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Useful tips for Córdoba bus groups with ‘what to see’ and ‘what to do’ items and  ‘bus- friendly’ or must see tourist sites in Córdoba. Check our list of attractions before planning your bus tour with a stop or departure in Córdoba. Let us know if your favourite attraction or ‘bus-stop’ is not there and you think we should add it to our list of Córdoba highlights.

Travel and Tourism in Cordoba for groups in rented bus with driver

In order to get to know this province, we suggest that your tour with bus or minibus for hire with driver around Cordoba starts at the Mezquita Catedral in Aljama which is considered a great monument, and then to go to Cisternas Romanas or visit  Villa Romana del Ruedo,  which has been declared a cultural landmark.

If you are planning a bus tour, you should go to Antiguo Castillo Arabe y Recinto de Almedina in Baena and watch the horse shows that are put on by Caballerizas Reales. Don’t forget to travel to Antiguo Balneario de Fuenteagria in Villaharta or admire the beauty of  Antigua Basílica Paleocristiana in Dos Torres. The bus rental company or tour guides will give you more information about tours.

Vista Caballerizas Reales

Vista Caballerizas Reales credit: MG Spain Export Consultin CC BY-SA 2.0

Wine Tours in Córdoba

While you are in Córdoba we suggest to go on one of the nearby wine tours such as Ruta del Vino Montilla-Moriles where you can visit different wineries tour the vineyards and taste wine.

Group trip by bus rented to Natural Parks in Cordoba

Córdoba has wonderful nature parks and  you should take a bus trip to some of the open spaces such as  Parque Natural de Sierras Subbéticas, Parque Natural de Careña-Montoro and Parque Natural de la Sierra de Hornachuelos, all are considered important tourist attractions.

Huerta de La Fuente

Huerta de La Fuente credit: Javier Lastras CC BY 2.0

Business Travel and Tourism in minibus hire

For those who organize events, congresses or professional meetings in this province, we suggest consulting Secretaría de Congresos y Convenciones in Córdoba.


To enjoy the cuisine of Córdoba, we suggest Restaurante Taberna El Varal in Priego de Córdoba with its star dishes el salmorejo and  la carrillada; Restaurante Casa Pedro-Caminos de Pasión in Puente Genil with its warm atmosphere and the best cheeses, ham and sausage or Restaurante Mesón Los Arcos located in Baena-adalid with its family style food and atmosphere.

City Tourims in group with coach rented by Córdoba 

You can rent a bus with driver in Córdoba for tourism in the province or in city Córdoba. The tour options in Córdoba can be overwhelming, so we’ve listed a few of the best, such as The Rich History of Córdoba; The Three Cultures of Córdoba, which uncovers the secrets of a city wherein people of diverse races and religions live in peace; or Córdoba Monumental Relax Tour, which goes through the Jewish Quarter, visiting the synagogue and the Mezquita Cathedral.

Mezquita-catedral de Córdoba

Mezquita-catedral de Córdoba credit: Instant2010 CC BY 2.0

If you"re planning a walk through the city"s historic district, don"t miss El Alcázar de los Reyes Cristianos (Castle of the Christian Kings), where the Catholic Kings lived for a time and received visits from Christopher Columbus; the castle also features spectacular gardens, the caliph"s baths, and mosaics.

Alcázar de los Reyes Cristianos

Alcázar de los Reyes Cristianos credit: Richard Gray CC BY 2.0

The patios have some of the best views of the city; the numerous flowerpots in these patios contain extremely colorful, fragrant flowers that create a sweet atmosphere. These patios open to the public in May during the Festival of Cordovan Patios.

You can take a bus or minibus with chauffer to downtown Córdoba to admire the plazas and alleyways that define the city. See La Corredera de Ladrillo Rojizo (Red Brick Street), where the running of the bulls takes place. Take in the beauty of Plaza de los Capuchinos, which contains El Cristo de los Faroles, then pass through Plaza del Potro (Colt Square), which has a fountain, interesting buildings, and some museums, such as The Museum of Fine Arts (el Museo de Bellas Artes) and The Julio Romero de Torres Museum.

What to see during your tour in Córdoba with a rented minibus with driver

If you want to rent a bus with driver for an excursion or trip that originates or terminates in Córdoba, we suggest including these stops in your itinerary:

The Roman Bridge of Córdoba

The most beautiful vista in Córdoba is from the Roman Bridge that crosses the Guadalquivir River and has connected both banks to the city for two thousand years. You take a very pleasant walk here, though there’s also a bike lane on the north bank and a walkway that goes under the bridge on the south bank. Admiring the statue of Archangel Raphael in the middle of the bridge is an experience in and of itself.

Medina Azahara

A must-see for everyone who visits Córdoba. This was a sumptuous palace city that the first Caliph of Córdoba, Abderramán III, ordered to be built at the feet of the Sierra Morena Mountain with the intention of projecting an image of power for the recently created independent caliphate of Córdoba. It took more than 10,000 men to build it using the best materials, precious metals, marble, and multi-colored stones. The museum of the city of Medina Azahara has won the most prestigious architecture award in the Arab world, the Aga Kan.

Castle of the Christian Kings (Alcázar de los Reyes Cristianos)

This is one of the most beautiful monuments in the city, located on Caballerizas Reales Street; it was built in 1328 by Alfonso XI. You can admire the beautiful medieval Romanesque mosaics that decorate the building and take a walk through the gardens, ponds, and Mudejar fountains. These gardens are illuminated at night, and in the summer time various concerts are held here.

 Restaurant Taberna Sociedad Plateros María Auxiliadora

This tavern is located on María Auxiliadora Street in downtown Córdoba. This is a very special tavern, with an interior patio designed around an inner courtyard. It has a very pleasant atmosphere and delicious tapas (Spanish appetizers/snacks). It has a storied past and is famous for its cod dishes; for this reason it has been nicknamed “The Cod House.”

Orange Tree Patio (Patio de los Naranjos)

To enter this patio is to go back in time. Admire its fountains, irrigation canals, and cobblestones that seem to be drawn on the ground. This is an ideal place for relaxing and enjoying a peaceful, tranquil atmosphere under the shade of the orange trees.


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