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Useful tips for Toledo bus groups with ‘what to see’ and ‘what to do’ items and  ‘bus- friendly’ or must see tourist sites in Toledo. Check our list of attractions before planning your bus tour with a stop or departure in Toledo. Let us know if your favourite attraction or ‘bus-stop’ is not there and you think we should add it to our list of Toledo highlights.

Tourism with group the province of Toledo with coach rental

We suggest to organize a trip with bus rental with driver around Toledo that begins in Oropesa a beautiful medieval town with historic charm; Lagertera a town only 3 miles (2km) from Oropesa  that is famous for its embroidery. Then there is Talavera de la Reina that is 50 miles (76 km) from Toledo and is famous for its ceramics and tiles. It also has monuments and churches. After that you should go to Puente de Santa Catalin that is from the fifteenth century and has 35 arches. Do not forget Tembleque which is 36 miles (55km) from the city of Toledo and has 2 spectacular squares, Plaza Mayor and Plaza de la Orden which are united by an arch and balconies.


Oropesa credit: Manuel CC BY 2.0

Continuing on your travel, you will come to Los Yébenes 38 miles from Toledo (42km) in la Sierra de Los Yébenes with its Castillo de Guadalerza from the twelfth century. In Sierra de los Yébenes is Parque Nacional de Cabañeros with unique flora and fauna and ideal for walks, hiking and picnics under the trees.


Chorro credit: Virginia Torralba CC BY-SA 4.0

Golf Travel and Tourism in Toledo

Because it is so beautiful, this province has been chosen many times by lovers of golf. Here there are many golf clubs for you to practice this sport. Some of them are Campo de Golf Pablo Hernández in Novés, a 18 miles (28 km)  from the city of Toledo with an 18 hole course; Golf Campo de Layos in Layos with an 18 hole course as well and club house or Las Erillas Golf in Nuño Gomez on A-5 from the city of Toledo with a club house and a 18 hole course.

Campo 3 de golf

Campo 3 de golf  credit: Carlossuarezgonzalez CC BY-SA 3.0

Wine Tours in Toledo

This is one of the best areas for the production of wine and we suggest to plan a bus trip to some of the wineries to taste wine and walk in the vineyards. You should visit Bodegas Capilla Del Fraile in San Bartolomé de las Abiertas with their wines Capilla del Fraile and where you can also explor an olive grove; Finca Loranque in Bargas where the wines La Cruz are produced or Bodegas y Viñedos Casa del Valle in Yepes only 16 miles (25km) from the city of Toledo and the producers of the wines Hacienda Casa del Valle.

Travel and business tourism in minibus rented with driver

Tour operators or organizers of seminars that select this province for their trade show, congress or event should contact Palacio de Congresos which is located in the center of the city of Toledo a few feet from  Plaza de Zocodover or Oficina de Congresos de Toledo (Toledo Convention Bureau on Dinamarca in the city of Toledo.


Before you leave the region, you should travel to visit these restaurants: Adolfo Restaurant in Toledo which is one of the most prestigious ones in the region and which offers Castellan cuisine as well as barbeques and brasseries;  Restaurant Casa Bermeja in Valdeverdeja located in an old house with Castellan cuisine or Restaurant El Monasterio de Talavera in Talavera de la Reina which offers Mediterranean cuisine.

Toledo highlighted tourism with rented coach

One trip you’ll love

Tthe city offers many unique tourist attractions, but you definitely should not miss The Temple Order (La Orden del Temple), a trip that includes The Castle (El Alcázar), The Temple House (la Casa del Temple), and Saint Michael’s Grottos (Cuevas de San Miguel). You can also admire the ornate palaces and forgotten streets of the city.

St. Michael

St. Michael"s Cave credit: Greenshed dominio público

Don Quijote, the gentleman of Toledo

On this tourist trip you will be introduced to the time of Cervantes’ famous figure through a theatrical reenactment which includes spectator participation and emotion-filled quixotic journey. You will pass by The Sevillano Inn (el Mesón del Sevillano), The Holy Brotherhood (la Santa Hermandad), The Dyers’ Guild District (el Barrio Gremial de los Tintes), where you can get to know some illustrious Toledans, and the marketplace, also known as The Jewish Market (el Mercado Judío). Zocodover Plaza (La Plaza de Zocodover) is yet another stop on this journey through time.

Plaza de Zocodover durante la celebración del Corpus

Plaza de Zocodover durante la celebración del Corpus credit: MartinPutz CC BY-SA 3.0

Take a walk through the city"s historic district, which can be fun for folks of all ages if you visit the famous monuments, such as the Cathedral, San Juan de los Reyes, or The City Walls (Las Murallas), which is always impressive to children. The hike up to places such as The Towers of San Ildefonso (las Torres de San Ildefonso) or The Routes of Unknown Origin (las Rutas Patrimonio Desconocido) are more recommended for adolescents. You can also take the Zocotren Train, which is highly recommended for families traveling with small children.

Puerta del Cambron

Puerta del Cambron credit: Jl FilpoC CC BY 3.0

The best views of the city of Toledo are from the Cathedral, The (Converted) Mosque of Christ of Light (la Mezquita Cristo de la Luz), and Saint Mary the White (Converted) Synagogue (la Sinagoga Santa María La Blanca). You can explore the insides of these buildings or walk around the streets outside.

You can take a microbus hire with driver downtown to El Greco House Museum (la Casa Museo El Greco) and continue on to the surrounding area to visit Santo Tomé Parish Church (la Parroquia Santo Tomé) as you explore the streets that go through the district.

Toledo Bicycle Tours and Rentals

For those who want to take a bike ride around the city, there are a number of bicycle rental companies, such as Bike Center, Aventura Bike CB, Toim SL, or Lucía Díaz Muñoz, all of which are geared towards tourism and also offer guided tours. So that your legs don’t get too tired pedaling up the hills, you can go to Toletum, which has a system of electric bicycle rentals at the Toledo Tourist Reception Center.

What to see during your tour in Toledo with a rented minibus with driver

Recommended stops for those traveling to or from Toledo:

Parque de la Vega (Meadow Park)

This park is a historic leisure area for the locals. As far back as the middle ages, this place was being used for all kinds of social events. It’s an ideal place for relaxing and sunbathing, and you can take advantage of the escalator at the entrance to the park to go up to the upper level of the city. This park is located on Cardenal Tavera Street.

El Foro de Toledo (Toledo Forum)

This is a café-bar and at the same time one of the best shops to buy the famous Toledo marzipan (almond-based sweets). Besides picking from a wide variety of marzipans, you can enjoy some delicious paella in the open air. Located in Plaza de Zocodove, where you can have a drink and admire the magic of the city’s nightlife.

Al Kasaba

A very interesting Moroccan craft store with great prices. This is a chaotic, bustling, fascinating, place where you can find anything and everything. You can find pillows, marvelous rugs, or some camel skin lamps. There aren’t very many shops like this in Spain. This incredible shop is located on Alfonso XI Street.

Restaurant Alfileritos 24

Located on Alfileritos Street in the city’s historic district. It features a cave with short tables and stools downstairs, in the part above the main hall. They offer an a la carte menu that varies weekly. You should definitely stop by here at least once during your stay in Toledo.

Mama Paca Bar de Copas

On Cristo de la Luz Street, this bar is considered to be the best in the city. It’s a bit on the small side and features an inviting atmosphere with the best music and excellent drinks.


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