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Useful tips for Leicester bus groups with ‘what to see’ and ‘what to do’ items and  ‘bus- friendly’ or must see tourist sites in Leicester . Check our list of attractions before planning your bus tour with a stop or departure in Leicester . Let us know if your favourite attraction or ‘bus-stop’ is not there and you think we should add it to our list of Leicester highlights.

Tours in Leicestershire

Leicestershire is divided into seven districts. Each district has its own characteristic features and has a diverse tourist offer. For example, each district has its own local food specialties. It is certain that Leicestershire has many offers for everyone. There are several museums and theaters to visit, or do you feel like visiting a real English championship in the stadium of Leicester city. Apart from these activities, for your tour with private transport in a rented vehicle with driver around Leicestershire there are many other ways to make Leicestershire a memorable visit for you.

Leicester at Night

Leicester at Night credit: Holly Victoria Norval CC BY 2.0

Travel by plane to Leicestershire

Leicestershire is very well to reach, by plane, car or train. The airports which you can found near Leicestershire are: East Midlands Airport (EMA) and Birmingham International Airport (BHX). With an approximately 35 mile drive is East Midlands airport the nearest airport. Birmingham International Airport is 55 kilometers from the city center of Leicester. There are several airlines that are flying to both airports, like the famous and well known line services such as Air France and Lufthansa charter and low cost airlines such as Ryanair. You can get a bus, coach or minibus hire directly from the airport and bring you directly and carefree to your accommodation.

Travel by road to Leicestershire

If you prefer to travel by car, coach or minibus that is also possible. The motorway network in Britain is extensive and they have a high quality. The roads are classified using letters and a private number. Highways are marked with a letter M and main connecting the letter A. You can reach England in two ways with the car. You can travel through the Channel Tunnel. The tunnel starts in Calais in northern of France and ends 50 kilometers in Folkestone in Kent, and then it is still a 112 mile drive to Leicester. The second possibility is by ferry. You can take the ferry in Rotterdam (the Netherlands) and you will sail to Hull, from Hull it is still a 73 mile drive to Leicester.

City tours in Leicester

You can rent a bus in Leicester for tours in the city or in Leicestershire County. There are several ways to participate in this tour, because you have all kinds of walking tours, bike tours, horseback riding tours and a parish walk. One of the most famous tours is the Thomas Cook trail. Thomas Cook was born in Leicester and he introduced tourism in the world. This organized tour takes you to the birthplace and the house where Thomas Cook lived and where he is buried. Another well-known figure in English history that has lived in Leicester is King Richard III. He died because he was defeated at the Battle of Bosworth in 1485. During this tour you will enter the battlefield where King Richard III was killed.

The nave of Leicester Cathedral looking west, in Leicestershire, England

The nave of Leicester Cathedral looking west, in Leicestershire, England credit: Diliff CC BY-SA 3.0

Transportation to and from the airport

If you took the plane to East Midlands airport (EMA) and you want a hassle-free and efficient ride to your destination, you can contact the above transport. You may possibly even choose to get a taxi. The taxi ranks are located at the front entrance of the airport. Also the taxi ride back and forth so there is always a taxi available to you. From East Midlands Airport it is 35 kilometers to the city center of Leicester and this ride costs about 88 euros. You can reserve or request transportation in the city of Leicester, where you can choose from multiple specialized companies, and you can request a size or specific type of vehicles. 

When you do not want private transport or a taxi, there is another possibility. You can also easily and quickly travel on public transport in England. The regional bus traffic is properly regulated for long-distance travel and is compared with the taxi much cheaper. Skylink is a frequent shuttle bus. Leicester Shuttle runs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. When you are at the airport it takes about 53 minutes to drive to Leicester and the ticket costs 6.80 pounds.

Walking tours through the city 

Leicester has a colourful history because it is over 2000 years old and was formerly an important Roman settlement. From the Roman period there have been many remains of preserved. The Saxon St. Nicolas Church still contains Roman building materials. When you are walking to the center of the river, you can still make a tour through the medieval part of the city. In the medieval tour you will find the Castle gardens, where since the 17th century a museum of social history is located: Newarke House Museum.

