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Useful tips for Tilburg bus groups with ‘what to see’ and ‘what to do’ items and  ‘bus- friendly’ or must see tourist sites in Tilburg. Check our list of attractions before planning your bus tour with a stop or departure in Tilburg. Let us know if your favourite attraction or ‘bus-stop’ is not there and you think we should add it to our list of Tilburg highlights.

What to see and visit during your day trip or tour in Tilburg with a rented bus with driver 

Would you explore Tilburg by bus or coach? Be sure to visit the following sights!


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Textile museum

In the Textile museum there is plenty to see. You can enjoy the Visual Arts and textile formation but also admire the production. This museum is also a real business. The textile machines out there, still produce. Designers show the prototypes in the textile lab. The Museum is housed in the textile factory of firm c. Magar & co. The museum is daily opened until 5 pm. For the entrance fee you must pay 8 euros as adults. Do you have a CKV-or CJP-pas, you may enter for 3 euros.

Audax Textielmuseum

Audax Textielmuseum credit: Rob Hogeslag CC BY-ND 2.0

The Efteling

Would you enjoy a day out with the children? Then you are at the right address at the Efteling theme park. The Efteling is built in 1952. This amusement park was back then a children"s playground. Now the Efteling has become one of the largest amusement parks in the Netherlands. There is something to enjoy for both young and old. The cozy atmosphere and the dozens of stalls make your day complete. In winter there is also the possibility to ice skate in the park. The park is then totally transformed into a snow paradise! The amusement park is open every day from 11 am to 6 pm. You pay for the entrance about 32 euro. You can arrange some discount when you are with a bus full of visitors.

Attractiepark De Efteling

Attractiepark De Efteling credit: Frans Berkelaar CC BY-SA 2.0

Safaripark Beekse Bergen

Safaripark de Beekse Bergen is located in Hilvarenbeek. This park is easy to reach with the coach. This safari park has about 1250 animals and that makes it the largest safari Zoo of the Benelux. You can discover this park in a variety of ways. There are several safaris as a walking safari, safari, a bussafari a car- and a boat safari. It is also possible to rent a canoe. Would you prefer to discover the wilderness with your own car? That is also possible here. There are also several hiking trails through the park where tourists are between the wild animals. This safari park would also like to make a contribution to nature conservation. This makes the park in collaboration with a number of organizations. The park also works together with a few nature conservation programs. Ideal destination for bus and school trips.

National Memorial Camp Vught

This might not be the most cheerful attraction of our list but very educative. Camp Vught is the only concentration camp of the SS outside Germany. This camp is partly built by the prisoners who lived there. 31,000 people were locked up here. In 1986, the Foundation camp Vught National Memorial was established. A part of the camp site is realized into a monument. In the camp is also a Memorial Centre built. In this Center are exhibitions. You can also see what the camp looked like and how it used to be, because they have a model of the camp. There are also several memorials. The monument is open on working days from 10 am to 5 pm. It is also possible to book a tour for your group. Camp Vught is easily accessible with a coach from Tilburg.

Tilburg fair

Every summer there is a big party in Tilburg. In the 3rd week of July they have the Tilburg fair. With more than 230 attractions this fair is one of the largest fairs in the Netherlands. This fair attracts some 1.5 million visitors. Furthermore, it also has different themes. You have for example the Pink  Monday and the Single Friday.

Tilburg Street Fair

Tilburg Street Fair credit: Returning the Screw CC BY 2.0


In Tilburg there is a big shopping area! You have big retail stores and small specialised shops. Tilburg has it all. Near the Noordstraat you will find especially the small shops. This area is known as the wander area. Furthermore, Tilburg also has the possibility of indoor shopping. In Tilburg there are 3 large indoor shopping centres such as the Emma passage, the Theatre promenade and the Heuvelpoort. The westermarkt Heyhoef, the Wagner, the square and the Palatplein are examples of large shopping centres with the large chain stores.

Good food and specialties in Tilburg

Tilburg is known for its many restaurants and pubs. In Tilburg you can really enjoying life.

