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About Fes-Boulemane Province

Morocco conjures images of desert, dust, and camels. So what"s this? Green hills and lush landscapes! Fes-Boulemane looks more like southern Italy than Africa and the rich verdant countryside was the secret to the province"s prosperity. Roads wind through the hills, all of them terminating in province capital Fes, which has the largest walled city in the world. Fes isn"t the only attraction here. Villages like Ait Bazza and Skoura M"Daz are as traditional as they come. Other towns include Boulemane and Imouzzer Marmoucha. Then there are the 2000 year old Roman ruins at Volubilis. The people look different here as well; there are less sun-beaten faces and more liberally dressed women. However, you"ll know you"re in Morocco, especially when you get hideously lost in the crowded maze that is the Fes Medina. As this province has lots touristic activity ground transportation service companies in Fes-Boulemane are widely available.

Aerial view of Fez

Fez has the largest walled city in the world. Try finding your hotel in this city!
Credit Photo: Stephen Bailey

Transport and Travel Connections in Fes-Boulemane Province

Fes has the largest walled city in the world, and the roads are so narrow that not even a camel could ride down them. Motorbikes, buses, trucks, cars? Forget it. Once you pass through the old city gates you have to continue by foot – unless you have a reliable donkey with you. So it comes as a surprise to learn that Fes-Boulemane province actually has excellent transport and travel connections. Roads are in very good condition, the trains run on time, and the Fes international airport is currently undergoing a huge expansion.

Navette For You inside

Autocar de luxe from Navette For You

Travel by plane to the Fes region

Fes-Saiss Airport (FEZ) is situated on the edge of Fes city and is fast becoming a budget airline hub. It"s currently tiny, and you could tour the duty free and the one cafe in less than a minute. But the bulldozers and cranes are busy at work as Morocco promotes Fes as their next big destination. Direct flights mainly arrive from France, but there is also a Vueling service to Barcelona and Ryanair flights to Eindhoven and London Stansted. Most impressively the airport is at the top of the hill. So you"ll get excellent views over Fes city as you take an airport transfer into the city. 

Travel by Train

Morocco has a very good rail service. Seriously? Most people don"t believe it, but Moroccan trains run on time and are pretty efficient. They"re certainly quicker than the buses. However, the rail network is limited to the major cities, so this isn"t an option if you want to explore villages or anywhere in the mountains. Just remember to go on a diet before you take the train. The benches are very narrow, and that"s before they squeeze four passengers onto them.

Private Rail Car - Prince

Private Rail Car - Prince"s Carriage, Morocco credit: Simon Pielow CC BY-SA 2.0

Travel by Road in the Fes region

Picture yourself driving through lush Italian countryside. Think of rolling green hills, the odd charming farmhouse, huge sections of bright fruit trees, and cute villages tucked away in the gorges. Well, that is Fes-Boulemane province. Travelling by road is a joy and the landscape comes as a huge surprise to anyone who visits. Traffic is generally light, however, once you reach Fes be prepared for a monotony of car horns and exhaust fumes to ruin the magic.

Private transport is recommended as there are literally hundreds of intriguing views and sights that you"ll want to explore. In particular, the villages and hills located in the Boulemane area are ripe for exploration. You might be the only tourist but the locals are extremely welcoming and will probably invite you for a steaming glass of mint tea.


Land Rover with driver from RoveMoroccoTravels

Tours in Fes-Boulemane Province

Fes-Boulemane province offers two distinct attractions. On one hand there is madness, chaos, people, and an overwhelming assault on the senses. On the other there is peaceful countryside with glorious views and charming villages. Your tour with private transport in a rented vehicle with driver around Fes-Boulemane  allows you to experience both in just a couple of days.

The City of Fes

From above, Fes looks like impossible chaos. Buildings are so close together that they almost touch, roads are so narrow that camels would get turned away, and the city is surrounded by two layers of decaying city walls. Getting lost is an essential and unavoidable experience in Fes - it"s always plenty of fun. However, getting across the largest walled city in the world can be challenging. Most of the action happens near the famous city gates and an easier way to explore is to have the driver drop you off beside a gate and then drive you to another gate.


The Blue Gate is Fez"s most famous landmark. Gates like this surround the Fez Madina
Credit Photo: Stephen Bailey

The Fes-Boulemane Countryside

Leave the city behind and discover that Morocco doesn"t look like any images you imagined of Africa. Hills roll into the distance, roads wind past orchards and orange trees, and there is always another place to stop and take awe-inspiring photos. In these hills there are hundreds of villages, nearly all of them off the tourist radar. So take a day and meander through a countryside that is more reminiscent of southern Europe than Morocco. Until that is, you see a camel plodding past you! Then you"ll know you"re in Africa!

Fez countryside

The landscape around Fez is surprisingly green. Not all of Morocco is desert as this landscape shows
Credit Photo: Stephen Bailey

Travel services in Fes-Boulemane

You can plan group travel in Fes-Boulemane  with our online quote request system and plot your entire route. For example, you can plot the entire route of the tour we describe above. Travel in Fes-Boulemane province has never been easier: start today!

Cities in Fes-Boulemane


Travel services in Fes-Boulemane

You can plan group travel in Fes-Boulemane  with our online quote request system and plot your entire route. For example, you can plot the entire route of the tour we describe above. Travel in Fes-Boulemane province has never been easier: start today!

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