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What to see during your tour in Maastricht with a rented coach with driver?


On this beautiful square you find the great St. Servaas Basilica. The square is the heart of the city and there are regular events such as the Carnival and Magic Maastricht with its famous Christmas market. On this square there are many restaurants, cafés and bars that provide a cozy atmosphere. The famous Maastrichter Andre Rieu often comes to the Vrijthof to do an outdoor concert.

Servaasbasiliek in Maastricht

Servaasbasiliek in Maastricht credit: Gil Moers CC BY 2.0

Bonnefanten museum

Next to the river you find this beautiful museum with its impressive collection of artworks. Works of great masters such as Van Dyck, Brueghel and Rubens are on display, but also beautiful contemporary art.


This port is the oldest city gate in the Netherlands and was built in 1229. The gate and the building have first served as a powder magazine, and later as a home and studio of Jef Schipper. Today it is a part of the Foundation Maastricht Vestigings Stad and there are various exhibitions throughout the year to admire.

Helpoort Maastricht

Helpoort Maastricht credit: Jorge Franganillo CC BY 2.0

City Hall Maastricht

The Dutch architect and painter Pieter Post designed the Town Hall. Due to the need to break down the Belfry and parts of the city wall, the market square of Maastricht is square shaped. Every day there are stalls with various snacks and food. There is also a Friday and Wednesday market, the whole square is filled with market stalls which sell almost anything.

Pub crawl Maastricht

Kroegentocht Nederland organizes pub crawl tours in all major cities in the Netherlands so also in Maastricht. The pub crawl is every Thursday, Friday and Saturday. You will visit the most important and the most vibrant nightlife places in Maastricht: The Vrijthof, the Market and of course the Platielstraat. During this pub crawl you will discover the best and coziest pubs in Maastricht such as Café De Twee Heren, Basilica, Cafe Van Bommel, The Feesfebrik, Dancing Club Alla and many more.

"Take One" , beerpub in Maastricht 

Take One

Take One credit: Peter Köves CC BY 2.0

Restaurant Beluga

Belgua is the best restaurant in Maasticht and has two Michelin stars. The restaurant is located in the neighborhood Céramique. From the restaurant you have beautiful views of the river and the historic center of Maastricht. In summer there is a terrace.

Restaurant Beluga

Restaurant Beluga credit: mylimburg CC BY-SA 2.0

Attractions in Maastricht

Maastricht or ‘Limburgs language’: Mestreech is a city in the south of the Netherlands and is the capital of Limburg. The city has about 122,000 inhabitants who are called Maastricht people. In 2018, the city hopes to wear the title European Capital of Culture. In 2013 it will be announced which city it is. Maastricht is rich in culture and history. Major museums are Bonnefantenmuseum: museum for ancient and contemporary art, NAI Maastricht / Bureau Europa in Wiebengahal: exhibitions on architecture, Museum on the Vrijthof: museum of local history, art and antiques, located in the Spanish Government. Visit the Maas, The Vrijthof: with St. Servaas Basilica, St. John"s Church, Military guardroom, General House, Spanish Government and Perron, Onze- Lieve Vrouweplein, with Our Lady Basilica and, nearby, the Stokstraat, Wolwaag and Bonbonnière and the market, with city hall and statue of Jan Pieter Post Pieter Minck Leers. Furthermore, the city has modern shops and cozy restaurants and cafes for a nice day out.


Maastricht credit: Jorge Franganillo CC BY 2.0


Maastricht is the capital of the province and has a very cozy atmosphere. The Vrijhof has many terraces that are always full. From Maastricht you can also do a boat tour on the Maas. For shoppers, in Roermond there is a desginer outlet center. The town of Valkenburg is one of the most popular destinations in Limburg. You have an open air theater, Valkenburg Castle, the Roman Catacombs, a spa, Spookjesbos Valkenburg and prehistoric flint mine. Most tourists take a visit to one of the many caves for example the ‘velvetcave’, where the annual Christmas market is held.

Kasteelruine boven centrum Valkenburg

Kasteelruine boven centrum Valkenburg credit: David van der Mark CC BY-SA 2.0

Festivals and Events

Throughout the year there are various events and festivals held throughout the province. One of the most famous festivals is Carnival. It lasts from Friday to Tuesday somewhere in February or March and it is a big party. Each year there is also the three-day music festival Pink Pop near Landgraaf. Famous artists from around the world come to this festival to perform.

Summer Festival in down-town Limburg

Summer Festival in down-town Limburg credit: Reiner Kraft CC BY 2.0


Limburg is famous for its beer and so a tour in the brewery Brand in Wijlere or Brewery Gulpenerland in Gulpen are highly recommended. Visit the magnificent castle Hoensbroek, one of the largest castles and most beautiful in the country. Other cultural attractions include the Bonafante Museum in Maastricht with beautiful artwork or Thermen museum in Heerlen with a story about the history of the city and the province.

Tours in Maastricht

Several companies have an original way to tour around Maastricht. The company Stiphout organizes boat tours on the river. The company also arranges city tours. With an American school bus you tour around the city. Maastricht Running Tours is a sporty way to get to know the city. Together with a group and a guide you jog through the city and you will pass the main sights. A real must is a boat tour with a visit to the caves from company Stiph out. First there is a short trip on the river and you come along major attractions like the Bonnefanten museum, the Government (Maastricht Treaty) and the St Pieters where the boat stops. Then it"s a short walk to ‘Buitengoed Slavante’. From here you leave with the cave guides for your trek through the cool darkness of the marl mergelgangen.

Bonnefanten Museum


Restauratie-atelier credit: Kennisland CC BY-SA 2.0

More about Maastricht

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