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Tours of Bordeaux

The Bordeaux tourism board created a tour whereby tourist can easily explore the city. This tour is a great introduction of the city, especially when you have never visited the city before. During the tours you will visit all the highlights of the city like squares and famous monuments whereby necessary information in Dutch will be told. In the summer months a bus will drive through the city along all these sights at least once an hour.


Bordeaux credit: Geoffroy Groult CC BY 2.0

Walking tour through the city

In the city beautiful 18th century buildings can be found, these buildings give Bordeaux the name “the most beautiful French city after Paris’ . The only different between Bordeaux and Paris is the compactness of this city which makes it easier to discover the city by foot. In addition, the city has many museums with various art collections to admire.

One of these museums is even revealing the wine history, a wine history that made the city these days a dynamic commercial town. You can even enjoy the French cuisine in the many restaurants of the city and if you like to shop than you are as well at the right place, because the city offers the longest shopping district in Europe.

Monument Aux Girondins 2

Monument Aux Girondins 2 credit: Bob Familiar CC BY 2.0


Are you after a day of culture in to discover the nightlife? The nightlife in Bordeaux leaves nothing to be desired. In the trendy nightclubs of Bordeaux can be joined of the best DJs and bands. A few places are: Grand Bar Castan located along the River Gironne, enjoy your drink on the terrace with an excellent view. This bar is one of the oldest in Bordeaux opened in 1890 and can be found on Rue Emile Duployé in the heart of the city. Further is Bar 07 very interesting. This bar is also located in the heart of city around the corner of Place the Parliament in the street 7 Rue Parliament Ste Catherine. In the beginning of the evening can you join a good dinner, and as the evening progresses this bar turns into a dance floor. And last is Le popular, this is very well known to the locals and has a retro look. Until midnight you can enjoy the delicious cuisine of which afterwards the restaurant will turn into a disco. This bar is located on Rue Kleber Caud near Parc Bordelais

Pub, The Connemara, Bordeaux, France

Pub, The Connemara, Bordeaux, France credit: S. Faric CC BY 2.0

What to see and visit in the province of Aquitaine?

Aquitaine is divided into seven different departments. These departments are: Dordogne, Gironde, Landes, Lot-et-Garonne and Pyrénées-Atlantique.
These departments are separated through natural boundaries, which are mainly the major rivers like; Garonne, de Dour, de Lot and the Dordogne. Moreover, Bordeaux is the capital of Aquitaine and has a historical character. Next to that is Biarritz the most famous seaside resort of the French Atlantic coast and thus a place that should not be forgotten while bringing a visit to this region.

Bordeaux France 5

Bordeaux France  credit: Jacob Martin CC BY 2.0

By Air

All the areas of Aquitaine can be reached by air, and therefore different airports can be found in this province. However most of the flights are regional ones, a few flights are still flights coming in from Paris and the United Kingdom. The airports in Aquitaine are located in Bordeaux (BOD), Pau (PUF), Biarritz (BIQ), and Bergerac (EGC)

By road

Are you rather traveling by car, coach or minibus? Than it is a great opportunity to experience the excellent road network Aquitaine has. Besides, this region is having Canal du Midi, which is the main road of Bordeaux to the Mediterranean coast. In addition it also has and smooth throughput to several major highways, these include: A10, A62, A 64 and A 65.  So this road network is excellent during a group tour or while travelling alone through this region.

Minibus Volkswagen

Minibus Volkswagen T5 9 seater from Alternative Loc


This city it the most famous seaside resort on the French Atlantic coast that started as a poor village until it was discovered by Spanish noblemen. Although the nobles didn’t increase the awareness of this spot, it came later on to the attention of affected golfers and surfers. Besides, it got its familiarity due to the unique lifestyle the people in this city had.

France-001964 - Plage Miramar Beach

France-001964 - Plage Miramar Beach credit: Dennis Jarvis CC BY-SA 2.0


This city is a port city that is known because of the Hundred Years War. Although the city is nowadays know for its economic heart of the city. The Cathedral and the castles in this town are well worth to pay a visit whenever you are staying on the coast.


Pau, a city with a beautiful nature, mountains, rivers, and located at the foot of the Pyrenees, ski slopes and the coast. All these factors made Pau in the 19th century, a very popular holiday destination. Pau is also called a party town due to its annual recurring events such as Carnival BERNAIS, the Grand Prix, Modern History and Le Tour de France. Further offers this city many gastronomic delights that are worth trying. Some treats are, cooked chicken, cabbage soup, duck confit, duck breast and foie gras. Not in for some party? And more in for some culture and history? Than the following sightseeing are recommended; The National Museum of Pau de Bernadotte Museum, the Museum of Fine Arts, Palais Beaumont and Boulevard des Pyrénées.

the city of Pau

the city of Pau credit: Jerome Bon CC BY 2.0


This city is also called the "city of art and history". During a walk you will move yourself in different period of times due to the variety of neighborhoods, streets and the remaining old wall. If you want to be immersed in French culture, than its advisable to meet local residents, to walk through the cozy market stalls and to taste, feel and smell everything about this culture. Moreover it is highly recommended to walk along the Isle and to taste all the culinary delights of the region.

Canoe trip on the River Vézère

Canoe trip on the River Vézère credit: Ben Salter CC BY 2.0

Business tourism

This region is not only for group tours or individual travel perfect, but also for Seminars and Conferences. The Comité Régional de Tourisme d’Aquitaine is experienced in organizing events and therefore would love to help you when searching for locations for possible events, seminars and conferences.