Culinary specialities

Tilburg has not really a culinary speciality. However, you can enjoy the many restaurants and cafes in Tilburg. For many tourists, this is a delicious end of a fun day. Tilburg has a Trappist monastery. Here are some delicious beers brewed.

Restaurants in Tilburg

Humphrey"s Restaurant Tilburg

Would you absolutely in Tilburg then Humphrey"s Restaurant is right for you and your company. On the Hill in the historic building at no. 34a Tilburg you will find our location

Tilburg Humphreys restaurant

Tilburg Humphreys restaurant credit: David van der Mark CC BY-SA 2.0


Taste! is a hip restaurant in the Centre of Tilburg. This restaurant is part of the Mercure Hotel Tilburg Centrum. You do not have to be a hotel guest to eat here. An evening of Taste! is described as a culinary adventure. Taste! offers exclusive cuisine with a lot of experience. Taste! has been named to be the best restaurant in Tilburg.


Etenstijd is a restaurant located in Tilburg. The essence of Etenstijd is cozy and delicious eating together. When you walk in, you will feel at home. The restaurant consists of stylish areas including a whisky room or a library. There is also a children"s train for children where they can grab their own food and drinks. There is also a games room. Here you can enjoy a large choice of dishes at our buffet. The food is prepared by a live chef. You pay not for what you eat but how long you eat. Etenstijd uses a fixed price for 2 or 3 hours. This includes non-alcoholic beverages.

Passenger transport and tourist transport options in Tilburg

Tilburg is a pleasant town situated in the middle of Brabant. Tilburg is known as one of the largest student cities in the Netherlands. In Tilburg there is something to do for everyone. You can go shopping and end your day with a wonderful evening in a restaurant. Tilburg has also something to offer for culture lovers.

Tilburg centre

Tilburg credit: Jaakko Hakulinen CC BY 2.0

Tours by Tilburg

Do you really want to explore Tilburg? You can choose from the various tours that are offered. A wonderful day of culture in the beautiful Brabant Tilburg is for everyone an experience. Also, you can walk or bike through the beautiful green area of Tilburg. This provides you a relaxing and fun day.

kappersboot, Tilburg

kappersboot, Tilburg credit: mi chiel CC BY-SA 2.0

Walking tour through the city

A number of companies in Tilburg specialize in organizing walking tours. For example, the Stadsgidserij organises walks through different areas of Tilburg. This company also organises cycle tours around the green part of Tilburg. A cycle tour is about 2,5 hours. The guide walks you through all areas and will also give the necessary information.
VVV Tilburg also offers several tours. The VVV has different routes you can walk with your phone.
Through the site you can also find several hiking trails in and around Tilburg.

Attraction parks in Tilburg

One of the most famous attraction parks in the Netherlands is the Efteling. The Efteling is an amusement park for young and old and is open all year. There are other parks such Beekse Bergen Safari Park in Tilburg, or the AnimalparkDe Oliemeulen in Tilburg.

Hansel and Gretel

Hansel and Gretel credit: Jeroen Kransen CC BY-SA 2.0


Tilburg is a real international student city. The nightlife of Tilburg is perfect. If you do make a stop here with your group during a bus trip, keeps in mind that Tilburg"s night comes to life. With its many cosy bars and large nightclubs, a night in Tilburg equals having a lot of fun.

Epic Tilburg

Is a new night club in Tilburg on the Heuvelring. Drink, Dance and Discover are central to Epic. The dress code of Epic is hip and cared for.

Bier café Bier café Kandinsky

Kandinsky is a café and beer bar in Tilburg. The café is open seven days a week. Excellent pub to quietly at your ease to enjoy one of over 200 beers on the map


Kandinsky credit: Alper Çuğun CC BY 2.0

Café Philip

A venue with 4 floors. Each floor is in a different style. The styles correspond to the styles of Tilburg. In the basement you"ll find a Brown café, on the ground floor and on the first floor a dance bar and entertainment for everyone. This café is open daily from 8 pm.

Café Feebo

Has no relation with the snackbar Feebo. It is a pleasant student café. This café is located at the Oranjestraat.


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