Leicester - Roman Bath

Leicester - Roman Bath credit: Roger W CC BY-SA 2.0

What to see and visit in Leicester


When the sun goes down Leicester will change into a bustling scene step, especially on Friday and Saturday. Well known streets are the Silver Street and High Street. There are lots of options, because they have different styles of music. If you like R & B then you can go to the Club Creation. At Lamplighters and Oxygene they mainly run Rock, and at the Fanclub it is mainly music of the 80"s. Besides all these different clubs, you can also make a pleasant evening in one of the many comedy clubs.

Redeemer, Leicester

Redeemer, Leicester credit: adam w CC BY 2.0

Business Travel and Tourism 

The region of Leicestershire’s is ideal for conferences and holding meeting or keeping a scholarship. Everything can be arranged in one of the many conference centers of Leicestershire, to keep the large range a clear business they have a website. Through this site (go Leicestershire) you can clearly see their possibilities. On this site you can easily and quickly determine where you want to meet, for how many people and which room you prefer. The largest room in this area can be found in the Leicester conference hub with more than 1,150 locations. It also has other luxury city conference rooms to offer like the 4-star Mercure Hotel where you can arrange overnight. Or maybe the Phoenix is just for you. This building is known for its high tech media facilities and representative halls.

Golf Travel and Tourism

Golfing in Leicestershire is deservedly popular; this is partly because of the beautiful English hilly landscape. Therefore here are also many (7) great golf courses namely: Stapleford Park Country House, Beedles Lake Golf Club, The Leicestershire Golf Club, Kirby Muxloe Golf Club, Birstall Golf Club, Scraptoft Golf Club and Glen Gorse Golf Club. Each golf course has 18 holes and each course is unique.

The Leicestershire Golf Club, Evington, Leicester

The Leicestershire Golf Club, Evington, Leicester credit: Mat Fascione CC BY-SA 2.0

Charnwood Borough

Charnwood is located in the north of Leicestershire and this is the largest city in the district of Loughborough. The district is named after the Charnwood forst and forms a triangle between Leicester, Derby and Nottingham. Loughborough is known for its famous universities and colleges. In the north of Loughborough flows the River Soar to Trent. This river is striking to divide the landscape into two. In the West there are many older landscapes that you will find in the Charnwood Forest, which can also be seen in the oldest rock formations in all of Great Britain. While in the east of the Soar, you will find the most pristine and characteristic villages. Charnwood Borough is rich in history and his heritage, and therefore there are many interesting places to visit. Like the world"s largest bell foundry and museum.

Charnwood Forest with The Bomb Rocks

An interesting outcrop of Precambrian volcanic rock at the Charnwood credit: Daveleicuk CC BY 3.0

Market Harborough

Market Harborough is in the south of Leicestershire and is surrounded by rolling countryside and charming towns, such as the market town of Lutterworth. This is the ideal place for stylish shops or to experience the winding waterways. In the busy streets of Lutterworth you can walk along the many shops and boutiques. In the boutiques they sell handmade jewellery and designer clothes and antiques. After all that shopping, you can come to rest in one of the many restaurants or pubs. Also in this city is the jet developed by Frank Whittle, if you want to know more you have to visit the aviation museum in Lutterworth.

The square. Market Harborough at night

The square. Market Harborough at night credit: Holly Victoria Norval CC BY 2.0

Hinckley & Bosworth Borough

Hinckley and Bosworth Borough is located in the west of Leicestershire and is the largest city is Hinckley. If you like extreme sports then this is the area were you should be. There are many opportunities for extreme sports, practicing water sports and motor sports. If you want to take it a bit easier, you can still do everything here. The Twycross Zoo is a zoo that you should not miss. This zoo is one of the tones indicating of Great Britain and is known for its wildlife attractions and it is a home to more than 1000 different species.

