Promenade

More about Lincoln

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