Tips for Naples mini-bus and coach tourism

Useful tips for Naples bus groups with ‘what to see’ and ‘what to do’ items and  ‘bus- friendly’ or must see tourist sites in Naples. Check our list of attractions before planning your bus tour with a stop or departure in Naples. Let us know if your favourite attraction or ‘bus-stop’ is not there and you think we should add it to our list of Naples highlights.

What to see in Naples with your hired coach bus or minibus with driver

We will now mention some visits and activities that you should include when having a bus with driver at your group disposal in Naples.

Aragonese Castle

Aragonese Castle credit: Chiara Marra CC BY 2.0

Day trips and mini bus tours from Naples

Day trip to Pompeii

It is very close to Naples and it is almost a mandatory visit. In fact, your driver you can take you in the coach in less than half an hour, since Pompeii"s ruins are located 25 kilometres from the capital of the region. Pompeii is as old as Rome, and it became famous in 79 A.d., when the famous volcano Vesuvius swallowed the city. Thanks to this it has been preserved for centuries and now you can visit it. The human figures surprised by the disaster and also parts of the city can be seen.

Coach bus and Mini bus Route along the Amalfi coast

If you are in Naples in summer or if you decide to go to the city at any time of the year, it will be worth driving to the beautiful Amalfi coast. It is 60 kilometres from Naples, but it will take more than an hour to get there by coach. However, the stunning views will compensate you for that. Keep in mind  that this coast has been declared World Heritage site by Unesco. Attractions on this route are many: apart from Amalfi itself, the Positano Cathedral, the convent of Santa Maria in Maiori, and not to forget the villages of Praiano, Ravello and Minori.

As your bus is already on the coast, about 30 km from Amalfi is the famous town of Sorrento, which can be familiar because of a famous Italian song, “Torna a Sorrento”. Apart from this, in this beautiful coastal bus tour you can visit the beautiful cloister of the convent of San Francesco, the Cathedral and the Church of the virgin of Carmen. If you have a sunny day and want some open air activities then include the walk along the ramparts and Sorrento gardens it will enchant you.

Visit of Gaiola submerged park

Only 12 kilometres drive from Naples and not more than half an hour by coach, is a natural reserve that can be a highly recommended visit and activity. This one is especially good to go with children. It is a natural park which surrounds the island of Gaiola, on the Gulf of Naples. You can take an invigorating walk, but reserve some of your energy because there are many stairs. However, the views are really breathtaking! In terms of marine fauna, it can be seen with on-site guided tours that are organized with an underwater boat, which will delight the children.

 Island of Gaiola

Island of Gaiola Credti: Antonio Manfredonio  CC BY-SA 2.0

Hire a bus and drive to the Mount Vesuvius       

If there is a mythical mountain it is, without a doubt, the Vesuvius. Any visitor who contemplates the silhouette of this volcano in the Bay of Naples feels fascinated thinking about its history, that has been studied in school books.

The volcano National Park was established in 1995, and the volcano has been dormant since 1944. So you shall not fear anything in your trip to these landscapes that will leave you shocked, the only thing you should consider is to wear comfortable shoes and if it is summer, you must not forget a cap and water, of course. Mount Vesuvius is located just about 25 kilometres from the city, so with your bus and a driver who knows the area, you may be there in less than three quarters of an hour. 

Visit of one day to Ercolano: this city of legend is famous because they say it was founded by Hercules and it was also destroyed by the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in the year 79. It is a visit that is certainly worthwhile, and it is located only 12 kilometres from the city, so with a good driver you will arrive in less than half an hour.

A day at the beach on a dream coast: visiting Amalfi

If you are in the Campania in summer, or if you decide to visit any time of the year, the visit to Amalfi is really worth, not in vain this coast is the heritage of Unesco for the beauty of its landscapes.

Amalfi, Campania, Italia 

Amalfi, Campania, Italia credit: majolie46 CC BY-SA 2.0

In addition to the wonderful image of the coast, with waters so blue that they contrast with the white houses and the green pines, Amalfi has a "duomo" or unique Cathedral, in arabic-sicilian style, and whose origins date back to nothing less than the 5th century.

