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Useful tips for Dijon bus groups with ‘what to see’ and ‘what to do’ items and  ‘bus- friendly’ or must see tourist sites in Dijon. Check our list of attractions before planning your bus tour with a stop or departure in Dijon. Let us know if your favourite attraction or ‘bus-stop’ is not there and you think we should add it to our list of Dijon highlights.

What to see and visit in the province of Bourgogne?

The tourist information office of Burgundy so called L"Office de Tourisme is the place to go for information and advice about business tourism in Burgundy. This organization encourages and promotes the congress tourism in this region and it offers the right help in finding a suitable location for your event or meeting. The organization is based in the city of Dijon. You can also directly contact the ‘Parc des Expositions et Congrès de Dijon’ which also works under the name of Dijon Congrexpo’ they manage large congress facilities and are situated in the boulevard de Champagne. If you would like to rent a bus for a tour in Dijon, we recommend you the following sights

Ratilly hdr, bourgogne burgundy

Ratilly hdr, bourgogne burgundy credit: Lexe-I CC BY 2.0

By Air

When travelling by plane, is the Dijon-Bourgogne Airport your destination. This is airport is not too large and is located about 3,72 miles (6 km) from the capital Dijon and is located southeast of the city. From Dijon-Bourgogne Airport there are several ways to reach your final destination. The transportation options of which you can choose are the bus or a minibus with a driver.

Dijon, place du marché

Dijon, place du marché credit: Patrick GAILLARD CC BY 2.0

Côte-d"Or & culinary tourism

This region is partly due to the regional capital, Dijon, which is located there, one of the most famous of the four departments. Dijon known as mustard city or its culinary delights. But also Beaune is no insignificant city of the Region Côte-d"Or. Beaune is famous for the first palace for the poor, Hôtel-Dieu des Hospices. For some time now this former palace is now a museum. Beaune is also to name in the same breath with wine. With its many wine shops and caves, is a tasting a small step to get acquainted with the most delicious different wines. Côte-d "Or is a hilly wine region with many other villages where the finest wines of this region can be bought and tasted. Many major wine brands have their origin in one of these villages.

 Shop of the restaurant, La côte d

Shop of the restaurant, La côte d"Or credit: Arnaud 25 Public Domain


Each department of Burgundy has something to do with wine as well Saône-et-Loire. In this hilly area are most vineyards. This rolling landscape is also for cyclists and walkers a wonderful destination. The specially built bike path Voie Vert is ideally a popular route by bicycle. But alongside nature in the hills of Saône-et-Loire, you can also taste cultural activities in for example Autun. Autun is a lovely city which is known for the amazing St. Lazare Cathedral and the Place du Champ de Mars, located in the centre. At this pleasant square you can enjoy a wine on a terrace. But also at the heart of the city there are charming cute red houses in cozy streets. Another beautiful famous city is Mâcon. In this capital of this region and Mâconnais wine region is both white and red wine produced.

Das Schloß von Cormatin

Das Schloß von CormatinSaône-et-Loire credit: dierk schaefer CC BY 2.0

Yonne & Wine touring

If the group with which you’re travelling has white wine drinkers the don’t skip this one. The third department which we randomly mention is named after the river. This part of the Burgundy has Auxerre as its capital.

Through this region flows one of the most beautiful canals of Europe,Canal du Nivernais. But this region is crazy enough most famous for the village of Chablis. Every wine connoisseur will immediately understand what it is about. Chablis is in fact world famous for its white wines Chablis. From here you also have the possibility to follow the Routes des Vignobles. This journey of 45 kilometers is dedicated to the many vineyards and is also memorable for a lover of the grapes moisture. Yet another city that is worth mentioning, is the city Vézelay. This historic city is listed on the UNESCO World Heritage Site.


The vast landscape of the last department has so much to offer for nature and outdoor activities. There are large lakes, wild water and beautiful forests next to the vineyards. The natural beauty wins here in this region of the vineyards. Especially the Parc naturel Le Morvan is this worth a visit. There are many types of birds to observe. The park has extensive forests, meadows and relics from the Celtic era. The main town of the department and the capital, is Nevers. This city is known for its rich heritage and great architecture.

