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Useful tips for The Hague bus groups with ‘what to see’ and ‘what to do’ items and  ‘bus- friendly’ or must see tourist sites in The Hague. Check our list of attractions before planning your bus tour with a stop or departure in The Hague. Let us know if your favourite attraction or ‘bus-stop’ is not there and you think we should add it to our list of The Hague highlights.

What to see during your stop over in The Hague with a rented coach with driver?

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The Mauritshuis

The Mauritshuis is an art museum in The Hague. In this museum you will find the Royal Cabinet of Paintings. In this museum are mainly found  paintings from the Golden Century.In total, this museum has about 800 paintings.


Madurodam is an attraction park where different parts of Dutch cities are recreated in miniature. Madurodam is located in The Hague and is built on a scale of 1:25. In Madurodam you can find for example parts of Amsterdam, The Hague, Rotterdam and Utrecht. Especially children often think it is very fun to go to this park because it seems like everything is specially made for them because everything is so small.

Madurodam, Den Haag

Madurodam, Den Haag credit: David Wilson CC BY 2.0


Duinrell is an attraction park with a corresponding holiday park in the place Wassenaar. Duinrell features a private and well-known pool namely the Tiki Pool. The Tiki Pool features over 1 kilometer tropical slides. Overall it is a verysuitable park forchildren.


In the municipality of The Hague are two bathing places. The largest of these is Scheveningen. Scheveningen annually attracts thousands of visitors and has a very lively boulevard. In addition, in Schevening is the famous Schevening en Kurhaus hotel located, which has 250 rooms.


SCHEVENINGEN credit: bertknot CC BY-SA 2.0

Haagse Market

This market is the largest market in the Netherlands. The market is given four days in a week and every day this market attracts about 35000 visitors. At this market you can get stuff like fruit, fish, meat, vegetables and clothing. However, the market is especially known for the wide range of exotic products. It is a real meeting place from many different cultures.


In The Hague are annually many events. Across the year there is always something to do. There are many annual music festivals, but also in the field of theater, literature and visual arts, there is plenty to do. Almost every weekend there is a festival somewhere. Below some festivals from different categories are appointed.

At the culinary field takes every year "Vlaggetjesdag Scheveningen" and "International Whisky Festival” place. The Vlaggetjesdag in Scheveningen actually gives the arrival of the “HollandseNieuwe”. This is a particular type of herring that this day is presented in abundance. The International Whisky Festival is an annual event that takes place in the Great Church. During this event you can taste whisky for 4 hours and you discover a lot about whiskey.

In the field of dance The Hague offers the ‘Holland Dance Festival". This is the largest international dance festival in the Netherlands. The event is takes place once in two years. Various performances, master classes and workshops for amateurs and professionals are given during this event.

Sports enthusiastics can indulge at the "International VliegerfestivalScheveningen’. During this festival, visitors can see ‘vliegers’ from all over the world. There are also organized several ‘vliegershows’.

Shopaholics can indulge during ShoppingNight. This is the biggest shopping event of the Netherlands in the center of The Hague. The shops are open until midnight and there are given high discounts.

Draaiorgel, Mariahoeve Den Haag

Draaiorgel, Mariahoeve Den Haag credit: Marco Raaphorst CC BY 2.0


The Hague is an excellent city for real Shopaholics. In this city can be found well known chain stores and the unique and trendy shops. The mall ‘Megastores’ is an indoor mall just outside the center of The Hague. In this mall are several furniture stores found like Leen Bakker, Woonexpress XL and Beter Bed, but you"ll also find shops in the area of electronics and health. Of course there are also several catering companies, just to enjoy from a drink and a snack between shopping.

The same colours, Palace garden, The Hague

The same colours, Palace garden, The Hague credit: Paul van de Velde CC BY 2.0

Good food

In The Hague you can taste many different cuisines. There are found very trendy restaurants, but also authentic restaurants. At Avenue Culinaire you can find the more trendy restaurants. Do you want to have dinner at sunset? Take a visit to Scheveningen or Kijkduin. Here you can find many restaurants where you can dine while watching the sunset. If you are in Scheveningen you must of course taste some fish. This is possible at the restaurant Dagvisser at the Dr. Lelykade. This restaurant is located in the harbor of Scheveningen and daily buys fresh fish. In this restaurant you should definitely once taste the grilled Dorade "a la chef".

A must if you are in The Hague is the Italian restaurant Vapiano. This restaurant uses a new concept. You order your food at the cook himself and he makes it immediately ready for you with fresh ingredients and that while you are waiting.

Restaurant in Den Haag

Restaurant in Den Haag credit: Martin AbegglenCC BY-SA 2.0

What to see and what to do in The Hague 

Walking tour through The Hague city:

The Hague offers a lot of walking tours. For example provides VVV The Hague different city walks. If you want you can even get a guide during these walks. Some examples of city tours offered by VVV The Hague are the Roayl Shopping Route, Hofjeswalk, Chinatown and the vanished Jewish neighborhood and Dunes and around The Hague. During the RoaylShopping Route you pass the purveyors like Fred Wordragen, where Queen Maxima sometimes brings a visit. Every Thursday you can join the Hofjeswalk. The Hague has the most courtyards of the Netherlands and you will definitely find this out during this walk. During the walk Chinatown and the vanished Jewish neighborhood you will discover Chinatown and its restaurants and shops. At the dunes around The Hague, you discover the dunes and you will enjoy the quietness from these nature areas.

Den Haag

Den Haag credit: Alias 0591 CC BY 2.0


The Hague offers an expanded nightlife. There is almost always something to do in this city. There are regularly Dance festivals, which attracts especially young people, but there is also enough to do for elderly in the many cafes. A nice place to go, for example, is the Avenue Culinaire. This is a canal in The Hague, where several restaurants are together.

Besides that, The Hague also offers several possibilities if you want for example to the theater or to the casino. A well-known theater near The Hague is the Circus Theatre in Scheveningen. This theater is about 4 miles away from The Hague city center.


Circustheater credit: Christopher A. Dominic CC BY-ND 2.0

Places to see and visit around The Hague

In the province South-Holland is a lot to do for tourists. Places that are frequently visited by tourists are for example The Hague, Rotterdam, Delft, Gouda and Leiden.

The history of South-Holland can be found in the port of Rotterdam which had an important function for the city and the country since the 14th century. In the city Leiden you can find the nature history museum, where nature and history come together in a nice way.

History can also be found in the city Delft:  there is almost no coach with tourists who do not stops in Delft.

Famous attractions among tourists in South-Holland are for example the Euromast, Miniworld Rotterdam, the Mauritshuis and ZooBlijdorp. In the province South-Holland it is also possible to visit the world-famous Keukenhof. Especially from the end of March till the end of May is this one of the main attractions of the Netherlands in the field of nature. Here it is truly a coming and going of large international groups from tourists.


Mauritshuis credit: Joao Maximo  CC BY 2.0

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