Amalfi - Catedral 

Amalfi - Catedral credit: pululante CC BY 2.0

Eating in Naples

We know that eating in Italy is a very pleasant experience, in any city, region or town where you are. The question of the gastronomy in Naples is not an exception, on the contrary. It is one of the places where some typical elements of Italian cuisine have better aroma and quality, among other causes for the specific climate of the region. Thus, Neapolitan basil is perhaps the most aromatic of the country, and it will turn a pasta dish with pesto into an experience for the senses. In many restaurants you will taste this and other delicious dishes, but in Villa Cyrus, for example, in Via Caracciolo 31 (the promenade), you can do it looking over the sea and Mount Vesuvius, no doubt an excellent view.


Pizza is said to have been born in Naples, as  a simple and easy to make, cheap and very tasty dish. In any case, the mozzarella of buffalo (which is the good one), basil and tomatoes are in this land of great quality, so the pizza promises to be good. If you want it with lots of cheese, as we are used to see, you should order the pizza "bianca" (white). An emblematic place in the city is Trianon, in Colletta street 44/46, in the centre. It is not glamorous, but it is said that there you can find the real pizza from Naples.

An alternative to pizza that perhaps you may know because it is quite popular in many parts of the world is the piadina, i.e., a kind of pizza dough filled with cheese and other ingredients. Maybe you have tried it in your cities or places of origin, but in Naples there are big delicious piadinas, and moreover they will be very grateful for your pocket. You will find them in many places but in Ailò Piadina, Via Alabardieri 26, they have a variety of flavours and combinations and a good presentation. 

Tour on foot or by minibus with driver around Naples?

Obviously, for shopping, touring the historic centre or going from one restaurant to another, you will not need your coach and so you can give your driver the rest he needs and which is also obligatory. However, as we have seen, for excursions to nearby places like Pompeii, the coast of Amalfi, the Vesuvius or the Park of Gaiola or even to go from a point of interest to another that is at the other end of the city, you will need it. Naples is not small, and after an afternoon shopping, I can assure you that you will be thankful of going comfortably seated to the hotel!

City Tours in Naples

Although it has no popularity or fame worldwide like other cities of Italy such as Rome, Venice and Milan, Naples is, perhaps, the city with more "flavour" of the country. Not in vain its cuisine has more authentic aromas of the land than in many places, and their way of life is unique and is reflected in the freedom and chaos of their neighbourhoods. Walking through the streets of this city is certainly an unforgettable experience.

What to see and what to do in Naples

In Naples you can visit the historic centre, one of the largest in the country, San Severo Chapel, the Duomo, the "Lungomare" or promenade, or simply walk through the “crazy” streets ". If you need to move from one point to another further away from the city, you will undoubtedly need the rental bus with driver. Especially, because only a native would survive in Naple’s traffic! You can rent a bus in Naples for tours in the city or in Campania region.

Castel Sant

Castel Sant"Elmo, napoli credit: Antonio Manfredonio CC BY-SA 2.0

Tours in Campania

Your tour with private transport in a rented bus or coach with driver around Campania like for many Italians, the true taste of Italy, the authentic heart of the country and its most authentic essence is not in Rome but in this region, Campania, and in its capital, the incredible Naples. Between volcano and sea, between pizza and, why not say it, a bit of mafia (which here is called Camorra), there is no region like Campania to feel that you are in the real Italy. In addition to this, the region holds nothing less than six sites from the Unesco World Heritage, which gives idea of its tourist importance: the historic centre of Naples, Pompeii, the Amalfi coast, the gardens of the Royal Palace of Caserta, Paestum and Santa Sofía de Benevento.

What to see and what to do in Campania

Naples and Campania are known in the world, above all, for a dish that is perhaps the most popular that exists: pizza. Another issue not as pleasant, as is the mafia or Neapolitan camorra, is known for movies and series as Gomorrah, based on a novel of the same name, very sold worldwide. But this region includes much more than that, of course: from a coastline world heritage of Unesco (the Amalfi Coast) to the famous Pompeii, an undoubtedly memorable visit for anyone who has studied history, to the centre of Naples, probably the most chaotic in the world!

Visit to Pompeii 

Who does not remember the history class in which studied what happened in Pompeii with the eruption of Mount Vesuvius, and how they found many bodies preserved by lava? Well, on your visit to Campania, you can visit this legendary place and see with your own eyes that what you were told in class is, in fact, in Pompeii.

