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What to see during your tour in Eindhoven with a rented coach with driver?

Festival Glow

Glow is an annual event which has attracted more than 100 thousand visitors each year. The festival is a week-long and takes place in November. Important buildings and locations are lit up in special ways designed by artists and designers. They use the latest "light technology" and other media technologies: such as computers, sensors, animations, well-known projection techniques.

Glow Next, Eindhoven

Glow Next, Eindhoven credit: Jos Dielis CC BY 2.0

Van Abbe Museum

Located in the center of Eindhoven, the Van Abbe Museum is a museum of modern and contemporary art. It was opened in 1936. Henri van Abbe is the founder of the museum and so the museum is named after him. In 2010, the collection of the museum had more than 2,700 artworks, including approximately 1,000 works on paper, 700 paintings and 1,000 sculptures, installations and video works. The museum exhibits one of the largest collections of Russian paintings worldwide by the Russian El Lissitzky. There are also works to be seen by Pablo Picasso and Wassily Kandinsky.

Van Abbemuseum

Van Abbemuseum credit: Piano Piano! CC BY 2.0

Anne Frank Platsoen

In the center of Eindhoven you find the Anne Frank Park. It is a park with exotic trees along the Dommel. There is a monument built in memory of Anne Frank and the 304 Jewish man, woman and children from Eindhoven who were killed during World War II. The Anne Frank memorial was designed by Theo van Brunschot in 1990. The park is next to the Lex and Edo Horneman Park. The brothers Hornemann were also Jewish victims of the Second World War.

The Catharina Church

Roman Catholic Church, the Catherine Church, is located in the center of Eindhoven and is dedicated to St. Catherine of Alexandria. Located at the Catherine square, at the beginning of Stratumseind, the church was built to replace the dilapidated medieval St. Catherine"s Church. The church was designed by Pierre Cuypers. The building is a neo-Gothic three-aisled basilica with two towers. The church shows much symbolism: the tower on left represents the feminine cleanliness and the right tower represents masculine strength.


Stratumseind is a street in the center of Eindhoven. The street runs from the Catharina Church to the Dommel Bridge and is 225m long. Stratumseind is a major entertainment street in Eindhoven. The street has about 50 catering establishments including bars, cafés and restaurants. During the day, this street pretty quiet, but at night it comes alive and the bars storm full with people.


Let"s party in Stratumseind credit: Jos Dielis CC BY 2.0

Stadium PSV Eindhoven

The Philips Stadium is the home stadium of the football team PSV. As a true football fan, you can do a tour of about an hour and a half. You come in places you would not normally come like the press center and the luxurious Business Club. The highlights of the tour are visiting the field, the players" tunnel and the new changing rooms. You also get to see the trophies, which PSV has won. The guide tells many interesting facts and stories about the team. The tour ends with a drink in the pub The Verlenging. Here you find shirts, shoes and pennants, all donated by players and former players. After that you should take a final stop at the PSV FAN store.

PSV. Eindhoven

PSV. Eindhoven credit: FaceMePLS CC BY 2.0

Eindhoven Airport

Eindhoven Airport is located to the west of Eindhoven, between Best and Veldhoven. Eindhoven Airport is in passenger terms, the largest regional airport in the Netherlands. The airlines, Transavia Ryanair, Wizz Air, CityJet and Corendon Airlines fly to 68 cities in and around Europe.

Eindhoven Airport

Eindhoven Airport credit: elsamu CC BY-SA 2.0

Attractions Eindhoven

Eindhoven is located in the south-east of the province and is one of the largest cities in North Brabant with Tilburg. The city has more than 212,000 inhabitants, and this number grows every year. Eindhoven is voted Best City 2011-2013 and that is because of large-scale developments in recent years, making the center become a unit. Eindhoven is known as a technical city and that is reflected in many unique buildings like the Strijp-S, Villa Park, The White Lady and Blob. Besides enjoying a day of shopping and eating, Eindhoven is one of the most important cultural centers in the south of the country. Major museums are Van Abbe Museum, Philips light bulb factory 1891 and Historical Open Air Museum Eindhoven. The Flying Pins is one of the most visited public arts in Eindhoven, but there is much more to see in this exciting city.

Floraplein Eindhoven

Floraplein Eindhoven credit: Lennart Tange CC BY 2.0

Tours in Eindhoven

Through the tourist office it is possible to book different tours. Known tours are bicycle tours, scooter tours and Segway tours. The Segway tour is by far the most popular. The tourist office is working with several companies to arrange the best tours. It is also possible to hire a guide and do a tour on foot. Through the tourist office, it is also possible to reserve bus tours.

Art and Culture

North Brabant is rich in culture and this is reflected in the various castles and churches that can be visited including St. John"s Cathedral in "s-Hertogenbosch, The Great Church in Breda and Castle Dussen. There are also a large number of museums in the province which include the Van AbbeMuseum in Eindhoven, the Noordbrabants Museum in "s-Hertogenbosch, the Graphic Design Museum in Breda and Brabant Nature Museum in Tilburg. Most cities also have large theaters like the Chasse Theater in Breda and Parktheater in Einhdoven. The 013 in Tilburg has the largest room of music venues in the Netherlands, and in the Effenaar in Eindhoven concerts of great artists take place. Every year the event Carnaval takes place. 5 days long the province is one big party with music and beer. The whole province dresses up for the occasion.


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