House in France, Nièvre

House in France, Nièvre credit: Jean-Pierre CC BY-SA 2.0

 More wine tours

It should be no surprise that you can follow a wine tour in Burgundy. A wine tour and tasting at the Château de Pommard we highly recommend. The beautiful white castle has a garden nearby with a shaded area with tables and chairs where you can picnic and enjoy on the tour or tasting. Cute coincidence is that the owner is an art collector and has a small collection of Catalan artist Dali hanging. In recent times, the castle and its wines have built up a very good international reputation. In addition, there is Château de Meursault, located in Cote d"Or. This is one of the most popular estates in Burgundy. Where more than 20,000 visitors come to taste and buy.

The wine route of the ‘Grands Crus’: your group doesn"t have to be stuffed with viticulturist, to enjoy this route. For this trip make sure your bus driver is a determined ‘non drinker’. Those who love a glass of wine will be amazed and see where his or her favorite wine comes from. Moreover, who is on holiday in this region almost can not avoid being confronted with wine. Burgundy is one of the major wine regions in France. Dijon is very favourable situated regarding the vineyards Côte de Nuits. This route of the famous wines, is labelled by some even as the Champs Elysées of Burgundy.
The route takes you along even one of the most famous wine regions of the world, how fun is that? This gives you the opportunity to taste the best and famous wine from Marsannay-la-Cote till Saint-Georges at a winery or those who have a vineyard cave. Or along the slopes of the appellation Cote Dijonnaisse during the annual festivals, which are plenty.

53 seater Mercedes Benz

53 seater Mercedes Benz coach from MOREY VOYAGES in Dijon


Finally you can act like a real Burgundy citizen, you can give the group you guide a daily culinary treat. There are too many restaurants to mention, who can combine a delicious meal with the right wine. But we want to highlight some anyway. Restaurants, which have a typical Burgundian dish on the menu are for example Restaurant L"O in Dijon, restaurant Loiseau des Vignes in Beaune and Le Poisson d"Or in Macon.

If you are not around one of them , there are plenty of other restaurants where you can eat and drink wine excellent.

 Beaune, France; La Cave du Paradoxe.

Beaune, France; La Cave du Paradoxe. credit: Bob Hall CC BY-SA 2.0

Walking Tours

The tourist office on Rue des Forges offers many city walks and tours guided by a guide. The guide tells you anecdotes during the walk and also facts and background information on the local attractions of Dijon. You come to places where tourists normally would not come and you get information which is not to be found in books. These tours are offered in multiple languages. Reservations are essential. When you visit a tourist office, they can inform you, so you can choose from different tours. Of course these are also available for the wine tours. Here you have the possibility to choose a vineyard, taste the wine and eventually buy it.


Chablis credit: Peter CC BY 2.0

 Bike rental/tours

To experience the intense atmosphere of a city like Dijon it is best to rent a bike. Another advantage is that you determine the city in your own pace, giving you an easy and yet reasonably fast way to explore the city. You can get off the bike at any time to sight up close or just to drink a glass of wine. Rent a bike at the organization Velodi. This company of white bicycles has pitches for bicycles throughout the city, so you can grab a bike whenever and wherever you want and then in a position to park the bike on the other side of town. You have to buy a subscription online (on the website of Velodi), for example only for a few days. Then you can be so much touring as you want.

 Signalétique véloroute canal de Bourgogne a Venarey les Laumes, Côte d

Signalétique véloroute canal de Bourgogne a Venarey les Laumes, Côte d"Or, Bourgogne, France credit: Pline CC BY-SA 3.0

 Segway Ride

Do not you like walking or cycling? Then perhaps the Segway tour is for you. It is a particular way to explore the city. At this electric bicycle is the intention that find your own balance. It is a 1-person vehicle which you can control upright. You can choose which tour you want. In Dijon, there are two different routes on the program of one hour each. A historical route or natural / green route.

Would you like to discover Dijon in the evening? Recently, there is also a Segway tour by night! This lasts from 21:00 to 22:00 and must be booked in advance, but it is a great experience. The starting point of the Segway tours is available at the tourist office of Dijon on Rue des Forges.

Culinary tours

  • Culinary tours and local specialties; for the gourmets among us there are three star restaurants to be found in Dijon. There is Le Pre aux Clercs, located on the Place de la Liberation and Hostellerie du Chapeau Rouge situated on Rue Michelet. They offer specialties like red light fried tuna steak, crispy prawns and roasted pigeon or Stephane Derbord, which can be found on the Place du Président Wilson. Would you prefer to sample local specialties? Then you go to the restaurant Maison Milliere, which is situated in the Rue de la Chouette. This restaurant is located very near the church of Notre-Dame and is famous also because the property was used in the film Cyrano de Bergerac. The restaurant has a menu card full of typical Burgundian specialties. Dishes like head cheese, ham in jelly with parsley and chicken in red wine sauce. The building that house them is dated from the 15th century, so it is in itself unique and exudes a pleasant atmosphere. But also at La Mère Folle, situated on Rue Berbisey, you will find traditional dishes on the menu. Makes sure to order a discounted meal for your minibus or coach driver and guide. Tourist groups are entitled to do so!