One of the possible locations is Biarritz, this region is easily accessible and a well-known city. The three conference centers of this city have all an ideal location and are close located to excellent hotels. In addition, the capacities of these centers are around 1400 participants. In the city Pau offers Palais Beaumont and the historic Congress Pau-Pyrenees located in the middle of a park with a unique view, many opportunities. Both buildings can receive about 5 to 800 guests. Not to forget to mention the opportunities of the city Bordeaux. Where lots of castles from Saint Emilion till Médoc are available.


PARC DE L"HOTEL, Hôtel Novotel situé au coeur de la pinède. credit: patrick janicek CC BY 2.0

Tourism of Bordeaux in coach with driver rented

If you wish to take a tour through Bordeaux by rental bus, then you should not miss the following places and buildings mentioned:

 63 seater Tourist bus

63 seater Tourist bus from Keolis Gironde in Bordeaux

Grand Théâtre

  • Grand Théâtre: This is an imposing building and also seen as one of the most beautiful 18th century buildings of Europe. Architect Victor Louis was the person who designed this neoclassical theatre, and was built between 1773 and 1780. The theatre has room to facilitate up to 1110 people and is nowadays in use for concerts, plays, dance performances and guided tours. This theatre is situated on "Place de la Comedie. If you are doing a group tour don’t forget to ask for a guide that speaks Dutch or English.

Grand Théâtre, vue de nuit, Bordeaux, Gironde, FRANCE

Grand Théâtre, vue de nuit, Bordeaux, Gironde, FRANCE credit: Christophe.Finot CC BY-SA 2.5

Amphitheatre of Bordeaux 

  • Amphitheatre of Bordeaux is also called Palais Gallien and derives from the Roman times. The original outline of the theatre was 132 at 111 meters, however it was destroyed during the invasion of the Franks in the year 265 and 276. Due to the invasion the theatre seemed to burn for two days. Because of the burning the theatre could not be used anymore as intended. Therefore it was used for landfill and put into use by criminals and prostitutes.
    In this imposing building use to fit 15,000 spectators, however this is not the case anymore. Since the severely damages over the years, only some arches and spans are still standing. The damages are mainly caused by the sale of the land to start the demolition for the sale of lots. Although further demolition in the 19th century was countered whereby it was declared a World Heritage in 1911. The remains of the amphitheatre can be seen on Rue du Colisée.

 Basilique Saint-Seurin

  • Basilique Saint-Seurin: The on the Place des Martyrs de la Résistance situated Basilica is the oldest church in the city of Bordeaux. It was built in the 6th century and is also known as an architectural treasure. Because of its beauty and rich history did the building become a World heritage site named by UNESCO. In the crypt of the church, relics and sarcophagi from the 6th and 7th centuries can be found. The western part of the church gives access by means of two magnificent columns dating from the 12th century to that part of the church. In this part even beautiful gothic decorations from the 15th century can be seen of which, the sculptures and the keystone are most remarkable.
  • Cimetière de la Chartreuse: This cemetery is considered one of the finest in whole France, because at this cemetery are some famous people such as: Francisco Goya, and feminist Flora Tristan who was also the grandmother of Paul Gauguin, General Moreau, painters Louis Dewis and Pierre Lacour buried. The cemetery is not only well known because of the famous people who are buried over there but also because of the beautiful monuments on this cemetery. These finest monuments are actually the main reason why people visit this cemetery Many of the sculptures at this cemetery are from the 19th century. Moreover the cemetery can also be compared with the Paris Pere Lachaise cemetery plats. Are you interested? You can find this cemetery on the rue Georges-Bonnac.

 Bordeaux (France) Cimetière de la Chartreuse

Bordeaux (France) Cimetière de la Chartreuse credit: MJJR CC BY-SA 3.0

Cathédrale Saint-André

  • This cathedral is one of the remains from the early years of the city Bordeaux. The cathedral was inaugurated by Pope Urabanus II in 1096, was built in Gothic style and has a beautiful tower from the 15th century. In addition, in 1998 it was declared as a UNESCO World Heritage Site due to its impressive imposing appearance. You want to visit this cathedral? Than you can find it on the Place Pey-Berland. 

 Cathédrale Saint-André de Bordeaux

Cathédrale Saint-André de Bordeaux credit: Orikrin1998CC-BY-3.0


  • Shopping: Rue Ste Catherin is for every woman "a place in heaven." At this street numerous clothing stores and galleries can be found. In addition, this street has many side streets with even more boutiques than you can imagine. Besides the fact that this street is known for the amount of stores, it is also the longest shopping street in Europe.


  • Bordeaux certainly has a rich wine culture and therefore can be joined of a delicious glass of wine in all restaurants. In many restaurants you can enjoy a meal against a relative low budget, due to the present universities in this city. Some specialties from the region you have to try are oysters and fresh fish. If you are a cheese lover and want to sip from your wine in combination with it then you have to visit Baud & Millet situated on Rue Huguerie in the centre of the city. Still in for more taste sensation, which should not be missed than is Gravelier highly recommended. This restaurant combines cuisines of different cultures, which gives a surprising result. Did you become curious? Visit this restaurant at the Cours de Verdun. in the centre of Bordeaux. Another restaurant, not very French but Au Bonheur du Palais is known as the best Chinese restaurant in the region. So if you are a fan of Asian cuisine then this restaurant is worth a visit. Soups, dim sum, seafood, meats and crisp vegetables are all a feast for the eyes and tongue and is situated ad 74 Rue Paul Louis Lande in Bordeaux.

 Brasserie Orleans Bordeaux

Brasserie Orleans Bordeaux credit: Xavier Buaillon CC BY 2.0

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