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Useful tips for Heerlen bus groups with ‘what to see’ and ‘what to do’ items and  ‘bus- friendly’ or must see tourist sites in Heerlen. Check our list of attractions before planning your bus tour with a stop or departure in Heerlen. Let us know if your favourite attraction or ‘bus-stop’ is not there and you think we should add it to our list of Heerlen highlights.

What to see and visit during your day trip or tour in Heerlen with a rented bus with driver

On tour by Heerlen? Make sure to take time for these special places and buildings:

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Transport options to and from Heerlen

The history of Heerlen started in the Roman era. 2000 years ago the Romans founded a military settlement, named Coriovallum. After the Roman period the village grew out to a mining industry and eventually became a city of Heerlen. Nowadays it"s hard to find anything of that history, but some of it"s tracks are found in writings and photos.

Station Heerlen

Station Heerlen credit: CC BY 2.5

Tours around Heerlen

The tourist office in Heerlen offers you many tours in the city. These tours are: Cilinary Tour the France at Castle Ter Worm and guided tours at the Thermenmuseum Heerlen. For more information please contact the tourist office.

Das Schloss Hoensbroek in Heerlen

Das Schloss Hoensbroek in Heerlen credit: sodele CC BY-SA 2.0

Walking tour of the city

VVV Heerlen and Bernardijn work together to give you a tour through the city of Heerlen. The tour lasts about an hour with a guide. You get to see the pancriatiusplein, the Palace of culture Schunck and the Royal, one of the most beautiful cinemas in Netherlands. You need to register in advance, you can do this at the tourist office. This walking tour is suitable for a maximum of 25 people and costs only € 2.75 per participant!


After discovering the city of Heerlen you can experience the vibrant nightlife. There are many restaurants on the Pancratiusplein. Here you can find many cafes and restaurants. One of the nicest pub in the heart of Heerlen is Café Pelt. This café has a homely feel where you feel at home. In the beautiful summer days you can also enjoy on the terrace. In winter operation there is monthly the talkshow Noa the knife. There are also other activities organized. Café Pelt is very popular among the students.

One of the many Bavaria bars.

One of the many Bavaria bars. credit: Paul Perreijn CC BY 2.0

Royal Theathers

Royal Theathers began in 1938 and is growing each year along with the modern generations. In this theather you can enjoy of a size range of movies. The theatre has a luxurious look. In Heerlen there are 2 Royal Theatres established; in the middle of City Center at the Geleenstraat and in the Moon district on the Stationsplein.

Places to see and visit in the province Limburg

Limburg has plenty to offer for tourists. The province has a beautiful hilly landscape with small river valleys, beautiful forests and small cozy villages. Nature lovers can find beautiful bike trails or take nice walks. There are also many great attractions. Highly recommended is trying the Limburg flan which you can taste at almost any café, restaurant or bar.


Zuid-Limburg credit: Jos Dielis CC BY 2.0

Amusement Parks and Zoos

There are several zoos in Limburg like Zoopark in Gaia in Valkenburg or The Gaiazoo in Kerkade that repeatedly has been voted as the best zoo in the Benelux. There are also other theme parks such as family amusement park Mondo Verde in Landgraaf or amusement park Toverland Sevenum. Limburg has the largest indoor ski resort in Europe: SnowWorld in Landgraaf has five slopes with seven lifts for beginners and professionals. Snow World also holds the official World Cup and European Cup competitions.


Toverland credit: Maliboy CC BY-ND 2.0


The ‘drielandpunt’ on the Vaalserberg is a stunning flat area. Here there are two lookout towers that you can climb. Or visit the Park Gravenrode, the landscape between Kerkrade and Landgraaf. This 700 acre park is home to the Gaia Zoo, Snow World Landgraaf, Discovery Center Continium and mining area all worth a look. Also worthwhile is the Archer Park in Brunssum. There are many hiking and nature areas to find but there is also a petting zoo, playground, a lake where it is possible to rent pedal boats and boats, the ‘barefoot’ path and a model railway.