 France-003080 - Place de la Liberation

 France-003080 - Place de la Liberation credit: Dennis Jarvis CC BY-SA 2.0

Palais des Ducs

  • On the Rue Rameau you find one of the main attractions of Dijon "Palais des Ducs, "or the old palace of the Dukes of Burgundy. These is partly built by the architect of Versailles, Paris. The Palace is therefore put down like a tiny Versailles. Inside the Palais des Ducs is currently the town hall of Dijon and the Musée des Beaux-Arts or the Museum of Fine Arts situated.

France-003116 - The Musée des Beaux-Arts de Dijon

France-003116 - The Musée des Beaux-Arts de Dijon credit: Dennis Jarvis CC BY-SA 2.0

 Église Notre-Dame

  • Église Notre-Dame & religious tourism:besides the many historical buildings are the religious buildings like the Cathedral, the Eglise Notre-Dame at the Place Saint-Beningne. Also on the Place Saint-Beningne is the eponymous abbey "Abbaye Saint-Bernigne. It will not surprise you that Notre Dame is the most famous of all. This cathedral is of great historical value, because all queens were crowned here but also because of the incident with the uncrowned queen of France, Joan of Arc, which also took place in this cathedral. And who does not know the story and her person?

    Are you gullible and can you use some luck? On the northern facade of this magical place is a small brass owl bricked. This is the sign of recognition of Dijon. There is a legend that says that when you touch this "Animal Chouette" (the name of the owl) with your left hand, you can make a wish.

 notre dame

 notre dame credit: Marko Kudjerski CC BY 2.0


  • Parks; besides visiting the historic and religious buildings in the city, you may also need to spend an afternoon relaxing and search for nature and tranquillity of a park. A walk or picnic in one of the not huge, but beautiful parks of Dijon, is particularly suited for this. The following three parks are highly recommended: Jardin Darcy, located to Place Darcy, Parc de la Colombiere, located at Cours du Parc, or Jardin de L"Arquebuse on Avenue Albert. The special feature of the Jardin Darcy is that there is a fountain in the park, which supplies all other fountains of the city with water.


Dijon,Francecredit: llee_wu CC BY-ND 2.0
Fountain in the park Darcy


  • Touristical Fun Shopping; if you are not a lover of old stones, there is also ample selection of shops. It is said that after Paris and Marseille, Dijon is the best city for shopping. Many stores are also open 7 days a week. On Rue de la Chaudronnerie is a large covered market with numerous stalls selling fresh produce where many residents shopping. The exterior of Les Halles is beautifully decorated with images of Ceres, the goddess of agriculture which indicates the many fresh fruits and vegetables are for sale. And sculptures of Hermes, the god of trade and protector of merchants.

Gustave Eiffel

  • Gustave Eiffel, known of the most famous building in France and born and raised in Burgundy, designed this market halls. The address of the covered market is; Rue Devant les Halles Champeaux. The main market days are Tuesday and Friday and the Thursday market is only within the market halls. It will not surprise you that restaurants with many different cuisines in this neighbourhood are not far to seek.

 Interior of the Altitude 95 restaurant (1996–2008) in the Eiffel Tower

 Interior of the Altitude 95 restaurant (1996–2008) in the Eiffel Tower credit: Ajh16 CC BY 3.0
  • Relax on one of the squares: one of the most beautiful meeting points of Dijon is Place de la Libération. This impressive square seems to be one of the most beautiful in France where you can have a drink or a bite on a balmy summer evening, at one of the many terraces. On the semicircular square plaza clatters the water of the fountains and you overlook the illuminated arched niches.

 Place Francois Rude

  • Place Francois Rude, better known as Place du Bareuzai, because the image of a wine farmer who crush the grapes with his bare feet has a prominent place. When you crush the wine bare foots you can get a pink feet and legs. The corruption is due because many years have passed. Around this square, the restaurants and cafes are very friendly towards gay people.

 Restaurants, Place Francois Rude Dijon

Restaurants, Place Francois Rude Dijon credit: Arnaud 25 CC BY-SA 3.0

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