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Useful tips for Almería bus groups with ‘what to see’ and ‘what to do’ items and  ‘bus- friendly’ or must see tourist sites in Almería. Check our list of attractions before planning your bus tour with a stop or departure in Almería. Let us know if your favourite attraction or ‘bus-stop’ is not there and you think we should add it to our list of Almería highlights.

Almería, what to do with coach or minibus hire with driver

Beaches in Almería Province

If you are not interested in visiting the city of Almería, you should organize your trip with a rental bus with driver around Almería to Parque Nacional de Cabo de Gata, so that you can enjoy the views at San José, a peacefull place with a great beach called Playa de los Genoveses. If your trip is during August, it will probably be very hot and you might want to also go to quiet and low keyed beaches such as Playa La Almadrava and Playa Las Salinas where in older times salt was produced.

Mojacar is a site that no beach lover should miss. As well, visitors that are interested in history and the Moorish connection will like it as well. 70% of the tourists who visit this site are from the United Kingdom. Remember to go to the Fortaleza, a site that looks over the sea and is truly worth the visit.

Playa de Los Genoveses

Playa de Los Genoveses  credit: horrapicsCC BY 2.0

Continuing on your bus trip, we suggest a visit to Roquetas de Mar with its great beaches, historic examples of defense systems and the protected costal area Espacio Natural Punta Entinas-Sabinar where bird lovers will delight.

Golf in Almería

If you would like to play golf, you will find the opportunity at the Golf Club Almerimar, with its 27 hole course and surrounded by palm trees, lakes and Almería’s hot climate.

Golf Almería

Golf Almería  credit: TM Grupo InmobiliarioCC BY 2.0

An ideal group bus tour is to the Reserva Natural  del Karst in Yesos de Sorbas, a true underground paradise with more than 600 caves.

Winetours in Almería

Is ideal to plan a guided bus or coach tour in which you can go to different wineries, taste their wines and walk through their vineyards. Some wineries that you can visit are Bodegas Perfer in Uleila de Campo, where you can enjoy two types of wine and find a souvenir. Bodegas Viñalmazora located in Serón with its wine Dídacus Tempranillo Barrica 2007 that won the Premio Mezquita de Plata in the XV Concurso Nacional de Vino 2010 in Córdoba and Viñedos y Bodegas Bolabana in Adra where the wine Rincón de la Cautva is produced.


We advised you not to finish your trip without going to restaurants and enjoying their cuisine. Our suggests are Restaurante Las Eras in Tabernas, with its large servings and a family atmosphere; Restaurante Quesería Galatea in Almería that has its own bodega and serves high cuisine, and Restaurante Taberna Cordobesa in Mojácar with its exclusive andalusian cuisine.

Rabo de Toro Guisado

Rabo de Toro Guisado  credit: Javier LastrasCC BY 2.0

Things to See in Almería with coach rented for group

Don’t miss this

On the coast of the Mediterranean, in the historic district, on narrow streets you can travel to the Alcazaba and the fifteenth-century Castle (Castillo), which Catholic kings ordered to be built. Another point of interest is the Almería Cathedral erected in the very middle of the ancient city. You can rent a bus for group in the city or in Almería Province.

Límites de la ciudad

Límites de la ciudad credit: ItanCC BY 2.0

Saint Peter’s Church (Iglesia de San Pedro)

Was completed in the nineteenth century on the former site of an ancient Arab mosque; it was built in the neoclassical style, and Saint Peter’s Church incorporates the ruins of the ancient mosque into its design.

Nicolás Salmerón Park (Parque de Nicolás Salmerón)

This park runs parallel to the Mediterranean and features palm trees and vistas of the commercial port and the yachting port; it is ideal for a walk in the open air.

Bicycle tours and rentals in Almería

Like many other cities, Almería has joined the green movement in the past few years and has added mountain bike paths, creating routes and possibilities for residents to rent bicycles. Currently there are various bicycle rental companies, such as Hertz, Almería Bike Tours, or Coordenada Sur, which are geared towards tourism and not only rent bikes but also offer a guide for tourism around the city.

Beaches in Almería

You don"t have to go very far from downtown to get to the beaches, such as Cabo de Gata Beach (Playa de Cabo de Gata), which is the city"s most famous beach, San Miguel de Levante Beach, located in Saint Michael"s Cave (la Cueva de San Miguel), where you can go diving and sailing. Visit Cabo de Gata-Níjar Nature Park (Parque Natural), which is the first maritime/terrestrial park in Andalusia; you can also go scuba diving here.

faro de cabo de gata

faro de cabo de gata  credit: Emilio del PradoCC BY 2.0

Take a walk through the city, enjoying the fresh air; visit the Ancient History Museum (la Sala de Historia Antigua), which features information about the era of Roman colonization of Almería. Or visit The Museum of Prehistory (la Sala de Prehistoria).

You can take a minibus rental with chauffeur on a tourist route or trip through the city"s historic district, see Puerta Buchena and La Rambla de Belén, where the Military Headquarters (el Gobierno Militar), The Government Building (el Gobierno Civil), Cervantes Theatre (el Teatro Cervantes), the Palace of Justice (el Palacio de Justicia), and City Hall (el Ayuntamiento) are located.

What to do with your group during your trip in the city of Almería by bus or minibus with driver

If you would like to rent a bus for an excursion or trip that starts or ends in Albacete, we suggest that you include these stops in your trip or tour itinerary:

English Cable

Considered a symbol of the city. Ideal for enjoying the open air and watching the sunset over the ocean. English Cable is an old mineral transportation system that linked the train station to the port; it was built in 1904 and is an example of iron arquitecture.

Boticario Park

A great place for taking a walk, relaxing, enjoying some fresh air, looking at flowers, or taking advantage of the park’s facilities to get some exercise; even the little ones will enjoy this park.
Four Streets (Cuatro Calles): situated in the historic district of the city, this area is full of cafes, bars, pubs, and local dancehalls, making it the ideal place for enjoying Almería’s nightlife.

Oil Museum (Museo del Aceite)

Located downtown on Real Street in a spectacular mansion where you can also enjoy traditional products.
The Walls of Jayrán: built during the reign of the Taifas, these walls offer impressive vistas of the historic district and the port.

Giant tapas bars

Such as El Calzada on Calzada de Castro Street or El Andaluz2, situated on C/Sierra de Gredos, you can enjoy traditional tapas (Spanish appetizers/snacks) for free with your drinks at these establishments. If you’re tired, take a quick pit stop here before continuing your tour of the city.


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