Pompeii’s origins are as far as Rome’s, but its history changed radically in 79 A.d., when the most famous volcano erupted terribly and literally engulfed the city. Thanks to this it was preserved for centuries and now you can see both very important parts of the architecture of the same, as human figures whose plaster replicas can be seen at the site. A must-see, no doubt.

Body shapes in the Garden of the Fugitives, Pompeii

Body shapes in the Garden of the Fugitives, Pompeii credit: Andy Hay CC BY 2.0

Shopping in Naples

In Naples there are many street markets and you can buy almost anywhere. However, if you want “expensive” Italian brands you can go around Piazza dei Martiri, the upper zone. If you want something more pleasant for your pocket, you will enjoy the surroundings of Piazza San Pasquale. In case you land in the city in the months of November and December, you should not miss the traditional Christmas markets, which are incredibly extensive.

The path of the gods: Agerola

If after many hours of route in your rental coach you need to move your legs a bit, or if you go with children and it is necessary that they release some energy, you can walk along a route that is qualified as path of the gods (Sentiero degli dei) by the beauty of the landscapes and villages through which it passes. The town of Agerola, a few kilometres from Naples, is often the traditional starting point of this beautiful route which ends in Nocelle. In total there are 7 km of route, which can be done (depending on your shape, obviously) in 2 hours. What you will see along the way will be coves with crystal clear water, pine trees, which contrasts with the colour of the water and villages of white houses that dazzle with the sun.

Agerola (NA), Sui sentieri della Costiera Amalfitana 

Agerola (NA), Sui sentieri della Costiera Amalfitana credit: Fiore S. Barbato CC BY-SA 2.0

Visit to the Greek temples of Paestum

The ruins of this ancient Greek city are about 100 kilometres from Naples, so your driver can take you there in the coach in an hour and a half as the most. It will certainly be much closer for you than the Parthenon! By their good state of conservation and its historical relevance, this site was declared world heritage by Unesco in 1998. It is open daily with a wide schedule (8:30 to 19:30), but it is closed two Mondays a month.

Paestum or Pestum was founded around the 6th century BC, and of that Greek city called Posidonia, three temples dedicated to Hera, Apollo and Athena, as well as a part of the walls remain standing.

Visits without coac

Your bus driver needs at least 1 day of rest and if this day the bus stays in the parking there still will be many options for interesting activities.

Neapolitans say that in their city the real "taste of Italy" can be found, and they are right. Certainly, in terms of flavours, few places in the country have better basil and tomatoes, to name two products, as they have in Naples. Therefore, just by strolling by the Lungomare (seafront) or the historic centre and eating good pasta with pesto you will enjoy the city very much, but you can also visit the catacombs of San Gennaro, the theatre of San Carlo, or the Cathedral, and then give yourself an afternoon of shopping. In Naples you can buy clothes and shoes at a price significantly lower than in the rest of the country, so save time and money for this activity!

Sansevero Chapel: this church, situated in the immediate vicinity of Piazza San Domenico Maggiore, is one of the most important museums of the city, and in it you can see works such as the veiled Christ, famous for its veil of marble, among others.

Catacombs of San Gennaro: this underground cemetery dates back to the 2nd century and it is the most important Christian monument of the city. The catacombs are located in Via Capodimonte, 13.

Castle of the egg (ovo): this is without a doubt an iconic silhouette of the city and the promenade, along with Mount Vesuvius. It is the city"s oldest Castle, and it is named like this because of a legend that says that the poet Virgilio, who was considered a magician, hid a magical egg in some secret place of the castle that keeps it standing. It is worth visiting both on the inside and on the outside, because the views deserve a picture, no doubt.

Spaccanapoli: what does that name so difficult to pronounce and read mean? It is simply the street that divides the city into two (hence its name, "spaccare", which means “to divide” in Italian), and which is an ancient Greek way. Along this street is one of the most attractive tours of the historic centre of the city, and it will surely allow you to check how this city has more chaos and "mess"  than any other in Italy. You can see boys passing on a scooter, not only without a helmet, of course, but you will see three people on the same bike (all without a helmet) or perhaps with a small child in their arms. All that, colours, the hustle and bustle and the beautiful buildings give their flavour to this city.

The Cathedral, or "Duomo": the must-see in every Italian city, of course. It is, as usually, in the Piazza del Duomo, and it is a large Baroque beauty, both inside and outside. The Museum of the treasure of San Gennaro is certainly worth visiting.


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