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Chauffeured Transport Services in the USA

We created our website with the intention of connecting you directly with transportation and travel service operators in the USA and the rest of the world. We list airport transportation providers, taxicab and minivan services, private bus charter services, and luxury-market private transportation companies such as limousine services.

Our chief market is comprised of travel agents and tour operators but we welcome individual travelers to request quotes via our site.

A well segmented market of chauffeur driven services

As a large and financially sophisticated country, with numerous major tourist and business travel destinations, the USA has a well-developed and complex transportation infrastructure.  There is a lot of variety across the different regions and cities. The private, chauffeur-driven transportation market is served by different specialized providers, such as motor coach operators, minibus rental companies, black car and limousine hires with private drivers, and a well-established airport transfer sector that reaches all major and minor USA airports and nearby cities.

USA private chauffeured Transport Services per segment

In the paragraphs here below we will briefly give you and overview of the segments in private chauffeured transportation as we handle them on our site.

Private coach and bus charters in the USA 

Ground transportation by chartered and chauffeured coaches or busses in the USA is dominated by a handful of large national and regional carriers but supplemented by many smaller private companies in individual cities and rural areas. Private bus companies are proliferating recently to meet demand for more ground transportation options as the cost of air travel has skyrocketed in recent years. While in the not to distant past most tour busses in the USA were enormous vehicles, these days, more operators offer services oriented to smaller groups. And in the largest cities, like New York, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and San Francisco, luxury bus charter companies offer fancier vehicles and swankier service options. Our reservation form will ensure you get competitive quotes, allowing you to compare the options and prices for coach and bus charter companies throughout the USA.

Airport Transfers /Airport Shuttles 

The USA has almost more than 5,000 airports open to the public, of which almost 400 are large enough to be deemed “primary airports” and more than 80 serve over one million passengers a year. Until recently, nonetheless, no nationwide company had specialized in transportation to and from airports throughout the USA. While reserved taxis and hotel shuttle busses still handle most airport transportation, there are now a few national chains that offer such services at many of the country’s busiest airports.

Limousine and chauffeured sedan rentals

Every major city in the USA has more than one luxury ground transportation company, with numerous companies competing to serve high-end customers in need of chauffeured transportation in the largest cities such as New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Miami.

In the last couple of years some nationwide app operators have been moving in to this so-called ‘limo market’ offering unified services through mobile applications. The borders between private taxis, limousine service, and black car service in the USA are less clear than they were just a couple of years ago.  As a result, both prices and service levels have been under pressure.

Taxi and Cab Service

For most international tourists, the New York taxi is as important and iconic as the Statue of Liberty. The New York taxi driver made famous by Robert DeNiro and a ride in a taxi in this or any other USA city is on a USA tourist’s list of ‘must do’.

Taxicabs are easy to find and well regulated in all the major cities of the USA but much less available and consistent elsewhere. Even in some good-sized regional hubs, such as Milwaukee or Indianapolis, a taxi is almost impossible to find without an advance reservation.

For those of you who prefer not to wait in line or to wait in vain we recommend you to reserve a private taxi via our forms. 

Public Transportation Services in the USA

Public transportation options vary widely throughout the regions of the USA.


The heyday of passenger rail in the USA is long past, but the semi-public company, Amtrak, still operates long-distance lines that can carry you from coast to coast. At the regional level, rail transportation is convenient throughout much of the East Coast, with major routes linking New York City, Washington D.C., Boston, and other destinations. Rail transportation is likewise available in major metropolitan areas like Chicago and Los Angeles. Outside major metro areas, however, train travel is a for the most part a rather expensive and inconvenient travel option in the USA.


Of course, the extensive network of airports makes air travel an option for groups moving between cities at a fair distance. In addition to the major public airports, literally thousands of smaller and private airports crisscross the country, from end to end.


Passenger ferries are a popular and charming option for crossing the Great Lakes (from Chicago to northern Michigan, for instance), the Puget Sound (between Seattle and the nearby islands), the waterways around New York City, and other spots where bodies of water separate the population of a metropolitan area.

Metro or Public Transit:

Every good-sized city in the USA has some sort of public transit systems, but the quality and reliability of such services varies widely and makes it hard to generalize. When you board the bus or the metro in the USA, you do not know exactly what you’re getting into except from past experience.  Generally speaking, the systems in the larger cities, especially on the east and west coasts, tend to be more modernized and efficient.  

Do you cover the whole of the USA with all chauffeured transportation services?

We launched our website and service in the beginning of 2011 in Spain, focused only upon coach and minibus rentals, but soon we learned that a lot of the transportation companies we work with also have smaller vehicles suitable for airport shuttling and taxi service. Seeing the demand for such services among our clientele, we began including those services in our directory.

From Spain we slowly moved to other European countries and as we operate an open transport directory quite a number of USA-based private transport companies have enlisted their chauffeured service to our portal

As we continue to work on expanding our directory to be comprehensive in its coverage, in the meantime please contact our customer service if you experience a delay in getting a quote to meet your needs.

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