Ashby de la Zouch

Ashby de la Zouch is located in the north west of Leicestershire. The biggest tourist attraction is the National forest. Here you can enjoy the rural tranquillity and natural beauty. You can rent bikes and follow a set route that passes the lovely and quiet parts of the countryside. These routes are also suitable for walking. For music lovers there are special events organized during the whole year. Like rock, folk, jazz evenings or flower festivals, but also a various theater and art performances

The Great Hall - Ashby de la Zouch Castle

The Great Hall - Ashby de la Zouch Castle credit: bvi4092 CC BY 2.0

What to see during your tour in Leicester with a hired minibus

The National Space Centre

This is the biggest attraction in the UK dedicated to the space. This award-winning National Space Centre allows you as a visitor to take a journey through the universe with breathtaking discoveries and many interactive funs. With the latest multimedia technology you will see a 3D movie, where you are an astronaut and you will make a simulated trip to the Moon. The National Space Centre organizes events throughout the year with various exciting activities. The address of The National Space Centre is: Exploration Drive in Leicester.

National Space Centre, Leicester

National Space Centre, Leicester. credit: Danny Nicholson CC BY-SA 2.0

Curve Theatre

This impressive theatre building was recently opened by the Queen of England and is located in the city center in Leicester on Rutland’s Street 60. This theater is already described as "most inspiring cultural project" of England. Throughout the year they produce new productions. The theater is divided into two rooms. The main hall has 750 seats and the smaller hall has 350 seats. The theater offers various performances, from comedy to drama. But it is also well-known for pieces, such as ´Peter Pan´ and ´Chicago´ to lesser known productions such as ´the wedding singer´. There is always a show that suits you.

New Walk Museum and Art Gallery

The museum is located in New Walk Street 53 near the center, and was created in 1849 by the literary philosophy and sociality. In 160 years, this museum has become one of the most important and comprehensive museums in the area of Leicester. The various corridors of the museum take you to the different great art pick. The collection consist art forms of the natural world, geology and there is even a real exhibition of skeletons of all types of dinosaurs.

The highlight of the collection is the museums extensive collection of ancient Egyptian artefacts. This collection consist works of art of the ancient Egyptians, mummies and a tablet with hieroglyphics on it. The Egyptian collection is hugely popular with visitors. Since 1880 the museum has a nice collection of paintings, although these are substituted by other paintings regularly. Among these paintings there are many works by British artists. Like the wonderful collection of German Expressionist art.

King Power Stadium

A football match in England will never be a disappointment. The atmosphere and experience in the English stadiums is unprecedented. The enthusiasm of the fans before, during and after a match will not soon forget. Every match is full of excitement, despite the busy schedule in the English league. A home game attendance of Leicester city is therefore highly recommended. Do you enjoy fast attacking football and visit the beautiful King Power Stadium? This stadium is the home of Leicester city and it is possible to walk from the centre of Leicester. A nice fact: Leicester city currently plays in the second division of the English league.

King Power Stadium

King Power Stadium credit: Ungry Young Man CC BY 2.0

Twycross Zoo

This zoo is located next to the National Forest in Leicestershire. Twycross Zoo is open 364 days a year and attracts half a million visitors. Therefore it is one of Midlands’s popular family attraction parks. The zoo was founded in 1963 and it has become, in 1972, a charity organization. For their 50th anniversary the zoo has gain a respected status. The zoo won several awards such as the BIAZA award. The collection of animals is a modest collection which has grown into one of the most comprehensive collections of animals in the world. The zoo is a home to more than 1000 animals with over 200 different species. This collection has many endangered animals and native species. For this endangered species, Twycross Zoo has a special breeding program designed to extinction of these animals counter. The zoo is known for its large collection of primates, and is the only zoo in England which is well known for their group of bonobos.

Because there is so much to discover you can learn even more with a tour guide that they offer.  He will take you to the Himalayan theme, where you can see where and how the snow leopard lives. The tour guide will also take you to the seal show. The seals will be led by their coach and will show you the most spectacular tricks including making bombs in the water. If you want to take a look at the zoo already, this is possible. Through various webcams drawn at the zoo you can see the monkey business of the gorillas or other animals in their environment.

Twycross Zoo, UK

Twycross Zoo, UK credit:  Brian Fagan CC BY 2.0

More about Leicester

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