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Useful tips for Hasselt bus groups with ‘what to see’ and ‘what to do’ items and  ‘bus- friendly’ or must see tourist sites in Hasselt. Check our list of attractions before planning your bus tour with a stop or departure in Hasselt. Let us know if your favourite attraction or ‘bus-stop’ is not there and you think we should add it to our list of Hasselt highlights.

What to see during your tour in Hasselt with a rented minibus with driver

If you would like to rent a bus for a tour in Hasselt, the following sights are recommended:

Bilzen, Limburg, Belgie

Bilzen, Limburg, Belgie credit: TijsB CC BY-SA 2.0

St. Quintinus Cathedral

In the center of Hasselt, at the fish market, lies a very beautiful cathedral, the St. Quintinus. In earlier years it was a "normal" church, but since the time of the creation of the diocese of Hasselt, the church was renamed into Cathedral. Since 1982, the year of a thorough restoration, the cathedral is one of the best in Belgium. The cathedral is worth visiting, certainly along the wonderful gargoyles on the outside of the building.

Hasselt Market place

Hasselt Market place credit: Paul Hermans CC BY-SA 3.0

The Carillon Tower

Does it attract you to view Hasselt from a great height to see and do you not suffer from vertigo? What then is possible is climbing the Carillon Tower of the Cathedral. When you want to have a beautiful view over the city of Hasselt, you need to do some body exercises. The tower of the cathedral of 36 meters above must be climbed. Especially after a long time sitting in a bus, it might just be good to activate your muscles. Maybe the bus driver will go with you, it is also good for his condition.

Fashion Museum

Are you a guide and consists your group largely of young urban hipsters, than this museum is a more or less an obligatory stop. Hasselt is also known, as a city where fashion has a high priority and then can a visit to this museum is not be missed. During a visit to this museum there are also thematic performances, which are about the evolution of fashion. A good tip is to combine a visit to this museum together with a fashion walk through the city. The nice thing is that during this trip small streets with boutiques are visited that you would not normally find. The address of the museum is Gasthuisstraat Hasselt.


Hasselt is also known for is its gin. Also about this product, has Hasselt a museum. Here you can learn all about the history of the famous Dutch drink. You see how the jenever is produced and of course, at the end of the visit the possibility to taste. The museum is located on the Wittenonnenstraat.

Note, jenever is odorless so check  "PDO" or the bus driver closely if they have not tasted too much.

National Jenever Museum of Hasselt

National Jenever Museum of Hasselt credit: Peter Köves CC BY 2.0

Hasselt city of shopping

It is known that in Belgium there are many places where you can do some fine shopping. Hasselt is also keen to be one of these places. If you take a bus from the train station with the letters "CP" it will bring you directly to the center of the shopping. The bus is free and you will be dropped off a distance that is good to walk to the main shopping street.

The town of Hasselt

The town of Hasselt credit: IK"s World Trip CC BY 2.0

Japanese Garden

Are you a lover of Japanese civilization and do you also love gardens. A visit to the Japanese Garden of Hasselt is definitely recommended. The garden is a glorified piece of Japan. The garden has a wealth of beauty and gives a great rest. The Japanese garden can be found at the King Baudouin Avenue in Hasselt. There"s a parking lot near where 10 coaches are allowed to park for free. Also a nice calm moment for the driver to relax in this garden.

Ceremony house, Japanese garden

Ceremony house, Japanese garden credit: theaucitron CC BY-SA 2.0

Nature Domain Kiewit

Are you a little tired after visiting the city? There is a wonderful place where your body and soul can unwind. At the north side of Hasselt is a small parish. Another name of this parish is the nature center of the city. It creates a real oasis of peace and for the smallest among us there is a petting zoo and a garden full of butterflies. There are also several cycling and walking paths along various sides of the park, which you can visit.

City Tram Tour

Do you want to explore Hasselt on a comfortable way? Then step into the city tram. With a tour of about fifty minutes in the tram you get a clear picture of the city. During the journey, tells a guide about the history of Hasselt and goes along all the important sights of the city. The city tram leaves from the Grote Markt.

If you are also planning to visit the Japanese Garden, then you can ideally combine this with the city tram. There is a special combination ticket available. You can rent a bus in Hasselt for tours in the city or in Limburg Province.

Japanse Tuin in Hasselt, België

Japanse Tuin in Hasselt, België credit: Michiel Dumon CC BY-SA 3.0

Vespa tour

To complete your visit to Hasselt, the capital of Taste, you can do the one and only real "Taste of Limburg" tour. This tour is a route on a Vespa scooter from Genk to Hasselt. With a Vespa you can easily drive to the Jenever- and the Fashion Museum, the shopping streets or the Japanese Garden. Take a drink a terrace along the Grand Place and the ride is complete. It is also possible to hire a nostalgic Vespa and make your own trip and schedule. Rent a Vespa scooter at Vesparoute.

Tilt-cart tour

If you want to spend a day in nature is a visit to Nature Domain Kiewit a recommended option. A wagon ride should not be missed. Climb onto the cart for a ride through the beautiful countryside. The wagon will take you to the most beautiful spots in the area of 100 hectares. The starting point is simply from the domain itself, which is situated at the Putvennestraat 108.

Het herenhuis van het natuurdomein Kiewit te Hasselt, België

Het herenhuis van het natuurdomein Kiewit te Hasselt, België credit: Paul Hermans CC BY-SA 3.0


Province of Limburg has a very good reputation for cyclists. The city of Hasselt itself tries everything to do to get a real bike city and to uphold the reputation. The citizens of Hasselt, "Hasselaren", are encouraged as much as possible to use the bike. There are very many opportunities to rent a bike as a tourist or a bike tour or itinerary to follow. With a bike you are in the fresh air and you are really active. You can easily move from one attraction to another. In Hasselt, the buses are free, but you can also borrow bicycles for free. In the square behind the Town Hall (Green Square) you can come to the city guards to borrow for free a bicycle, scooter, tricycle or tandem retrieve. You can use these whole day. Since 2009, Hasselt also has a free bicycle taxi. This makes it possible to drive you around the Green Boulevard.


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