For winter sports you don"t have to sit long in the bus. Just outside Heerlen in Landgraaf is the largest indoor ski piste of Netherlands; Snowworld. Built on an old coal mine and by Dutch standards a high mountain. Really a beautiful attraction for a day trip for groups with a sporting spirit. What could be more fun than watching your friends or colleagues rolling down the mountain while you are taking the bumpy piste on a ski? Access fee costs € 19.95 for adults (1 hour ski pass) and € 16.95 for children (1 hour ski pass). Children up to 3 years have free access under the supervision of a paid parent. Coaches and buses can park on top of the mountain.


Landgraafcredit: James Streater CC BY-ND 2.0

St. Pancratius church

The Roman Catholic Church building is located on the Pancratiusplein in the Centre of Heerlen. At the end of 12th century the Church was founded. The year of construction of the Church is unknown, but from comparative study with other Romanesque churches from the area shows that the construction has begun in the 10th or 11th century. In the Second World War the north side of the church was damaged, but after the war, this is restored under the leadership of Frits Peutz. In the church you can find so much history and information about the interesting developments of the construction of the Church.


In this museum you can find the interesting remnants of a Roman bathhouse. These remains were discovered by accident by a farmer. In this museum you will find a collection of the objects that were used in Roman times. This museum is closed on Mondays. You can go here from Tuesday to Friday from 10:00 to 17:00 and on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays from 12:00 to 17:00. At a 2-minute walking distance you can park in the Q-Park City Hall in the Uilestraat.


Heerlen is originally started with the mining industry. The last coal mine closed in 1974 in the Netherlands. Nowadays there is a museum that extended focus on the history of the mines and the miners. The museum is open from Tuesday to Friday from 10:30 to 16:00 and on the weekend from 10:30 to 14:00. You can also follow a tour of 2 or 2.5 hours with two films about the history of the mining industry. The entrance fee for adults costs € 4.00 per person and for children under 12 years € 1.00 per person.

Minemuseum, Heerlen

Nederlands Mijnmuseum Heerlen credit: Lex de Jong CC BY 2.0


In the City Gallery, you can examine the modern art of the city of Heerlen. The museum is open since 1986. Through presentations and exhibitions, you can learn more of the contemporary art. SCHUNCK learns the visitors to innovative, self-reliant and be creative. The prices of the museum are not higher than € 6.00. Since 2003 the company located in the glass palace on the Bongerd.

Heerlen_113652, Ausstellung IBA meets IBA Parkstad im Glaspaleis Schunck

Heerlen_113652, Ausstellung IBA meets IBA Parkstad im Glaspaleis Schunck credit: Norbert Schnitzler CC BY-SA 2.0


Heerlen has a great offer for shopping lovers. There are over 125 chain stores in the city. You can shop at the Bongerd, Corio Center, Geleenstraat, Homerusplein and the Promenade.

Good food and specialties in Heerlen

In addition to a wide range of shopping opportunities, you can also enjoy a meal in the city. A number of featured restaurants in Heerlen are:

Restaurant Toine Hermsen. TRADITIE & VERNIEUWING. In the shadow of the Basilica of our Lady, right in the historic heart of Maastricht, Toine Hermsen the noble art of cooking, which surprised by sophisticated simplicity

Restaurant Toine Hermsen, interieur

Restaurant Toine Hermsen, interieur credit: Toine Hermsen CC BY-SA 3.0 nl

Brasserie De Passie located within walking distance of the train station. The Brasserie is set in a historic building from 1920 and traditionally a place where special beer from Limburg is donated. In addition, you can enjoy the seasonal dishes that are prepared in de Brasserie. In summer days you can enjoy the terrace in front of the property.

Restaurant Evviva is an Italian Restaurant steak house located at the Akkerstaart. Evviva serves lunch and diner with a stylefull decor and mediterranean accents. Besides eating and drinking Evviva has got two halls where they have organised events every week. These rooms are also rented out for fashion shows, weddings, birthday and dance evenings. The restaurant is open from Tuesday to Sunday from 12:00 until 22:00. On Friday, Saturday and Sunday hours of operation depending on the party organised in the halls.


More about Heerlen

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